Nnewi Now The Number One Industrial Economic Enclave

Finally to all people: Nnewi  is Now The Number One Industrial Economic Enclave. Nnewi has turned from a mere village to a strong industrial economic enclave which is well known all over the world. This is a lesson you must learn from Nnewi Ikechukwu Emeka Onyia says: "We can learn from Nnewi on how to build Industrial clusters without waiting for the government "
Nnewi was a mere village like any other village, but today the Nnewi Economy is worth over N500billion without any Government policy intervention.

Which government created Nnewi Industrial Economic Cluster? The truth is that no government did!

Nnewi people championed their economic repositioning and today, the village has been transformed into an Industrial Economic Post(IEP) that even an enemy can't avoid. Now That it has been made and announced officially that Nnewi Now The Number One Industrial Economic Enclave is Nnewi,


Nnewi Now The Number One Industrial Economic Enclave

Nnewi people did not wait for the Government to initiate this process, they initiated it and no sensitive government from Federal to State that cannot discuss Nnewi Industrial Economy in their plans. Why ? People took responsibility.

The Nnewi Industrial Economic Cluster is the second job generator for Anambra State after Onitsha economic Cluster. 

Imagine if Government and other towns can understudy Nnewi economic magic which was championed by the people of Nnewi and replicate the magic of Nnewi in other towns and villages?

Nnewi today is the most neglected Industrial Hub by successive Federal and State Governments in Nigeria, but the people keep on breaking boundaries.

Nnewi Industrial Cluster is a school that most Governments and Town Unions must go and understudy so that we can replicate Nnewi magic beyond Nnewi.

Policymakers can learn from Nnewi Industrial Economic Decisions that transformed a mere village into an Industrial Economic Hub (IEH) without going to National or State Assembly for parliamentary intervention.

This also tells us that Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah is right when he said and I quote :

"We can actually create a Regional Economic Integration without going to National assembly for parliamentary intervention ".

Nnewi Industrial Economic Cluster was never a product of any Parliamentary intervention or government policy direction. A lesson to learn!

We can learn from Nnewi.

Ikechukwu Emeka Onyia is the SSA to Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah on Media/Publicity. 

A political/economic affairs expert and Seasoned Media consultant.

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