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How To Make Your Children Your Best Friend

How To Make Your Children Your Best Friend: So many parents have made several mistakes in their family which never be reversed unless by the grace of God, in the lives of their children in a way that they have really thought of what to do in order to make things right, but it can never be possible anymore because they have failed totally as parents. In order words, it's not as if they did it intentionally, mostly they did it unintentionally, but they don't even know what to do to make things right.
How To Make Your Children Your Best Friend

The best thing to do so as to make your children your best friend is to start on time, now is the best time, because if you are waiting until you have more time, you will miss it all. For the fact that you are a busy parent doesn't mean that you won't or you should not have some personal time for your children.


It's a record of failure to so many homes today in the lives of their children, and when those children have fully grown, there will be no longer friendliness amongst them and their parents, it's a very bad and wrong record so to say.

There are several ways to make your children your best friend, but we will list few ways and methods that have helped lots of families today.


* Learn To Behave Like A Child Sometimes

When parents lower themselves so low for their children, they will be able to know some hidden things about their children which they never knew has been happening in the lives and around their children.


When you make your children see you so strict at all times, they will find it so difficult to discuss the activities of their days with you as their parent, because you have never told them anything that is going to make them open up to you.



Always have A Story With Lesson To Tell

Every parent who is a storyteller to his children always finds a way to make those children talk to him/her. Many fathers have left the responsibilities of parenting for their wives, not knowing that they are losing a lot.

* Pray Together With Them In A Humble Way

A family that prays together lives together. When you make it so compulsory at least once or twice in a week to be a special day that you pray with your children, it will always ring in their heart that they will even remind you the days you might forget.

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Especially when you are a parent that lives the house very early in the morning and comes back so lately int evening, all the children have to ay to you every day is good evening dad/mom.

It doesn't help issues, especially when you, are not a funny type or an amazing parent, who likes to joke or play with his children.

* Buy Them Snacks and Lollipops

These are some things that children enjoy eating even when they've eaten so much for the day, they can never get tired of eating or leaking lollipop, the reason is that it's very sweet and every child likes sweet things to compare to things that are bitter.

Basically, in a normal basis, there are families that keep telling their children that sweet things will harm them, although they're too tender for that, you should always know that you will be their best friend if you always buy them that things that are their best in edibles.

* Always Be A protective Parent

Many parents have failed in this area, in a way that they will never make it right anymore, and we are advising the upcoming parents to please take note of this line, it's very important. Every parent is supposed to be protective of their children no matter that child did outside, make sure you have to, first of all, protect your child outside.

There are several parents who will see their children and other people's children fighting on the way, instead of te to protect their child, then they will start blaming their own children without even hearing them out first.

For the fact that your child misbehaved outside doesn't mean that you should disgrace that child outside, so that the child will not one day disgrace you n the public as a parent.

When you child does the wrong thing outside, you don't need need to teach her a lesson outside, all you need to do, is to take care of that child outside, and then, when you enter your home, you can now beat him/her the way you desire as a beating of correction. 

Make sure that whenever you are beating your child tell them the reason why you are beating them, so that they will not feel you juat like beating or punisihing them for no just reason.


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How To Discover If My Boyfriend Is Cheating

Most reasons why so many relationships have failed is due to  not findings on How To Discover If My Boyfriend Is Cheating. The unfaithfulness of the guys, and they all pretend that their ladies are the fault or the reasons why they do so. Right now we will have to tell you How To Discover If My Boyfriend Is Cheating. When a guy is cheating on her girlfriend without know that one day she will actually find out while some will say that even if they find out they will end up breaking up.

How To Discover If My Boyfriend Is Cheating

Well, today, I want to educate our girls today so as for them to stop arguing with their boyfriends, especially when that guy is lying that he is not cheating. In order fro you to discover that your boyfriend or your husband is cheating on you there are several ways to discover them without even the man know that you have discovered his secret acts.


How To Discover If My Boyfriend Is Cheating on Me

There are so any ways to discover that your boyfriend or your husband is cheating on you without having to embarrass him or even embarrassing yourself in the midst of people. 

* He will start spending time outside with others rather spending it with you: As a woman who knows how his man behaves and the times at which he leaves the house and time at which he comes home, along the line, you noticed that the times he comes home have changed. You have to monitor the moves, by asking him the reason why he came back late. 

* He reduces the rate at which he communicates with you: Most times, several guys are very interactiv bny telling their woman how their days went through, then you realized that he no longer communicates with you, rather all he does is just to come back home and lie down on his bed, the next thing is that he will sleep off. And the next day he wakes up from bed and take his shower and leaves the house till the end of the day.

