Ways To Say I love You Through Actions Not Just With Words

Ways To Say I love You Through Actions Not Just With Words: Saying I love You is one of the most important words that keeps you going in a relationship, but many takes it for granted thinking that once they it once that its enough. Well sometimes it will be enough to the person you say it to, at that moment. There are as well several Ways To Say I love You.
Ways To Say I love You Through Actions Not Just With Words
You just need to know the possibilities behind saying and practicalizing love to your loved one. Many times when we say I love You to some people or someone you love, its not enough, what you need to do is to pit it in practice in so many ways.

Now, Let us show you ways to say I love you through your actions not just by your words. 

#1  Hold Her Hand:

You can hold her hand while driving in the same car with her, it's simply helps her to calm her thoughts and also tells her that you wanna be close to her.

#2  Drop A Note For Her On The Bed Or Table:

Write a note to her and drop it on the bed before leaving the house, especially if she leaves the house after you. Keeping it on the bed will be so romantic and it could make her relax her mind and lay back to the bed while reading the note. Make sure its a note filled with emotional words of his you feel good about her and how she satisfies you s..xually on bed. She needs to know that.

#3  Buy Her Gifts:

Surprising your woman with random gifts make her feel more close to you, keeps her mind thoughts all about you. When buying a gift you must make sure it's what she likes taking, like: jewelries, chocolates, drinks of her choice, Lovely gowns,  and so many others. You might think it's not necessary but it's very crucial and important because it makes her feel close whenever she puts them on.

#4  Play Music and Dance For Her:

This is the most commonest part that majority of men fails to do. Even if you don't know how to dance, show her the little you know and make her laugh louder. When she laughs when you dance in a funny way, you have totally made her day great throughout that day.

#5  Help Her With Some House Chores Without Her Asking:

Sometimes the best way to make her realize how much you love her I'd by waking up before her early in the morning, washing the dirty dishes in the kitchen for her, scrubbing the rooms and washing some dirty clothes of hers really makes her feel so loved by you. She bosts of her you, wherever she finds herself, you will become the talk of her day.

#6   Ask Her How Her Day Went Before Talking About Your Own:

It's Very important you make her know that she is the only woman you think about, you should as well make her know that she is your first priority and she will always be.

#7  Take Her Out To Meet Your Colleagues/Friends:

Its very important for any man to have good friends outside his home, If you took her out and your friends she met were all drunkards, smokers, or touts, it kills the spirit of the woman even though she already loved you. So be careful of the kind of friends you keep.

#8  Hug Her:

Don't say that she doesn't need the hug, she deserves it to rest her mind and Calls the stress of the day either in her office or at business area.

#9  Kiss Her:

Its very simple, Just Kiss Her wen she holds your hand or when she is sitted close to you, in the room or parlor, give her a kiss and look into her eye balls and tell her... "Your Lips Are So Sweet like a strawberry".

#10  Compliment her:

Never forget to tell her how beautiful she looks on that gown or on anything make she applied on her. It keeps her going throughout the whole day. Also, if she is good on bed or  not, she needs to hear you tell er how she performs on bed. Though most women don't always like talking about it. But you have to tell her that, in a quiet and romantic tone on your voice.

These are some common ways to say I love You, Through actions to your loved ones.

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  1. Hmm...well am not that perfect in showing my love for my girl but this time I'll try and do what's right,but the question is,will she accept?

  2. If she doesn't accept, try to convince her to accept, or you ask her what wants or what she enjoys most.