Monday, August 20, 2018

See the Best pregnancy Pillow

As a pregnant woman who normally have a perfect or non perfect sleep at night, there is something specially made special for you as a pregnant woman, using ordinary pillow is never a good idea for a pregnant woman if she must enjoy a sleep well spent at night. This is the Best pregnancy Pillow which have been specifically mounted and designed of different shape for pregnant women.

best pregnancy pillow

We have answers to some frequently asked questions concerning these best pregnancy pillow.

How can I be so comfortable on this for 8 hours night sleep? We bet you, several pregnant women have asked the same questions you are asking right now, and the moment the just use it a night, they will do no harm but rather help to encourage other fellow pregnant ladies to make use of this Best pregnancy Pillow. The pillow helps adequately in a quiet sleep with you and the baby and also a wonderful night well spent with the unborn baby/ies in the womb.

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As s pregnant woman, you must always know that your should no longer come first, but the health of the unborn baby should be taken care of so as for the baby to give you a comfortable sleep even at day when you are off your work time. The Best pregnancy Pillow is the pillow you already seeing the image with another pregnant woman lying with it.

Were can I get this Best pregnancy Pillow? You can visit any shopping center around you and also if you couldn't locate it, all you need to do is to visit to order for it online. the moment you order and pay for it, it will be delivered right in front of your door steps.

How Much Does Any of this Best pregnancy Pillow Cost? It simply cost not less or higher than $40 for one, The choice you make determines the prize of any one of them. Never you think or say that you can't afford it because you actually can afford it if you believe in yourself and also if you start saving money for it the moment you noticed you are pregnant.

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Therefore, putting the price first and using it as an excuse or reason why you won't have the best maternity pillow is a wrong thing to do. Always remember that what is worth doing is worth doing well. Whatever you desire for, which are good ones, always go for it. Don't be discouraged

Don't these Best pregnancy Pillow have names? Yes they do different name and different styles. check out on amazon to know the ones that are called:

#1  PharMeDoc
#2  ZENY Full Body
#3  OCCObaby
#4  Meiz
#5  Leachco Snoogle Chic
#6  Hiccapop
Queen Rose and so many much more wild designs. These are the one of the best pregnancy pillows that are supposed to be used by prgnant women toda for the protection and safety of the baby in womb.

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Sunday, August 19, 2018

na dem dey rush us slang - See The Originator

This slangs 'na dem dey rush us' that people are actually using both on social media, while some people have already used it to compose songs and so many other people are already posting it on their pictures as a word of encouragement to their selves. See the originator of the word 'Na dem dey Rush Us'.

na dem dey rush us

Charles Inojia is original originator of that word na dem dey rush us, he was telling a pretty lady in a movie by name Ruth Kadiri who fine pass him that, even fine boys like us, 'na dem dey rush us'.

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The way he said it alone made the slang go viral even now on our YouTube . watch the video from our YouTube and send to many people to laugh out their high blood pressure.

See video here...

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Friday, August 17, 2018

Nwa Baby Lyrics - Davido

The lyrics of this song nwa baby by Davido is very actualize just like the song and the writer of the song. Davido released the song nwa baby to show people how to love just like he made mention of it in a live show at Abuja. Therefore, Nwababy by Davido has gone viral and it's still selling over and over all around the country.

davido nwa baby

Nwa Baby Lyrics


Locked up, they won’t let me out
Baby no feeding bottle
My baby dey wear the spaghetti
She said if you want it, you can get it
And I say, ah baby baby
Damn! Fresh on the beat

{Verse 1}

Shey you wan put me for trouble?
What is my, what is my crime?
Oh you just thief my, just thief my heart
What if I, what if I die?
You must be a bomb o, you blow my, you blow my mind
No be my, no be my mind
But you don change my, don change my plan

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Eh, I was locked up, {they won’t let me out, but you let me out}
That shit you did was fucked up, {they won’t let me out, but you let me out}
I don’t need to say this, but I gats yarn you Nwa Baby
Ye, ye
I bin dey locked up, {they won’t let me out, but you let me out}
That shit na fuck up girl, {they won’t let me out, but you let me out}
I don’t need to say this, but I gats yarn you Nwa Baby


Baby no feeding bottle
My baby dey wear the spaghetti
She say if you want it you can get it
And I say ah Baby Baby
Orisa ti o ba gbe mi
Dakun ma pada leyin mi o
Speroach beat

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{Verse 2}

And i would to take you to my ends o
We’ll make a movie in my room
You are the lyrics to my tune
Ye, ye, imma be the bomba boomba boom
Ba boom
I’ll take you for the weekend
Many girls but you I choose {I’ll choose you again}
You’re the raggae to my blues
And if I get you girl what would I do?
Shaku! Iye ye


