Some Back To School Music - (Songs)

So many Back To School Music we remember after the lives we lived when  we were young, we feel like returning back to our past years again, the reason is not because we are not happy with the situation on ground but rather we are only seeing so many differences to compare to the things we use to see when we were young. We as well experience so many things we cannot be able to do anymore, but when we were young we could do them within a twinkle of an eye. That is we have listed below some of the back to school music.
Back To School Music
Wow, the world is very rotational, and so many people don't know that there is nothing new in this life rather all we have nothing less than an upgrade. when you bow down your eyes you will understand that anything you see today, whether new or old have been in existence during the time of our forefathers, and now it feels like they are new things, hail NO, they are not!.

Do you some of our back to school musics and poems we do sing during our own time, was exactly the same song our parents sang during their own time too, instead, the new teachers of today's model, will rather remove some things like some wordings from the song and add, some other melodious wordings to make it sweeter and reign in that time it came out.

22 Songs For a Triumphant Return to School- Back To School Music

* ABC authored by The Jackson 5

* Another Brick in the wall part2 authored by Pink Floyd

* Class Clown authored by The Wascals

* First Day Of School authored by The Soulja Boy

* Feeling Good authored by Michael Buble

* Hot For Teacher-2015 Remastered Version authored by Van Halen

* Kids authored by MGMT

* Lip Gloss authored by Lil Mama

* Lessons Learned authored by Matt & Kim

* New Beginning authored by Tracy Chapman

* Ready To Start authored by Arcade Fire

* Rock 'N' Roll High School - Remastered authored by Ramones

* School Remastered authored by Nirvana

* Schoolin' Life authored by Beyonce

* School Spirit authored by Kanye West

* School Day (Ring Ring Goes The Bell) authored by Chuck Berry

* School Daze authored by W.A.S.P

* Start Of Something New authored by Troy, Gabrielle Montez

* Teacher authored by Jethro Tull

* We are Young (feat. Janelle Monae) authored by Fun, Janelle Monae

* Work authored by Iggy Azalea

* We Rule The School authored by Belle & Sebastian

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