How to Get Pink Lips Naturally in 5days

There are several ways to get pink lips naturally, but we will simply teach you How to get pink lips naturally in 5 days and we believe that when you follow these steps naturally without applying anything less than what is listed on our list be;low, you will get you black lips to pink naturally. So many people have written posts about how to get your lips to pink in less than a week or even more, but not withstanding the things they have written, we have already checked through and used ourselves as an example before writing any post as regards to this.

When you follow the guidelines we dropped below on how to get your black lips to pink you will always be among the people testifying to how it worked out for them. The reason is that in so many ways, we think that we are born with black lips but the right answer is NO. The reason why i said so is because when a child is born, just look at the lips of that new born baby and see how reddish the lips of the baby is.

When we continuously engage in so many eating and drinking as we grow without taking care of our lips, it will end up being black in color even when you don't smoke. It's simply one of the easiest ways that we are talking about here.

When you look at the image we posted in our site concerning a pink lips, it's actually an image of one of our readers who read and sent us the image to confirm that it worked perfectly for her. That was why we asked for her permission to use her image globally in order to  make others believe that your black lips can actually be changed to pink, only if you are interested and you really wanna look good.

How To Get Pink Lips Naturally in 5Days

#1  Desquamate With A Tooth Brush

It's ok to think that it is not possible but this guide on how to get pink lips naturally in 5days. Be that as it may One of the natural ways to get pink lips is to always desquamate your lips using tooth brush every morning and night. All you need to do is to get a soft tooth brush and keep it tidy and away from insects or any of the daily sun. When using a tooth brush on your lips, scrub it gently on your lips so as to soften the lip and as well peel off the eaten pieces of foods which are not visible to normal eyes. the use of tooth brush simply sloughs off dead skin in your lips and make them soft and pink.

#2  Use Homemade Remedy To Scrub

Most time we go to market to buy lip gloss that are prepared with home remedies, which has ended up doing more harm than good to our lips to the extent that we are afraid of using other remedies. Why not prepare this remedy yourself today by simply using honey and Shea butter.

You might be wondering how it really works to get pink lips naturally: All you need to do is to pour half spoon of  honey in a glass and then melt a little portion of Shea butter into the same glass and mix them together. Then apply gently in your lips before leaving the home.

#3  Avoid Smoking

The moment you smoke, the tobacco in cigarettes gums on your lips which absolutely stains the lips and darkens the lips every now and then. If you are addicted to smoking and you still wanna have a red lips, am sorry, it won't work out. Though stopping to smoke will be really hard to do but If i must be honest with you, your lungs and your lips will really appreciate you for having stop smoking just to get a natiral pink lips.

#4  Eat Fruits With High Water Contents

The consumption of fruits like water melon, tomatoes and cucumber helps to keep the lips hydrated and soft, which in return the water melon as well helps in changing the lips to pink as it's color of the fruit bears.

#5 Keep Your lips Away From Sun

You can keep you lips away from sun by applying lip gloss to your lips each time you notice is getting dry. The simplest and best home remedy lip gloss to apply is Shea butter. It actually helps to keep the lips healthy and softer in as much as pink in nature.

#6 Avoid Wetting Your Lips With Saliva

lastly on my guide on How to get pink lips naturally in 5days, stop licking your lips more often and on like you do and start applying honey in your lips to keep it dry. The more you wet your lips with saliva, and leaves it out to sun, it makes the lips hard and rough which might actually cause you more lip tears and injuries on your lips instead of making the lips pink at the end of the day. Though so many people enjoys licking their lips, but we must advice you today tat it's not the best way to keep your lips soft and pink.

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