I bin dey locked up, {they won’t let me out, but you let me out}
That shit na fuck up girl, {they won’t let me out, but you let me out}
I don’t need to say this, but I gats yarn you Nwa Baby
Ye, ye
I bin dey locked up, {they won’t let me out, but you let me out}
That shit you did was fucked up, {they won’t let me out, but you let me out}
I don’t want to say this, but I gats yarn you Nwa Baby

Ye ye {Shekpe}
I bin dey locked up, {hey won’t let me out, but you let me out}
That shit you did was fucked up, {they won’t let me out, but you let me out}
And I don’t want to say this, but I gats yarn you Nwa Baby


Baby no feeding bottle
My baby dey wear the spaghetti
She say if you want it you can get it
And I say ah Baby Baby
Orisha ti o ba gbe mi, dakun wa pada leyin mi o’
Mix Monster
Speroach beatz

It Ends!!!

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Excess Love Lyrics-Chinwo Mercy

The Lyrics of Excess love by Mercy Chinwo is going viral

Your love is kind
Your love is patient
You fill my heart
With so much peace and joy
You're amazing
You make my life feel brand new
You're amazing
You make my life feel brand new

Excess Love - Mercy Chinwos

Jesus you love me too much ooo
Too much ooo
Too much ooo
Excess love ooo

Jesus you love me too much ooo
Too much ooo
Too much ooo
Excess love ooo

Your love is kind
Your love is patient
You fill my heart
With so much peace and joy
You're amazing
You make my life feel brand new
All your promises are yea and amen
You're not a man you never lie

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Jesus you love me too much ooo
Too much ooo
Too much ooo
Excess love ooo

Too much ooo
Too much ooo
Too much ooo
Excess love ooo

Your love for me too much ooo
Too much ooo
Too much ooo
Excess love ooo

Too much ooo
Too much ooo
Too much ooo
Excess love ooo

Jesus you love me too much ooo
Too much ooo
Too much ooo
Excess love ooo

Jesus you love me too much ooo
Too much ooo
Too much ooo
Excess love ooo

Thank you for loving me too much ooo unconditional
Thank you for loving me too much ooo

Mercy Chinwo songs moves mounatin and they are specifically Gospel Songs.

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Thursday, August 16, 2018

How To Use Microsoft Excel

Sometimes, Excel happens to be a hard office for people to operate on, while some people see it as too good to be true, due to so many formulas involved in Microsoft excel, and that is why we are gonna tell you how to use Microsoft Excel today in such a way that you will see Microsoft excel as one of the best and most simple office to use in Microsoft.

how to use Microsoft excel

No need of panic or troubles or even doubts on yourself because all you need to do is to follow our guideline on how to use Microsoft excel because at that point when you still busy having doubts people are already busing using our article tutorials to make money on their own, both in their offices and in their home, while some use theirs in the classes especially the accountants who consumes almost the whole parts and of know how to use Microsoft excel.

How To Use Microsoft Excel

If you are not used to Microsoft excel, and you really wanna learn how to use excel, there are several commands you should bear in mind that exists and must be implemented in Microsoft excel, therefore, you must begin with thus:

#1  Making another spreadsheet without any preparation  i.e making it from scratch.

#2  Executing several fundamental calculations in a spreadsheet, just like:  including, subtracting, duplicating, and partitioning in a spreadsheet.

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#3  You need to know about Composing and designing segment content and titles.

#4  basically Exceed expectations' auto-fill highlights.

#5  Including or erasing single sections, columns, and spreadsheets. Underneath, we'll get into how to include things like numerous sections and lines.

#6  Keeping segment and line titles obvious as you make sure you look past them in a spreadsheet, with the goal that you realize what information you're filling as you move additionally down the record.

Alright, prepare to get into the bare essential? How about we get to it right away?

Some Excel Tips to Try

#1  Pivot Tables

Turn Tables are utilized to redesign information in a spreadsheet. They won't change the information that you have, yet they can aggregate up qualities and look at changed data in your spreadsheet, contingent upon what you'd like them to do.

How about we investigate an illustration. Suppose I need to investigate what number of individuals are in each house at Hogwarts. You might believe that I have very little information, yet for longer informational collections, this will prove to be useful.

To make the Pivot Table, I go to Data > Pivot Table. Exceed expectations will consequently populate your Pivot Table, yet you can simply change around the request of the information. At that point, you have four choices to browse.

Report Filter: This enables you to just take a gander at specific lines in your data-set. For instance, on the off chance that I needed to make a channel by house, I could decide to just incorporate understudies in ebimnageniusland rather than all understudies.

Segment Labels: These could be your headers in the data-set.

Column Labels: These could be your lines in the data-set. Both Row and Column names can contain information from your segments (e.g. First Name can be hauled to either the Row or Column name - it just relies upon how you need to see the information.)

