Health is Wealth

In today's living many people have turned their health upside down due to the things they think is the best thing they should pursue first before their health, which is in return the wrong thing to do and indirectly cause more harm that good to their health. We must note that when it come to the things that concerns our health, we must be very careful with it because the things we do today doesn't always speak for us when we are not healthy, but the moment we do those things in strong health, people will believe in us and even on the things we do as well.
When it comes to the health, we are are not permitted to take it lightly but you are strictly encouraged to take it more serious than you have ever done, and better more taken care of than we have ever done. When we always bear in mind today that health is wealth, it will never stop us from moving forward, rather it helps us find a better way to focus on our health as much as we focus on our wealth too.

There are several health care centers where we can easily locate around our vicinity and even around our various technological access, especial through our phones, laptops, desktops, palmtops, tablets, java phones and even Symbian phones and any accessories at all. The reason why health is going viral today is that people ignores their health all in the name of pursuing a particular wealth.

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#1  Always Check Yourself By Yourself

There are several ways through which you can make your health the best by taking care of yourself all by yourself. The best ways to check yourself is through your URINE .  How can you check yourself via urine?  By checking the color of your urine at least 3 times in a week. All you have to do is to simply get an empty tin and urinate on it very early in the morning, as early as 6.00 am.

The moment you you have urinated inside the tin close it for at least 1 hour, till 7.00 am, the return back to where you kept it and see the things inside it. If there is nothing like a living thing on it, then you are physically fit, but if the urine is yellow in color and as well there are several living things which you see inside it then, you need to visit your doctor for a better check up. The home remedy to apply and see if it reduces the color and adequate intake of water, and fruits with high water rate.

#2  Exercise Your Body Right Inside Your house

You don't need to go to a gymnastic house before you do exercise, The reason is that there are several exercise that can actually keep your body fit and physically on the moment you engage in them often and on. The management of our physical body is the establishment of long life we never thought we can even have by ourselves.

Therefore let's talk about exercises like skipping, jumping, waving, dancing, press-up, walking and so many others you can freely and easily do without having to go to a gymnastic house to pay for a monthly registration and at the end of the month, you couldn't make it to be there due to the nature of your work.

#3  Consume Fruits Daily

It doesn't matter the particular fruit you consume, all you must bear and as well have in mind is always to consume fruits at least five times in a week which helps to keep your immune system flushed and alive. More reasons why you should consume fruits like cucumber, water melon, and cherry is instantly because they help to keep the body system wet and as well flushed which helps to reduce so many fats and heaviness in the body.

Always remember that health is wealth, you must start taking care of your health now before it's too late that you can no longer handle it. Be that as it may: Prevention is better than cure. Share this article on any of your social media to save a friend, brother, sister and even a neighbor living upstairs/downstairs with you.

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