Three(3) Best and Simple Ways To Engage A Lady

Many Times a guy want to propose or engage a lady he is in love with, He might find it so difficult due to the ways he feel that the lady might feel when he proposes to her. Although women are very amazed and surprised the moment they are being proposed to which makes them fear in a way that they might say NO to you instantly and then later say yes, or they might say yes to you at that moment and then later have a second thought of saying No to you. 

Now all you have to do is to read this post gently and line by line with words by words in order not to miss a single step on how to propose or engage a lady you truly love and you wanna spend the rest of your life with. You as a guy who want to engage a lady must be careful never to say a word of anger to her at that moment, and also to be smiling while you propose to her, because she can't miss to look at you smiling face while you propose to her. 

Always bear it in mind that engaging a lady is a one time thing that you will never do again with her after that day, so you must make sure that you make that proposal to be a very special and surprising one to her, which she might end up shedding tears of joy due to the gravity of the proposal. 

The Best 3ways To Engage A Lady

#1  Make Sure You Are Sure She Is The one

Most times young guys try to propose to a lady whom they might have been in a relationship with, may be for as many years as they think the both of them have known each other, without confirming first that she is the one. Before you propose to a lady, Don't imagine that she is the one even when you might have had several number of s..x with her for several years. 

In order for you to confirm that she is the one, you must have prayed and had several prophesies or even Revelations through your dream world and other word of knowledge and wisdom from people like priests, pastors, Reverends, and other men and women of God who must have have given you the instances of who she is to you.

When you never thought of confirming is she is the one for you, never you think of how to engage a lady, the reason is that you will end up regretting why you proposed to her.

#2  Decide where you will Propose

before you decide on where to propose or engage a lady you love so much, you must make sure it's a place she likes or a place you use to hear her say it's the best place she loves to be when she was a child or even now that she is a grown up. The reason why you should know about this place is because you are a listener. You don't need to ask her where she would like you to propose to her. 

When you are listening guy who gives her woman the kind of attention she needs when she is telling you stories then, from the listening ear you give to her, you will be able to ask her questions she would wanna answer without even know the reason why you ask. The most annoying part of this engagement is especially when you engage a woman in a place she doesn't like saying or hearing of.  For example, it's not all ladies that likes engagement in a bar, and also remember that if your lady likes going to bar, that should be the place you should think of proposing to her. 

In order words, in this out point 2, I want you to learn that you have to propose to a woman in a place she enjoys staying, or talking about, if she is the home type, call your neighbors to give her that surprise engagement especially when she went out and came back from anywhere.

#3  Arrange  A surprise proposal

When you want to arrange a surprise proposal to a woman you are in love with, all you have to do is to make it count, by gathering people who you know are her friends and also your own friend in a party or even in the house telling her you want to have friends meeting in the house or in a party.

Never give her clue of what your plans will be, because most ladies like surprises and they feel loved being surprised. The moment you invite her in such a party ground, make sure you allow her to feel relaxed with you on the party or home ground so that she will not sense anything is about to happen there at the moment.

Make sure you have a camera man to take a shot of how surprise her face looks the moment you kneel to propose to her. Just fro future retrieval. before the proposal make sure that you are very sure she is the one, so that you will not end up having high blood pressure proposing to a lady you love. It's one thing to love, and it's another thing to be loved, and also another permanent to thing to be ion love.

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