Esteem: This segment enables you to take a gander at your information in an unexpected way. Rather than simply pulling in any numeric esteem, you can whole, check, normal, max, min, tally numbers, or complete a couple of different controls with your information. Indeed, as a matter of course, when you drag a field to Value, it generally completes a check.

#2   Add More Than One New Row or Column

As you play around with your information, you may discover you're continually expecting to include more lines and segments in a row. Once in a while, you may even need to include several lines. Doing this one-by-one would be super dreary. Fortunately, there's dependably a simpler way.

To include various lines or sections in a spreadsheet, feature a similar number of prior lines or segments that you need to include. At that point, right-click and select "Embed."

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In the case underneath, I need to include an extra three lines. By featuring three columns and afterward clicking embed, I'm ready to include an extra three clear lines into my spreadsheet rapidly and effectively. It's becoming more fun than you expected, I believe you are actually going through this tips gently and also line by line.

There are several ways on how to use Microsoft excel but I actually believe that this few tips of ebimnageniusland is actually a bonus help to you and also to your work experience and the office you wanna work on.

#3  Simple Calculations

Notwithstanding doing truly complex counts, Excel can enable you to do straightforward math like including, subtracting, increasing, or isolating any of your information.

To include, utilize the + sign.

To subtract, utilize the - sign.

To duplicate, utilize the * sign.

To isolate, utilize the/sign.

You can likewise utilize enclosure to guarantee certain figuring are done first. In the case underneath (10+10*10), the second and third 10 were increased together before including the extra 10. Be that as it may, in the event that we made it (10+10)*10, the first and second 10 would be included first.

Basic Math

Reward: If you need the normal of an arrangement of numbers, you can utilize the equation =AVERAGE(Cell Range). On the off chance that you need to whole up a section of numbers, you can utilize the equation =SUM(Cell Range).

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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

How To Make Fresh Coconut Oil

To make a virgin coconut oil there are several processes to pass through, but we will teach the normal and simplest ways to make the best and healthy coconut oil right there in your house without having to go to the market to buy coconut oil anymore. It's normal to have doubts if this methods we are listing will actually work out by producing more oil for you as much as you need it. The answer to your questions and doubts is a big YES. 

make coconut oilThis is the most common way to make a coconut oil without having to stress yourself or even waste your gas or kerosene trying to boil the oil out of the chaff, or cooking the coconut overnight in order to get more oil. This is the simplest and easiest method to make fresh coconut oil right from your home using your own utensils at home.

Coconut oil offers an assortment of medical advantages and can be utilized for cooking and also skin and hair mind. You can influence your own particular virgin coconut to oil at home utilizing a coconut and a couple of basic devices.

How to Make Coconut Oil

#1  Use a sharp knife to separate the meat from the shell

The first step to take is to make sure you use a matured coconut that is brown in color not the one that is white in color, the reason is that a matured coconut will give you more oil than that of white coconut.

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#2  Cut the coconut meat into small peices

When you cut the meats of the coconut into pieces, it helps the  meat to be grounded faster and easily using a sustenance processor or grinder, while some other people uses mortal and pitsle to pound theirs . All these equipment's are useful depending on the one you have, just make use of it.

#3 Soak the coconut meat inside a cold Water

Some tutorials will tell you that you should soak it in a warm water in order for the oil to show on easily and faster, but the best and easiest way to have more oil from the coconut is by soaking it in a cold water and making sure that the water on it is really higher and larger than the quantity of the coconut inside the water inside a basin or any cup depending on the quantity of the coconut you provided. Always know that the lager the coconut the high quantity of oil you get.

#4 Close the basin or bowl for 24hours

Make sure you keep the basin out of the reach of children so that it will not be poured away thinking that its a dirt or you can equally keep it inside your cupboard or under the bed. After 24 hours, you will notice that the oil from the coconut is creamy in color, which is already on top of the oil.

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#5 Separate the oil from the water

When the oil is seperated from the water which is absolutely white and creamy in color, all you have to do is to make sure that there are no remains of the oil on top of the water.

#6 Cook the oil using a pan

While cooking the oil, remain there in order for the oil not to change to black color, if yours changes to black that means you let it burn, but when yours remains the same color as water or creamy, then you are a genius and that means you followed the actual steps as we stated on this article.

#7 Let it to Be Cold Before Usage

When you let the oil get at least cold and when yours still remains thick when cold, then you have to continue with the cooking, but when yours is still very light and fresh even when it's cold, then you are a pro.

#8 Apply on any part of the Body

Coconut oil can be applied on your hair to enable fast growth, and also kills dandruff. It can also be applied on your skin for soft skin. It can be applied in your laps, if there is any black spot or even scratch. Don't forget that you can also drink it because it's medicinal to the health.