* He complains alot: Most times, the things you do and he ignores them as nothing, He will start seeing them as errors irrespective of the things he used to ignore. EVrything you do whether you are right or wrong, you are always wrong. So alll you need to do is to go to him and bring his senses back to his home, because if you don't do so, you might end up losing him totally.

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Health is Wealth

In today's living many people have turned their health upside down due to the things they think is the best thing they should pursue first before their health, which is in return the wrong thing to do and indirectly cause more harm that good to their health. We must note that when it come to the things that concerns our health, we must be very careful with it because the things we do today doesn't always speak for us when we are not healthy, but the moment we do those things in strong health, people will believe in us and even on the hings we do as well.

health is wealth

When it comes to the health, we are are not permitted to take it lightly but you are strictly encouraged to take it more serious than you have ever done, and better more taken care of than we have ever done. When we always bear in mind today that health is wealth, it will never stop us from moving forward, rather it helps us find a better way to focus on our health as much as we focus on our wealth too.

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There are several health care centers where we can easily locate around our vicinity and even around our various technological access, especial through our phones, laptops, desktops, palmtops, tablets, java phones and even Symbian phones and any accessories at all. The reason why health is going viral today is that people ignores their health all in the name of pursuing a particular wealth.

 Our Health Professional Field

#1  Always Check Yourself By Yourself

There are several ways through which you can make your health the best by taking care of yourself all by yourself. The best ways to check yourself is through your URINE .  How can you check yourself via urine?  By checking the color of your urine at least 3 times in a week. All you have to do is to simply get an empty tin and urinate on it very early in the morning, as early as 6.00 am.

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The moment you you have urinated inside the tin close it for at least 1 hour, till 7.00 am, the return back to where you kept it and see the things inside it. If there is nothing like a living thing on it, then you are physically fit, but if the urine is yellow in color and as well there are several living things which you see inside it then, you need to visit your doctor for a better check up. The home remedy to apply and see if it reduces the color and adequate intake of water, and fruits with high water rate.

#2  Exercise Your Body Right Inside Your house

You don't need to go to a gymnastic house before you do exercise, The reason is that there are several exercise that can actually keep your body fit and physically on the moment you engage in them often and on. The management of our physical body is the establishment of long life we never thought we can even have by ourselves.

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Therefore let's talk about exercises like skipping, jumping, waving, dancing, press-up, walking and so many others you can freely and easily do without having to go to a gymnastic house to pay for a monthly registration and at the end of the month, you couldn't make it to be there due to the nature of your work.

#3  Consume Fruits Daily

It doesn't matter the particular fruit you consume, all you must bear and as well have in mind is always to consume fruits at least five times in a week which helps to keep your immune system flushed and alive. More reasons why you should consume fruits like cucumber, water melon, and cherry is instantly because they help to keep the body system wet and as well flushed which helps to reduce so many fats and heaviness in the body.

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Always remember that health is wealth, you must start taking care of your health now before it's too late that you can no longer handle it. Be that as it may: Prevention is better than cure. Share this article on any of your social media to save a friend, brother, sister and even a neighbor living upstairs/downstairs with you.

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Do You Know There is Limit For Every Relationship?

Do You Know There is Limit For Every Relationship?: Many relationships today has folded because from the onset they never had limits for anything at all.  To others they feel like having a limit is not meant to be, instead they say that, it's being dishonest or secretive. Of a Truth, we are getting it all wrong. I have many reasons why I have to tell the upcoming youths or teenagers who are yet to meet new people outside their world. 

Do You Know There is Limit For Every Relationship?

When you set a boundary in your relationship,  you will have to give a say about it when the time comes. 

All I need you to do today is to continue reading this post till the last line so as for you to grab the limits in relationships. 

You might be wondering  right inside of you, why will there be limits for you in a relationship with someone you love and you want to be with all the days of your life. 

It's not bad if you think like that, the reason is that everyone in life deserves respect,  whether you are young or old. You are worth your respect. 

Now,  let's tell you some policy you were supposed to have before finalising any relationship at all. 

* You must have a boundary of not Sharing your matrimonial bed with any visitor,  the reason is that it can shatter your relationship with whom do ever it is you are in love with. 

* You are to never have an external relationship when you are in love with your spouse,  and then he/she finds out that you are looking forward to have someone else share your heart with him/her.

It's mostly discouraging and also speaks how unfaithful you are in the relationship. 

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* There should be no discussion of your relationship Outside your home. Many people have scatterd their homes unknowingly in a way that they go along the street telling their street friends how they're been treated by their lover. 

At a point they'll give you an advise that will distort your relationship from the Joy it used to produce. 

Everyone is advised today to be careful of who they tell things about their personal lives. 

* Stand on your word. When you ever draw a line of boundaries on your word,  them you have accomplished so much in your life and relationships too. 

