Words You Should Never Say In A Job Interview

When one in invited in a job interview, it's very exciting and overwhelming especially when it comes to a job of your desire, It actually makes you want to say overwhelming things. That is what we have come to bring to your notice that no matter how much you need a particular job, there are several words you should never say In a job interview.

Though it doesn't mean that they are abusive words or insultive words, rather it means that some of these words listed below are not mean't to be uttered in a job interview so as for you not to lose that perticulr job right there on the interview ground!

Take note, of these commonly used words, which we actually use while we are on a normal discussion with our colleagues even our beloved ones at home or outside the world. Before we drop the Words You Should Never Say In A Job Interview, I want to let you know that a job interview is a gain or lose thing.

When you comport yourself in a well mannered way, by having self confidence in yourself first! Knowing fully well that you can make it in that particular job interview you are going for, then irrespective of the amount of pressure that comes around, You will actually overcome them, not in pride but in full boldness.

Words You Should Never Say In A Job Interview

  • No:    Don't ever use the word "no" in an interview especially when you are asked a question you have no idea about it. Never you conclude that you know nothing about it, rather make an attempt on answering that particular question whether it is right or wrong! All you must stand on your foot doing is to make sure you never let any question unanswered!

  • Stcheew: Many people have lost a particular job because they sighed during a particular job interview, especially the especially the people that thinks that they know the person interviewing them. For the fact that you know that individual or the owner of the company is not a warranty that the job will be given to you. Therefore if you must get that job, you try as much as possible to never hiss or sigh at any word for any reason irrespective of how jokingly the interview is.

  • Whatever: While you are in a job interview and your interviewer ever said something tat is not funny or anything that is really unbearable to you, never you think of using that word "whatever" the reason is that many people have lost their job because of what they through their mouth, not even because they failed the interview rather it's simply because of the statements they used on their interviewer.  You should always be ready for insults and abusive words while going on a particular job interview and always bear in mind never to oppose your interviewer.

  • Stuff: While trying to identify a particular thing, never use this word called "stuff" in a job interview because stuff is used to express indifference towards or rejection of (something). The moment you use that word, it simply implies to your supervisor or the interviewer that you are one of those that rejects things easily without thinking deeply or acting towards those things to know or visualize how it happens!

  • Fired: in a job interview, you should always learn to use the word resign rather than using fired! even though you were fired from your formal working place for any reason, you are not to tell your new job interviewer that you were fired, the reason is that no matter how much you try to make them believe that you were innocent of the reasons why you were fired they will actually not believe a full details about the story! The best thing to do is to make them believe that you resigned due to some reasons like, distance, pressure at work and other inconveniences too.

  • Addicted: No matter how much you are addicted to doing something right for the sake of the company you worked with and the company you are about to apply for, using that word addicted already make you look like a child in the midst of the audience because no one needs a baby in his/her company. Every company or institution needs someone who has widely grown in mindset and in things of the world. Therefore, you must be careful never to use that word addicted to anything.

  • Um...: The most challenging aspect of this word is that you don't even know how much you use it on all your words even when you record your talks on camera using your smart phone, you will realize that the um.. you use is really much more that the real words you say, which is actually one of the best way to reduce the rate at which you say that word! If you are addicted to using um.. in any of your statement and you are preparing for a job interview, all you have to do is to involve you siblings or friends around you to help you by telling them you will give them a gift if anyone bears you say that word! 

ADVICE: In every job interview, Words You Should Never Say In A Job Interview is simply the words you know that when you find yourself in the position of the same person interviewing there, you will not accept those words from anybody, irrespective of whom the person is! Therefore, always note that while going on any job interview, Dress corporately so that you will be fully welcomed

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