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Three(3) Best and Simple Ways To Engage A Lady

Many Times a guy want to propose or engage a lady he is in love with, He might find it so difficult due to the ways he feel that the lady might feel when he proposes to her. Although women are very amazed and surprised the moment they are being proposed to which makes them fear in a way that they might say NO to you instantly and then later say yes, or they might say yes to you at that moment and then later have a second thought of saying No to you. 

Best ways to engage a lady

Now all you have to do is to read this post gently and line by line with words by words in order not to miss a single step on how to propose or engage a lady you truly love and you wanna spend the rest of your life with. You as a guy who want to engage a lady must be careful never to say a word of anger to her at that moment, and also to be smiling while you propose to her, because she can't miss to look at you smiling face while you propose to her. 

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Always bear it in mind that engaging a lady is a one time thing that you will never do again with her after that day, so you must make sure that you make that proposal to be a very special and surprising one to her, which she might end up shedding tears of joy due to the gravity of the proposal. 

The Best 3ways To Engage A Lady

#1  Make Sure You Are Sure She Is The one

Most times young guys try to propose to a lady whom they might have been in a relationship with, may be for as many years as they think the both of them have known each other, without confirming first that she is the one. Before you propose to a lady, Don't imagine that she is the one even when you might have had several number of s..x with her for several years. 

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In order for you to confirm that she is the one, you must have prayed and had several prophesies or even Revelations through your dream world and other word of knowledge and wisdom from people like priests, pastors, Reverends, and other men and women of God who must have have given you the instances of who she is to you.

When you never thought of confirming is she is the one for you, never you think of how to engage a lady, the reason is that you will end up regretting why you proposed to her.

#2  Decide where you will Propose

before you decide on where to propose or engage a lady you love so much, you must make sure it's a place she likes or a place you use to hear her say it's the best place she loves to be when she was a child or even now that she is a grown up. The reason why you should know about this place is because you are a listener. You don't need to ask her where she would like you to propose to her. 

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When you are listening guy who gives her woman the kind of attention she needs when she is telling you stories then, from the listening ear you give to her, you will be able to ask her questions she would wanna answer without even know the reason why you ask. The most annoying part of this engagement is especially when you engage a woman in a place she doesn't like saying or hearing of.  For example, it's not all ladies that likes engagement in a bar, and also remember that if your lady likes going to bar, that should be the place you should think of proposing to her. 

In order words, in this out point 2, I want you to learn that you have to propose to a woman in a place she enjoys staying, or talking about, if she is the home type, call your neighbors to give her that surprise engagement especially when she went out and came back from anywhere.

#3  Arrange  A surprise proposal

When you want to arrange a surprise proposal to a woman you are in love with, all you have to do is to make it count, by gathering people who you know are her friends and also your own friend in a party or even in the house telling her you want to have friends meeting in the house or in a party.

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Never give her clue of what your plans will be, because most ladies like surprises and they feel loved being surprised. The moment you invite her in such a party ground, make sure you allow her to feel relaxed with you on the party or home ground so that she will not sense anything is about to happen there at the moment.

Make sure you have a camera man to take a shot of how surprise her face looks the moment you kneel to propose to her. Just fro future retrieval. before the proposal make sure that you are very sure she is the one, so that you will not end up having high blood pressure proposing to a lady you love. It's one thing to love, and it's another thing to be loved, and also another permanent to thing to be ion love.

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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Court Tosses Out Murder Allegation Against Lagos PDP Chairman

An Ikeja High Court has rejected the murder allegation recorded against Mr Moshood Salvador, the Chairman of the Lagos PDP Chairman. Salvador was remanded in the Kirikiri Prisons following his arraignment at a Yaba Chief Magistrates' Court nearby 10 others on two checks of trick and unlawful slaughtering on July 25.

Court tosses out murder allegation against Lagos PDP Chairman

Amid Tuesday's procedures, the get-away judge, Justice Obafemi Adamson rejected charge in the wake of engaging entries from guides in a counter suit testing the charge documented by Lagos PDP Chairman (Salvador) against the state.

Equity Adamson in the decision said that in perspective of the exhortation from the workplace of the Directorate of Public Prosecution which excused the PDP Chairman from the murder allegation, Salvador ought to be discharged from the Kirikiri Prison.

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Prior, Mr Olaitan Soetan, an Assistant Director from the DPP had educated the court that there was another "improvement with respect to" Salvador's supplications in the counter suit.

Mr Lawal Pedro, SAN, Lagos PDP's Chairman (Salvador) resistance guide additionally told the court: "the issue has been overwhelmed by conditions. He asked the court to even now give all petitions looked for.

Salvador and the 10 different respondents were charged over the asserted murder of Mr Adeniyi Aborishade, the PDP Chairman of the Apapa Local Government Area. Aborishade was supposedly killed on July 21, amid the PDP's "appearance meeting" that held at Igbosuku Village, Eti-Osa LGA. The offenses negate Sections 223 and 233 of the Criminal Law of Lagos State, 2011.