Don't dance to other People's tone, When you make a positive declaration make sure have a strong stand on your word so that you will have your personal respect in your relationships. 

ADVICE: Maintain yourself as a gold and diamond you are, Don't be the reason why your relationship is being scattered TO zero, be faithful to your partner. 

Make sure you don't cheat on your partner and if he/she intentionally does that for you not to know and you find out,  remember to settle matter gently and try to forgive each other and never to do it again.

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Promote Your Business Online Today At Ebimnageniusland For Free!!!

Promotion!    Promotion!!    Promotion!!!

It's a free day today in for every business owner, an employer of labourers, a small business owner, a CEO of a company, a sales manager,  a content marketer, a producer, a writer, a blogger, a retailer, a hawker and all the unmentioned discipline all over the world  to promote your business online here in our site.


1. Tell us what your business is all about, like: what you sell, or what you produce.

2. If you need workers, indicate by dropping your mobile contact and address of your company.

3. You must not insult anyone who is doing a petty job for any reason, else your comment will be deleted temporary for some days.

4. You must check back this post every morning to know if there is any reply from your post.

5. You must make sure that your business is genuine, if we find out any report from anyone concerning your comment, it will be deleted permanently.

6. Be specific about your goal in business, by telling people specifically what you do. 

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Our Business Requirements

1. Every business owner must have a valid e-mail address.

2. Your Phone number must be 24hours available.

3. You must be Honest with your customers.

4. Make sure a receipt is issued for any goods purchased.

5. Make sure that there is an agreement between an employer of labor and the employee before any transaction is made.

ALSO: If you have no work doing, you can indicate the kind of job you want to do in case if there is any producer seeking for workers, make sure your number is written as well.

NOTE: We are not going to be responsible for any loss of transaction made without getting necessary information needed to be gotten at far distant, before approaching the personnel.

We are not responsible for your carelessness meeting someone you don't know in a secret place. Always make sure you meet at a public place for your own personal safety. 

Your safety and your progress is our concern.

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How to Get Pink Lips Naturally in 5days

There are several ways to get pink lips naturally, but we will simply teach you How to get pink lips naturally in 5days and we believe that when you follow these steps naturally without applying anything less than what is listed on our list be;low, you will get you black lips to pink naturally. So many people have written posts about how to get your lips to pink in less than a week or even more, but not withstanding the things they have written, we have already checked through and used ourselves as an example before writing any post as regards to this.

How to get pink lips naturally in 5daysWhen you follow the guidelines we dropped below on how to get your black lips to pink you will always be among the people testifying to how it worked out for them. The reason is that in so many ways, we think that we are born with black lips but the right answer is NO. The reason why i said so is because when a child is born, just look at the lips of that new born baby and see how reddish the lips of the baby is.


When we continuously engage in so many eating and drinking as we grow without taking care of our lips, it will end up being black in color even when you don't smoke. It's simply one of the easiest ways that we are talking about here.


When you look at the image we posted in our site concerning a pink lips, it's actually an image of one of our readers who read and sent us the image to confirm that it worked perfectly for her. That was why we asked for her permission to use her image globally in order to  make others believe that your black lips can actually be changed to pink, only if you are interested and you really wanna look good.

How To Get Pink Lips Naturally in 5Days

#1  Desquamate With A Tooth Brush

It's ok to think that it is not possible but this guide on how to get pink lips naturally in 5days. Be that as it may One of the natural ways to get pink lips is to always desquamate your lips using tooth brush every morning and night. All you need to do is to get a soft tooth brush and keep it tidy and away from insects or any of the daily sun. When using a tooth brush on your lips, scrub it gently on your lips so as to soften the lip and as well peel off the eaten pieces of foods which are not visible to normal eyes. the use of tooth brush simply sloughs off dead skin in your lips and make them soft and pink.


#2  Use Homemade Remedy To Scrub

Most time we go to market to buy lip gloss that are prepared with home remedies, which has ended up doing more harm than good to our lips to the extent that we are afraid of using other remedies. Why not prepare this remedy yourself today by simply using honey and Shea butter.

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You might be wondering how it really works to get pink lips naturally: All you need to do is to pour half spoon of  honey in a glass and then melt a little portion of Shea butter into the same glass and mix them together. Then apply gently in your lips before leaving the home.


#3  Avoid Smoking

The moment you smoke, the tobacco in cigarettes gums on your lips which absolutely stains the lips and darkens the lips every now and then. If you are addicted to smoking and you still wanna have a red lips, am sorry, it won't work out. Though stopping to smoke will be really hard to do but If i must be honest with you, your lungs and your lips will really appreciate you for having stop smoking just to get a natiral pink lips.


