How to Make Money Using Your Facebook Account

We need to know how to start making money through our social media,  so many people today are just using social media as a place of fun and meeting new people, without knowing the secrets behind Facebook business that gives more money than fun. We are writing this article today to help to reduce the fun people are just seeing on Facebook, not knowing there are other things beyond Facebook chatting and Facebook fun making. It's high time you see the clock ticking and talking to you right now to Make Money Using Your Facebook Account.
How to Make Money Using Your Facebook Account
When there are no longer people interested in the fun making on Facebook,  the rate of poverty in the world will reduce. Although some people do not understand what it means to make more money than they have been making in real life, now it's time to make it Online. Even using your normal Facebook Account. 

Facebook platform is a place of business, and also a  home for people who are wise and also for people who chose to be.  

Some people are wondering how possible it is for them to make money through their Facebook account. Well,  we need to brush your mentality today,  and to you how possible it is, and it will be for you,  in a hundred percent assurance. 


* Have At least 4000 to 5000 Friends on Facebook

No need to ask me how you can meet such number of people on Facebook because it is fully the number step to take if you want to start making money on your facebook today. 

You must always have something in mind: People are money, in order to make money in any online business, you must have customers online first. When there are a huge number of people on your friend's list, especially people that are around your business area. 

You might be wondering how you will meet the people around you on Facebook, to the extent the will be up to the number required above. There are several ways to meet people around you on Facebook, the procedure is very simple,  you just need to be determined to do it. 

All you need to do is to do is add a friend around you,  then through that your friend you added,  go down to his/her profile,  and you will see his friends too,  they might be people you know as well,  you will keep adding friends of friends and mutual friends of friends on facebook. 

Just within the range and space of 2weeks or even lesser,  you will be able to have more than the number of friends required. 

* Have A Nice Profile Picture 

You might be asking what profit picture have to do on your money you want to start making on Facebook. Well,  let me tell you today,  Your Facebook profile picture matters a lot,  if you don't have a nice smartphone,  you just have to make is smarter. 

Visit any studio around you,  take a nice shot with a nice * outfit *  When you are thinking of the outfits to put on,  in order to draw more customers online,  I will advise you snap with a  SUIT

Or if you don't have a suit,  you need to get a cloth related to the kind of business you do physically and put it on while trying to snap the picture.  After you took the shot at a studio,  Be precise with Glen to send you the soft copy of your pictures. 

Demanding for Hard copy is a nice idea,  but make sure they sent you the soft copy,  in order for you to use it as your facebook profile picture. Please take note of that. It's very important and it needs to be done. 

When your profile picture is attractive, you will have more audience to your Facebook account.

* Create a facebook page 

Having a Facebook page is also another way of having more customers. When your Facebook page is related to your business you are doing,  it's a great way of making superior money through your Facebook page. 

Now, inside that your page,  what will you be discussing there? I must tell you on time before its too late. Don't use it as a place of joke or home for comedy, or even a place where you place funny pictures. 

No,  it's wrong,  if you want to have a page for fun,  you can equally create another page just for fun, but when it comes to business,  you need to make it strictly for business posts. 

When you have created a page,  for your business,  make sure you as well go to any studio around you and take a shot of the kind of business you do. Post it on Facebook page and demand for buyers at affordable prices.

Make sure you make it a place for entertaining people's questions related to your business Only.

* Have An Attractive Business English Name

When your business name is an English name, It gives access to everyone online to be able to pronounce and dictate the name as well. 

That doesn't mean that every other name is not preferred, they are of course, but you must have to see how generic an English name will boost you more and also boost your business as well. 

* Create Awareness Of Your Kind Of Business On Your Facebook Wall

When you are a businessman and you are hiding your business from people to know what you are doing, then it simply means you are not proud of what you do. I believe that when a man is proud of himself, you are expected to be honest, open and more precise in the kind of business you do.

Reduce the rate at which you post unimportant things in your facebook wall, and increase the rate at which how cheaper or more expensive the goods in your shops are. No need to be afraid or feeling inferior of telling people about your business, make your business your pride and see how you grow as fast as you can using your Facebook account.

* Reduce The Rate Of Fun Chats

When there are so many people whom you chat every day, don't expect to make money because your chats with them is only for nothing but pleasure and as time goes on, you were not able to fulfill that task or assignment which you have started wrongly with that person, you might end up losing a customer only in the name of fun.

There is time for everything, don't use the time for business discussions for fun time, when a pretty girl you met on Facebook is interested to do business with you, and peradventure you happen to be a man, and you are now attracted to the woman, all you need to do is to control yourself first. DO your business with her, and then, after business, pleasure or appeasement begins.

* Always Post your Work/Business Informations Online, especially on your page

No need of trying to think of what to post, you can wake up in the morning and when you are in your office, just take a snap of ew things that are really trending, which is related to your business, and also make sure you are always there to provide your audience with original posts. 

* You Must Be Online always

You can't have a facebook page which there are up to, 5000 members cueing up with questions online, on how your business will benefit them, and then you are not always online, they will either see you as a non-serious person or they will end up leaving the page, without getting what they want. You are the one losing, not them.

* Maintiain To Post Real And Original Goods

Wen your posts are always original and real, you will have so many testifiers in your wall, which leads to accumulation of more thanone or two buyers from facebook, and as time goes on, you will keep having more and more audience, which takes you to a higher level in business and productions in life.

NB: Originality matters a lot in any business you are doing, even if it is a sachet water business. You must make originality you number one.

* Be Approachable

When you are approachable to your audience online, they will even be the one to tell people how good you are. The betterness and fatsness of your business is when you approach people politely.

Even when you have had much audience, you must alwyas remember that your customaers are alwsy right. They can never believe that you don't know that a good is fake and you sold it to them.

Therefore in order to keep your company or business booming online in facebook, you must be an approachable fellow.

* Be Appreciative

No matter the number of goioda a cuatomer bought from you, don't ever forget to appreciate them, the reason is that everyone in life neds someone to appreciate them for what they did.

You must remmeber that it's not easy for someone to leave a far distance and even leave omeone thta he/she knows tht might be selling the same product you do sell just to try your goods, then at the end, you didn't appreciate that.

Learn to be appreciative form today, incase you have neve being.

* Finally, Drop Your Contact on Every Post, both in your Wall and In Your Page

Your contact matters most in all this ways to make money on Facebook, when you have posted many things and there is no contact, people can copy your posts and add their contacts and convert the post to be theirs. Therefore, you must be very careful.

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