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people added that, if he is guilty, he needs to be vanished, but as long as his hands reamin cleans and innocent then he has nothing to bear concerning the above mentioned allegation made on him. Many politicians today who kills and does evil are all in Lagos. of a truth Lagos is actually turning to a home for rituals and unexpected happenings.

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I Remain the President of Nigeria 2019-Buhari Says

The President of Nigeria, Mr. Muhammad Buhari has made it openly today and also publicly that he will still come out for second tenure for the election of the President whether the people of Nigeria likes it or not. He has also made it clear that he must win the election again, therefore if anyone has not gotten the permanent Voter's Card (pvc) They should try as much as possible to get theirs before it's too late. Therefore, no matter who wanna vote me or not, I still remain  President of Nigeria.

 President of Nigeria

It has been extended to 31st of August so as to give grace to people who hasn't heard or gotten, and also, they should make sure that they vote for Buhari 2019. In addition, he added that he will be the next reigning king of Nigeria, the only man who will win the battles of the herdsmen, just like he won the Boko-haram.

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Buhari is already doing his own campaign indirectly in the news, which is already going viral today. Therefore, People around are saying that he will never win the election again, and not even his own tribe or even his own children or generation to com will ever rule Nigeria again.

According to News this Morning, One Mr. Charley Ogundele  of Lagos State said that It is the right of the Ibo's to be the next president because they have been cheated a lot, and we need to experience their president-ship at least for two or even four tenures. Mr. Charley advised the Ibo's to wake and get their permanent voters card and try as much as they can to vote for an Ibo man or even woman to be the next president of Nigeria.

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He added by saying that if a woman should rule this country Nigeria, that the country will be better than it has ever been. therefore, other women should as well try to campaign for the presidential election, especially to the Ibo women because we need and Ibo tribe to rule this country before things gets worst than it has ever been.


If the Yoruba's will support the Ibo's, I believe that some Hausa's will also support the Yoruba, in order for Ibo's to win this election, then let's see how the so called Present president of Nigeria will win the upcoming election 2019.


To all my fellow Nigerians, let's wake up and make this country a better place for our upcoming future generations by voting a new rising president from Ibo land and let's see if things will not actually change. Hail Ibo's for Presidential election 2019

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Monday, August 13, 2018

157 Lagos Jail Prisoners Set to Write WASSCE, as Two Seek After PhD

The Lagos Prisons Command says training in a correctional facility is getting all the more fascinating with two of its detainees effectively seeking after their PhDs at the Kirikiri Maximum Prison. 157 Lagos Jail Prisoners Set to write WASSCE, as Two Seek After PhD. The Controller of Prisons, Lagos Command, Mr Tunde Ladipo revealed this in a meeting with the News Agency of Nigeria, on Monday in Lagos.

Prisoners Set to Write WASSCE

As per him, there is a reestablished enthusiasm for training among the detainees over the different jails in the state.

He said that the advance and mettle displayed by the two PhD detainees at the most extreme jail had started off another enthusiasm for scholastic interest among different prisoners.

"The summon is submitted in guaranteeing that no prisoner is deserted as far as training, as this is a piece of the reorganization we are doing.

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"At some point around May or June, two of the prisoners who have procured their Masters degrees selected for their PhD in the recently settled National Open University of Nigeria focus at the Kirikiri office.

"One of the detainees is contemplating Business Management and the other, Peace and Conflict Resolution, and the Vice Chancellor of the NOUN who actually gave them the letter supporting their PhD courses said it is educational cost free.

"To us, this is weighty and extremely promising, as they have demonstrated that they are not constrained by the circumstance they get themselves. What's more, that is a piece of the quintessence of our on-going transformation over the penitentiaries.

"Subsequently, the charge is likewise seeing an expansion of enlistment of detainees into different classifications of learning at the different jails schools.

"We are to be sure content with the foundation of the new NOUN focus at the Kirikiri Prison, with best in class offices, for example, ultra present day and very much loaded library, PCs and ventilation systems," Ladipo told NAN.

As indicated by him, an aggregate of 157 detainees over the penitentiaries in the state have enrolled for the up and coming second arrangement of the West African Senior School Certificate Examination for private applicants.

Giving a breakdown of the measurements of the detainees from the different offices, he said that 91 of the prisoners were from the Ikoyi Prisons, 12 from the Female Prisons, 14 from the Medium and 40 from the Maximum Prisons.

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Ladipo said that arrangements were in top apparatus for the examination at the different offices, to guarantee that the detainees turn out in flying hues.

"I will jump at the chance to compliment the Federal government for its responsibility in presenting the detainees to extraordinary changes that are progressing as of now in the jails, through instruction and abilities obtaining.

"It is qualified to take note of that legislature, through the Controller General of Prisons, Ja'afaru Ahmed, as of late gave books to offices the nation over for enhanced research, educating and learning for the detainees.