#4  Eat Fruits With High Water Contents

The consumption of fruits like water melon, tomatoes and cucumber helps to keep the lips hydrated and soft, which in return the water melon as well helps in changing the lips to pink as it's color of the fruit bears.


#5 Keep Your lips Away From Sun

You can keep you lips away from sun by applying lip gloss to your lips each time you notice is getting dry. The simplest and best home remedy lip gloss to apply is Shea butter. It actually helps to keep the lips healthy and softer in as much as pink in nature.


#6 Avoid Wetting Your Lips With Saliva

lastly on my guide on How to get pink lips naturally in 5days, stop licking your lips more often and on like you do and start applying honey in your lips to keep it dry. The more you wet your lips with saliva, and leaves it out to sun, it makes the lips hard and rough which might actually cause you more lip tears and injuries on your lips instead of making the lips pink at the end of the day. Though so many people enjoys licking their lips, but we must advice you today tat it's not the best way to keep your lips soft and pink.

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Friday, September 28, 2018

Amazon Sort By Number of Reviews

Shopping from amazon is becoming less more easier than it was last year, and right now many people see it as a great benefit to have account with amazon which in return now provides the Amazon Sort By Number of Reviews to the angles. More over, it hasn't actually been too easier for so many people throughout last year. Amazon Sort is a Chrome extension that helps you sort through those.

Amazon Sort By Number of Reviews

Amazon Sort just adds a new sort method, “Number of Reviews.” With that, results are sorted by, you guessed it, how many reviews they have.

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The results can be a little quirky if you’re working with too many departments though, so it’s usually best to pick at least one department first, then sort everything. This is pretty useful when you’re looking for something popular and want to quickly figure out what to buy (or what not to).

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Friday, September 21, 2018

Six (6) Ways Men Can Escape Poverty

In order for men to escape poverty, there are certain attitudes a man needs to let go, there are several friends you need to keep aside and forge ahead with your life if you must be successful in life. Therefore, if you should know that having a responsible woman around you also helps you move into your high places as quick as possible and also its one of the basic ways men can escape poverty.

Six (6) Ways Men Can Escape Poverty

You as a man that is reading this article should be aware that any thing that has to do with a woman in your life  should be kept aside until you are prepared financially and mentally in as much as spiritually as well. So I would want you to read this post responsibly by taking it gradually and reading them line by line in order to get promoted to you high places in life.


#1  Get the right woman

Forget the slay queens and women with looks but zero brains. Get a woman who will not only support your vision but will also push you to achieve more. A woman who will inspire you to work hard and not a woman who just makes you hard. He who finds a real woman finds a good thing and obtains favor and power to create wealth.

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#2  Stop Taking Cheap Drinks

I have no problem with having drinks during social interaction and networking. However, when you drink cheap drinks or drink in cheap places, you hang out with cheap people who have cheap ideas and a cheap future. Big business opportunities are found in places where the drinks are expensive. In fact, in places where they sell cheap drinks, the only people you will find there are people who will be asking you for money. They even clap when you come knowing 'big buyer' has come.


#3  Stop being Lazy

"Man ooh Man, why art thou Lazy?" You are too lazy for your own good. You sleep the whole day and blame the government for your poverty. "A Little Sleep, a Little Slumber, poverty shall overtake you like a political cadre in overalls". A lot of men are just lazy when it comes to making money. They have enough energy to give a woman five orgasms, but have no energy to start one organization, that's why it is so easy for men to manufacture children than it is to make even pegs for putting children's clothes on the line..

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#4  Know Productive Things

If you keep too much junk in your head, you get a junk life. I know a lot of men who are so sharp when you are talking about girls, about soccer and about street politics, Who is Rich who is not,Who has a good house but you can't bring a topic about investment, innovation and business, they start looking at their phone, yawning or saying bye.. Useless things, videos and memes go viral fast than constructive things.. A man must know how to do at least one productive thing (have one skill) even without having gone to college.


#5  Get Connected to Big Men Who are better than you

A lot of men are failing because they are not mentored. They don't have anyone to whom they can sit down and listen, with obedience. In the old days, old men would sit young men down and show them how to hunt and kill animals... and no man was considered a man enough until he has personally killed an animal... now these men of nowadays are not mentored and can't even kill a bird. There are men out there who have made it in life, find a way to get mentored by big men who are making waves and impacting people in our community.

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#6  Work

Stop Spending your whole day just praying and fasting yet you know that both Quran and Bible tells you that God will bless the work of your hands. Yes yes The blessing finds you on your way doing something,Stop using Prayer as an excuse not to work. Work hard. It’s an error for your pockets to be empty and your brain to be empty too.

Never Forget this: Whatever That is expected of a woman is as well expected from a man. The life you live determines who you meet.
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