Things You Should Never Say to The Woman You Love

Guys are really making things hard for them unknowingly without knowing what the result may bring up later in the nearest future, most of them think that its the best thing to do or the best way to go. Every woman desires a man who will not make her feel good and always make her feel more relaxed than she has ever been. Most women are really babies and they always feel like babies around their loved ones, though she might be strong in the sight of other men, whenever it comes to the people they love, they will make their man see them as the babies of their heart, which is why every woman has some words that they want to hear from their loved ones especially the ones that they have affection for.
Things You Should Never Say to The Woman You Love
Today, We want to know the most important reason why most men say some words which their women don't like to hear, and also we will tell you should never say to the woman you love. As long as you love her, you must be willing to learn some words to tell your woman that will never make her feel rejected by you.

Some words/Things You Should Never Say to The Woman You Love

Some of this words are the words that will lead you to never enjoy your relationship or marriage, though, to you, it means nothing, to her, it means more than a word and it hurts so bad, especially when you say those words to her without knowing how bad he feels about the word. And you don't show any remorse for the words you say to her, most times you might have made them a habit saying those words to her.  The woman you love should be a very special gift and diamond that you should protect and make her feel the way you always want to feel whenever you are around her because one good turns they say, deserves another.

#1  This Is What I Hate About You

When you hate anything about your woman, don't always say it repeatedly to her because it really hurts, when you say it when she is expecting something better than that from you. Sometimes, she might not know that you hate to see her do that but because you are used to those words to her, she will continually keep doing it, just make you feel the way you always make her feel, which will lead to quarrels between the both of you.

So the best way to handle the matter is, If you hate anything about her, call her close to you in the room and tell her how you feel about that act of hers, and then she will take corrections and if she fails to make corrections then you should devise a way to talk to her gently in a mannered way and a gentle way too. Don't ever make it be so embarrassing or so sarcastic.

#2  You Eat Too Much

Although, most men are the ones that eat much more than their women, yet they will still come back and put the whole words of eating to the woman. it's very annoying and makes a woman lose appetite on the food she might have wanted to eat but because of such words from the man who was supposed to encourage her to eat, she will not eat that food again, and of a truth, It really hurts.

Things You Should Never Say to The Woman You Love: For some women, when such words come to them, it made them think back on how they might have stressed themselves in cooking or preparing that food, now it's time for her to eat, Instead of the man to encourage her in the eating of the food, he is the one telling her that she eats too much, even when she has not eaten half of the food at all.

Although, some will take is a joke, but it's really not advisable to the hearing of a woman to hear that from her man. If it was heard from the ears of someone she doesn't love, she can endure it and let it pass away easily, as long as it's the man that loves her that the word came from, it's really not easy, and it's really not advisable to said to the woman you love, if you truly love her.

#3  When Is Your Birthday?

EVery woman expects his man to have the date of their birthday offhand without asking them again, some men will say they have lots of things to think of, and that thing they might have to think is simply their business and some other family or work issues, they never remember that they should include the date of their loved one of the things they should think of.

When a woman always see that her man is the one that reminds her that her birthday is next week Wednesday or any day it should be, it makes a woman feel so special and always loved by his man, and it makes her proud of her man too, and also makes her less suspective of the man.

The annoying part of it is that some men will bear the date of their external girlfriends outside the home and they will even store the dates on the phone calendar, and as well add it to their reminders, but when it comes to that of the woman they're in love with, they mess it up by saying that they have a lot of things to think of. It's very wrong and can break up a grown relationship.

#4  Bitch

The B word is like the N-word: Unless you’ve been appropriately oppressed, you don’t get to use it. You might be able to pull off an ironic Snoop Dogg-style “beeeyatch,” so long as you’re smiling as you say it. But to say “b*tch” with any kind of intent is to pull the pin out of a grenade. When you call her all manner of names, you change her to some extent you never imagined those name might have been the reason why she behaves that way.

#4  You sound Just Like Your Mom

Stop comparing her to her mother. Or her sister, for that matter. You don’t know those people like she does, and you don’t know the full complexity of their relationships. And anyway, everyone wants an independent identity, separate and distinct from their family members. And if at all you do, never forget that you don't know all like she does. These are people she has lived with throughout her lifetime, and when you give her such comparison, it triggers her heart to shame or failure, If at all her people you compare her to are as well failure to their destiny which you never can tell yet. So You just need to be careful while using that word towards her.

#5  You Are SMelling

OMG! Most guys like telling their woman that they're smelling but they hate to hear that from anybody towards them, so you just need to stop making use of that stinking word for her, some will say to their woman, "you stink". It's very wrong you use that word that way towards her, you just need to pet her and call her by pet names, asking her gently if she has taken her shower for the day?

The reason is that since you left the house, you don't know the number of house chores she has been doing in the house just to make the house look tidy and comfortable for you, when you come home, now on your arrival after all the preparations she has made for you with all her hear, all you could tell her is that "she stinks".

Take a break and have a second thought on that word and see if you are the man that have done all those chores and she came only to tell you that you have a body odor, I believe you will end up beating her if you are the type that beats a woman. or you might end up not eating the food she prepared for you throughout that week. So men are to be very careful, women are like golds that need to be taken care of!

#6  Is this Your Time of Monthly Cycle?

Even if it is, you’re not to mention it. Your role is to pretend that her menstrual cycle has no effect on her tendency to shriek and stamp and then burst into tears for no reason whatsoever. You are all she needs at that moment when she is on her flow, most men don't know how painful it means to lose blood every month, without any wound, yet you are losing blood. There are some foods she is supposed to eat during her MENSTRUAL CYCLE, see them here

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It all takes a matured mind to understand the mystery behind it, all you need to do for her at that moment is to be there for her no matter what it will take,. Always remember to ask her what she wants to eat during that time because that moment comes and goes, some ladies will spend at least 4-5 days on their menstrual flow, while some just last 7 days it all depends on your cycle.

Men are advised to be therefore their women during their menstrual cycle of the woman they love, they should try as much as possible to be there for her, though some men will say that their woman is very strong, that she doesn't need them around, the fact still remains, you are the only one to make feel stronger than she claims to be. In this matter, you must occupy the high ground and show pity. Indulge her delusion that she is not in fact deranged by hormones and that she’s making a valid point. The moment will pass.

#7  My Ex Used To...

When a man frequently compares his present relationship to his past it very sure that he misses the ex, and all these are just mere thoughts that he would have kept to himself without saying it out to her, there are inside thoughts and outside thoughts. If you most things you want her to be doing which your ex-used to do or say, all you need to do is to tell her and make her be the way you want her to be for you, as long as you love her.

That is why a man is meant to teach his woman whatever she doesn't know, especially when the man is more explored than the woman, you just been to bring her close and teach her all those things you want to be hearing from her mouth, if they're s..xy words, you just need to make her say it, jokingly, she will learn it, and it will become part of her just the way you ex used to.

#8  This food Doesn't Taste Good

Every woman likes to be the best cook for his husband, and also be the reason why her man always brings his friends home to eat in his own house because the woman is a good cook. It makes her feel better. Rather than When a man wants always complain that the food the woman cooks is not good, it doesn't have a good taste so to say, all you need to do is to teach her how to cook.

If you really want her to give you a perfect kitchen delicacy, and you noticed that you can cook more than her, you just need to bring her close to kitchen and ask her to help you cook, that you are the one handling the kitchen that day. It's very simple and it makes things easier for the woman as well and for the both of you as a partner. When a man loves the woman, he should be willing to do every right doable for her, as long as he's in love with the woman, that is why love conquers everything, even in the food then both of you eat. 

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