"This, combined with the new facilitators we have drawn in to supplement the current ones in offices, will go far in enhancing the execution of the detainees amid the WASSCE examination.

"Aside mediation from the Federal government in setting up the detainees for the examination, a bank introduced money gift and in addition a few fans, with an end goal to update the offices for favorable instructing and learning," he said.

The state controller said that enabling the prisoners with instruction would go far in reestablishing trust in them, and in addition make them less needy people, at whatever point they recovered opportunity.

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Court Stops Capture of INEC Executive

Request court stops capture of INEC executive: The Court of Appeal in Abuja on Monday gave a request notwithstanding the capture of Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission, Mahmood Yakubu. Conveying the decision, Justice Abdul Aboki driving a three-man board suspended the authorization of the capture warrant issued by the Federal High Court in Abuja on Aug.1.

Court Stops Capture of INEC Executive

Aboki held that the directive was gone for convincing the police from actuating the request of the lower court pending the becoming aware of the interest settled for Sept. 17.

"It will be biased for the preliminary court to continue with knowing about the issue planned for August 14.

"Therefore, the board collectively arranges the stay of continuing pending the knowing about Mahmood's interests," he said.

The INEC manager had recorded an interest testing the capture warrant issued against him by the preliminary court.

In the interest, Yakubu is testing the legitimacy of the capture warrant that was issued against him by the court.

The redrafting had kept up that he couldn't be captured based on a seat warrant that was legitimately flawed.

He asked the Court of Appeal to summon its forces and void the capture arrange made by Justice Stephen Pam.

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Pam had in a seat administering requested the Police to capture and deliver Yakubu in court on Aug. 8 to confront scorn charges.

The request took after Yakubu's inability to respect a summons the court issued for him to show up in regard of a suit including the Anambra Chapter of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Court Stops Capture of INEC Executive.

The INEC administrator had between July 5 and July 10 purportedly neglected to respect the court's summons to shield scorn continuing.

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Yakubu, in any case, prevented ignoring any request from securing court, including that he was denied reasonable hearing by the preliminary court.

The INEC supervisor said there was no proof that any court summons was selected and served on him.


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Nnewi Now The Number One Industrial Economic Enclave

Finally to all people: Nnewi  is Now The Number One Industrial Economic Enclave. Nnewi has turned from a mere village to a strong industrial economic enclave which is well known all over the world. This is a lesson you must learn from Nnewi Ikechukwu Emeka Onyia says: "We can learn from Nnewi on how to build Industrial clusters without waiting for the government "

Nnewi Is Now The Number One Industrial Economic Enclave

Nnewi was a mere village like any other village, but today the Nnewi Economy is worth over N500billion without any Government policy intervention.

Which government created Nnewi Industrial Economic Cluster? The truth is that no government did!


Nnewi people championed their economic repositioning and today, the village has been transformed into an Industrial Economic Post(IEP) that even an enemy can't avoid. Now That it has been made and announced officially that Nnewi Now The Number One Industrial Economic Enclave is Nnewi,

 Nnewi Now The Number One Industrial Economic Enclave

Nnewi people did not wait for the Government to initiate this process, they initiated it and no sensitive government from Federal to State that cannot discuss Nnewi Industrial Economy in their plans. Why ? People took responsibility.


The Nnewi Industrial Economic Cluster is the second job generator for Anambra State after Onitsha economic Cluster. 


Imagine if Government and other towns can understudy Nnewi economic magic which was championed by the people of Nnewi and replicate the magic of Nnewi in other towns and villages?


Nnewi today is the most neglected Industrial Hub by successive Federal and State Governments in Nigeria, but the people keep on breaking boundaries.


Nnewi Industrial Cluster is a school that most Governments and Town Unions must go and understudy so that we can replicate Nnewi magic beyond Nnewi.


Policymakers can learn from Nnewi Industrial Economic Decisions that transformed a mere village into an Industrial Economic Hub (IEH) without going to National or State Assembly for parliamentary intervention.


This also tells us that Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah is right when he said and I quote :

"We can actually create a Regional Economic Integration without going to National assembly for parliamentary intervention ".

Nnewi Industrial Economic Cluster was never a product of any Parliamentary intervention or government policy direction. A lesson to learn!


We can learn from Nnewi.


Ikechukwu Emeka Onyia is the SSA to Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah on Media/Publicity. 

A political/economic affairs expert and Seasoned Media consultant.

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Youths Assault 32-year-Old Minister Over Death of Sweetheart

The Christ Chosen Church of God has repudiated its suspended minister, one Ngbeken Elvis, who was supposedly captured over the passing of a 38-year-old mother of four in the Egor Local Government Area of the state. Now, It has totally being on the internet on how the Youths Assault 32-year-Old Minister Over Death of Sweetheart. It has been another news at Edo state, People wonders what Edo young men does now, rather than committing atrocities.

