Why Are You Still Single At 30 as A Lady

Why Are You Still Single: Being single at the age of 30 is not a curse, To some people, it's their choice why to some, it'their attitude or character towards men. And also to some other men that come around them. Though you might think that it's a bad record for you to be single as a lady till that age. Well, we wanna tell you today that there is always a way out of everything, no matter how big that thing seems to be.Reasons Why You Are Still Single At 30 as A Lady

Now, Let ebimnageniusland blog today tell you many reasons why you are still single as a lady until that age of 30. Though you might be having second thoughts about your life, some will say that they are cursed, while some will be seeking for spiritual solutions. Of a truth what we are busy seeking for in several places, are around us, sitting in the same room with us.

Why not settle down and let us tell you what the problem is because there is a time when you will not have the time for discovery.

Why Are You Still SIngle At 30 as A Lady?

#1  Your Character Towards People

The character you play along to people can be the reason why you are single, especially when your character is a bad and negative one. when you find yourself in the midst of people around the world, you are expected to act good towards them, and when you duly play a negative character which peradventure might provoke people around you to never think of coming close to you again in their lives, not anymore. 

This is the reason why ebimnageniusland want to advise every lady who is yet no up to 30 in age to at least learn how to behave well to people, whether you know the people or not. It doesn't matter, what matters most is that there is someone around you who is praising God for your life. Ads from today, you have to wake up from your slumber of bad character/ behavior and move on the best way of living and establishing a [positive life for yourself and for your future generations.

#2  Your Mode Of Dressing

Many ladies today never know that people address you the way you dress. some are thinking that dressing s..xy is the platform of looking good in a way that you will be attractive, but the truth must be said today! Aw!, When you dress s..xy, you attract both the mad person and people who are irresponsible to admire you or even end up touching you in a way you never expected.

A lady is expected to dress like a child of God, whether you are in the church or not! I will like to tell you a brief story of a friend of mine who will always tell me that I dress like an old woman. She will always want me to wear some happening clothes, which am a born again, and my belief is against such dressings.

one day we went to the market to purchase foodstuffs, and she was dressing her usual s..xy way, while I advised her to remove it, and then she annoyingly left me and go to the market without me. When she entered a shuttled bus, she was sitting beside a very handsome guy, whom she was really happy that he will probably approach her.

She was disappointed because the guy is a born again, and she was surprised that such a handsome guy never even looked at her twice. Immediately she came to down from the shuttle, at a junction, she met a man, who didn't even talk to her, but the man followed her, until, in a quiet part of the road that leads to the market, the man rushed her and brought our her boobs/breast and started sucking, she started shouting and nobody was there to help her.

The reason was that the road was too quiet that people are not frequently passing there, as if that was not enough, he was busy enjoying himself with the boos of a s..xy girl, while she was begging the man, whose teeth were really smelling, the man was really sucking the boobs and was even bitting her si seriously, which she ended up being raped by the madman, on a street.

I waited so long for her, which I didn't see her, back to the house, I was not bothered because she leaves that kind of life, of going to the market and leaving the market to anywhere she wants without even telling me. Therefore, I was not bothered about her at all. Until someone called my line and told me that my number was the last number the owner of that phone dialed, that they want to see me at a hospital close by, then on arriving at the hospital,

I met my friend lying hopelessly, when I approached her, she told me all that happened to her, and I prayed for her on her sick bed, and up till today as you are reading this post, she is still single, the reason is that many people heard what happened to her, and some people that heard and saw, they told others, and that was what kept her single in a negative manner. Hola! please take note of your dressing single ladies!

#3  The Way You Approach/Talk To People

Many single ladies today at the age of 30 are single because of the words they voice out through their mouth to people who the know and to some people, they don't know. What matters most in the life of a woman is the way you talk to people, or the manner of approach towards people on the outside or anywhere you found yourself.

Your manner of approach really is a key to meeting a right person on the outside. When a woman is not approaching in a positive manner, she might end up not liking herself personally. A young lady is expected to speak mannerly to people, whether you know that people or not.

You must have to be appreciative, in any way or any place at all, you find yourself. Being appreciative is simply one of the best ways a woman can make her man happy, though you might think it's not necessary, the truth need to be unveiled so as to lose some upcoming single ladies form the bond of making the same mistakes others have made. Gush! Every woman is expected to have a good manner of approach, both to people you know and to people you've never met. Got ya! 

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