Who is a Wife Material?

Prayer is the number one thing that every wife material should do, for the sake of the husband and the children as well. Though she might say that the husband should be the one praying for her, YES: he should pray for her as well, but it should be made known to her that a woman has a basic role to play in the family. When the woman leaves what she is supposed to do for the man to do it, especially praying for the family, that family might crumble on the way.

Who is a Wife Material?

A wife material is the only woman that mentions how good her husband is to her friends outside there, even when the man might not be playing his role in the family

A wife material is the only woman that knows the heart of her husband, A woman that cares for her husband, A woman the protects her husband, A woman that appreciates her husband. A woman that tells her husband the right thing to do,this is one of the best qualities of a wife material, A woman that talks good about her husband, A woman that only glorifies her husband no matter how too short or too small he is, A woman that prays for her husband.

Whenever you are in the midst of your fellow ladies, stop telling them that your husband is not good. Stop telling them that your husband is a womanizer, and stop telling them how you live with your husband at home, the reason is that the day you will have a little misunderstanding with them or any one amongs them, they will use your words against you.

Every woman should wake up from sleep and try to know how to protect your home, although today in life women are the ones doing almost every work in the home, both homework and compound work. Does that mean that there are no men around them? There is. But the reason is that most women allowed their husband to be doing so, most women leave their husband to misbehave and even turn them to a hunch back in the home.

Don't permit him to do so, whenever he comes home late, show him his house work to do, stop pitying for him. He worked tirelessly in the day, so whenever he comes back home, he should just eat, take his shower and sleep, it is good to do so, but you have to let the man know that there is a lot of work a home. That he needs to do as well, irrespective of the time he came back.

Women!!! Wake up and build your husband to the test of who you want him to be for you, But that doesn't mean that you should fight him whenever he said that he won't do it. Whenever he said that he is tired just permit him to rest, but the due time for rest has come and gone, and you mad sure that he a had enough rest, don't forget to bring it as an alarm in his ears so as for him to know that it is his work.

As from today that you have read this post, I believe that you have learned a lot of things that will change your family and your love life with your husbands. Therefore for you to know who is a wife material?, she must atleast possess 70percent of all these qualities, if she doesn't, don't disown her or divorce her, just try to teach her to be like all these qualities you read in this post. We love you.

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Remain blessed.

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