Youths Assault 32-year-Old Minister Over Death of SweetheartIt was likewise assembled that Elvis could confront extra authorizes as he presently couldn't seem to satisfy the condition given to him by the congregation to accommodate with his significant other keeping in mind the end goal to have his suspension reviewed. The beset minister was said to have been captured after a lady, recognized as Mama Sarah, kicked the bucket while prematurely ending a pregnancy she professedly had for him amid an extramarital issue.

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The 32-year-old man was asserted to have been in a mystery association with the expired for a while, while the lady's significant other was out of the nation.


The minister, who asserted to have been suspended by the congregation over conjugal issues with his better half, was said to have moved into the habitation of the 38-year-old lady in Okhokhugbo people group, where she lived with her kids.


Elvis, in video cut acquired by Southern City News, disclosed to some irate adolescents, who gathered him together, that the relationship started when the perished obliged him in her condo. He, nonetheless, denied the affirmation that the demise was associated with a custom.


He stated, "It was the point at which I was presented on Okhokhugbo branch and did not have a place to remain that she instructed me to remain in one of the rooms. She was my (congregation) part. "She came to meet me in the room. I feel so terrible. I don't have a local specialist; I don't have anything like that."


The Police Public Relations Officer, Mr. Chidi Nwabuzor, said that he still couldn't seem to be informed about the issue. Yet, a senior authority of the congregation at its central station along the Benin-Agbor Expressway disclosed to Southern City News on the state of namelessness that the pastor went "neck-profound" into his offense by supposedly captivating in an extramarital issue.

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The source expressed, "What the congregation expected is that when you are suspended, you should assemble yourself, approach God for pardoning and on the off chance that you turn another leaf, something should be possible about your restoration. 

"The condition the congregation gave him (Elvis) was even clear; he was advised to run and accommodate with his better half. Be that as it may, we feel sorry for him. He has no business with us by any stretch of the imagination.

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Youths Assault 32-year-Old Minister Over Death of Sweetheart: The so called minister/ pastor said thus "In the event that he returns tomorrow and says he needs to return as a minister, issues will come up. In any case, until further notice, he will deal with himself. He got himself to the opposite side; along these lines, he will likewise bring himself from the opposite side.
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Saturday, August 11, 2018

Fake Soldier Captured in Edo State

Finally today in our ebimnageniusland news, Fake Soldier Captured in Edo State by the Zone 5 Police Headquarters in Benin, Edo State, as a 35-year-old man, one Stanley Ezeobi, for affirmed equipped burglary while marching himself as an officer. It was learnt that Ezeobi, who guaranteed to be an alum of Public Administration at the Federal Polytechnic, Oko, in Anambra State, was grabbed by agents of the counter bad habit unit of the zonal police central command on August 1.

fake soldier captured in edo state

Utilizing a pseudo name, Lukman Adelabu, the dad of five was affirmed to have grabbed an unregistered Toyota Picnic transport from its proprietor in the Benin city.

The Assistant Inspector-General of Police, Mr. Rasheed Akintunde, who strutted him alongside other speculated auto snatchers on Friday, said that Ezeobi was caught while endeavoring to offer the vehicle.

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Akintunde noticed that Ezeobi asserted to be joined to one NATRAC Engineering Regiment, a claim which he said ended up being false.

He additionally said that the phony fighter had a place with a criminal posse and was helping the police with their examination.

The AIG clarified, "He (Ezeobi) is a furnished looter, however asserted to be an officer. At whatever point he wielded his ID card as a serving warrior, individuals from the general population would feel that he is a certifiable fighter.

"Yet, fortunes was against him since he had been a needed criminal. He stole a Toyota RAV 4 SUV and keeping in mind that conveying the vehicle at an auto remain available to be purchased, our men grabbed him.

Fake Soldier Captured in Edo State: "He drew out a warrant card that he was a serving fighter at NATRAC Engineering Regiment in Kontagora (Niger State). Along these lines, we captured him.

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"Over the span of the examinations, we kept in touch with the military regiment to affirm the card and the names and the answer we got was that he was a phony fighter. Facilitate examinations drove him to open up on his criminal exercises."

In any case, the speculate revealed to Southern City News that he just utilized the Army uniform to avoid security checkpoints while passing on his merchandise from Benin Republic.

Ezeobi, who guaranteed to be the proprietor of the Toyota Picnic vehicle, likewise denied being an outfitted thief. 

He expressed, "I generally purchase merchandise from Cotonou. In this way, I utilize it (uniform) to beat the security out and about. I didn't grab the vehicle (Toyota RAV 4); I have my own particular vehicle, a Toyota Picnic.

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"I lament my activity. It was terrible. I began utilizing the uniform a year ago. I went to my companion's shop in Benin and was captured. people around added by saying that most people do the things they do with knowing that one day is for the owner and everyda is for the thief and today "Fake Soldier Captured in Edo State" topic" is what is going around with his picture on the website. Shame on him, they added.

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Thursday, August 9, 2018

Boy murders Driver to Date Girlfriend

A 28-year-old transport driver, Abraham Umar, has been slaughtered by presumed religion individuals at Cele transport stop, in the Ijanikin region of Lagos State. The police said the casualty was set up by his companion who was fixated on his (Abraham's) 17-year-former sweetheart. Abraham, otherwise known as Abi, was eating at the sweetheart's mom's bamboo eatery when the shooters attacked the place around 9pm on Tuesday. Boy murders Driver to Date girlfriend, just because of envy and jealousy.Boy murders Driver to Date girlfriend

They allegedly shot the Benue State indigene in the head, murdering him on the spot. Our journalist learnt that the case was accounted for at the Ijanikin Police Station and the sweetheart, recognized just as Elo, was captured.


A witness, who did not have any desire to be distinguished, said the shooters arrived in a gathering after Abraham, who handled the Lagos-Badagry Expressway course, stopped his vehicle and went to eat.


He stated, "He was with his conductor and the proprietor of the business transport when one of the shooters tapped him on the back. Another pushed him and pummeled his head against the divider. At that point one of them put a firearm to his head and shot him dead. Everyone fled."

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The casualty's sister, Aminat Umar, while battling back tears, said Abraham's companion, one Peter, broke the news to the family.

She clarified that the casualty had called her in the wake of stopping his vehicle around 9.21pm.

"He said he was en route home. Around 10 minutes after the fact, his closest companion, Peter, raced to our home, saying Abi had been shot at Cele transport stop and that his cadaver had been taken to a police headquarters.

"My mom and uncle hurried to the Ijanikin Police Station, however were informed that no one was brought there. They went to a private doctor's facility around Cele transport stop and were again informed that the body was not conveyed to the healing center.


"The healing facility laborers said they should check the station. The police later conceded that he was there. I was informed that his conductor and the proprietor of the business transport were in the cell," she included.

Our reporter learnt that the expired lost his dad, a previous maritime officer, when he was scarcely six years of age. His non-permanent dad, Muhammed Umaru, said Abraham had been getting danger instant messages from a few men who requesting that he stop his association with Elo.

He stated, "They instructed him to leave the young lady since she had a place with one of them.

"My child's companion, Peter, said the young fellow behind the messages had once gone up against them. I was informed that the opponent was dull in composition and had dreadlocks.


"I told his close relative and uncle, who requested that the young lady avoid Abraham and furthermore cautioned him to allow Elo to sit unbothered. In any case, they declined to stop the relationship." The perished's uncle, Sani Umar, depicted him as delicate and accommodating.

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He stated, "He was a quiet man and never included himself in a bad position. This episode is simply tragic. The issue was that the young lady he was dating had another beau who is a faction part and that was the reason he was slaughtered. We need equity; he should not kick the bucket futile."


Elo, 17, who had been captured by the police, in any case, said Abraham was her solitary sweetheart, including that she couldn't explain why he was slaughtered. "He called me the previous evening (Tuesday), saying he was heading off to my mum's shop and on the off chance that he could sit tight for me there. I said he ought not hold up in light of the fact that I was at my sibling's place in Ajegunle and would not return that night. I disclosed to him that we were arranging my sibling's wedding. On Wednesday when I got back home, I was told Abi had been killed. I don't think about any risk since he didn't educate me concerning it," she said.

Boy murders Driver to Date girlfriend, people also said that he was killed because of the way the both partners love themselves and how they play their love game, people around said thus.

A source said clique killings were uncontrolled in Ijanikin, including that security agents had not possessed the capacity to check the exercises of religion individuals in the territory. He approached the police specialists to go to the guide of occupants. He stated, "The clique individuals go into houses to slaughter individuals voluntarily. Individuals from a family are still at a healing facility after they were assaulted by these young men. Two weeks back, two young men were shot and slaughtered at the transport stop since they declined to discharge their telephones."


The Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer, CSP Chike Oti, said four suspects had been captured. In any case, Oti noticed that Abraham's closest companion set him up finished the 17-year-former sweetheart.


He stated, "Abraham's companion really liked the young lady. It got to a state of fixation as he began conversing with the man's better half to abandon him. In any case, when he was not getting the coveted participation from the young lady, he set up his companion with some different folks, who executed him.

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"The issue was accounted for at the Ijankin Police Station and promptly, the state Commissioner of Police, Edgal Imohimi, requested the Divisional Police Officer to angle out the killers. Up until this point, the DPO has grabbed four suspects, while the primary suspect, the person who really liked the young lady, is still on the loose. We are on his trail and he can't escape equity."

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