You Are What You Dress

Many times in life we do things without knowing that they're wrong. although the deep inside of us we all know the truth, we will be waiting for who will come and tell us the truth, which is the wrong thing to do. Severally, when we see our young men and young ladies with the attire they put on these days, it's very discouraging what their parents are really saying about how they dress. Today, we are emphasizing more on the way our young children dress. And also we want to alert the parents of our youths to please look into the dressing of their children.
People Addresses You The Way You Dress
Most times, it's not about how attractive you look, it's about how good people speak of your dressing code. Every young man or young lady is expected to be a role model to the up-coming teenagers. When we look around the world today, we will see that even the teenagers dress well to compare to the way the youths dress.

To them, they feel bad when they see themselves dress like the children that are responsible, without knowing that it's the best way of living.

I have a little story to tell you reading this post today before I continue: A young man of about 23-27years old was looking for a job after he graduated from the university, he was invited to a seminar by a friend of his.

On arriving at the seminar ground he met several young men like him, who were really looking good dressed and responsible, but all he was wearing was only a Long singlet and short Jean with snickers on his legs. 

The moment he entered people were looking at him, but he didn't understand the reason why he drew such attention of people towards himself and right inside of him he was thinking that he was very handsome.

Of course, he is a handsome looking man, and he was smiling inside of him. After the seminar, there was an opportunity for graduates in the seminar ground to move forward the occasion frontage for addressing.

He was the last person to move forward, the reason is that he likes attracting people's attention towards himself. While he was moving forward, he looked up and was filled with boldness, and shame also, because he noticed that every graduate at the seminar ground was well dressed, and mostly corporately dressed.

He gathered morale, and said, after all, it's everybody that likes wearing long shirts and plain trousers. Ye, he was right, but he wouldn't have worn short and singlet, on such a big occasion. When they were being addressed at the stage, questions were thrown to them, which he was among the first three chosen to give a job worth of half a million every month.

When the Chairman of the occasion arrived to select the three with their credentials to the higher authority who demands such intelligent personnel, he was disqualified among other two because of his dressing.

He wept bitterly asking for another opportunity for him to go home and re-dress, he was granted such opportunity. Then he pleaded and pleaded and pleaded, but all to no avail, then the fourth person among the first chosen three was picked to replace him because she was well dressed. Although she wasn't among the first people listed.

That is why we are advising everybody today, both male and female, including our dear parents who as well dress in a way that their children are walking according to their footsteps. Everyone needs to learn the best way of dressing because you are what you dress, and people address you the way you dress.

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  1. Thanks for this article. Though according to religious norms, they is an aphorism that says, "the inner man matters most." But with this I have learn that outward appearance as important as inner mind . thanks for this

  2. Outward appearance matters the same way the inner mind matters too. Therefore, one thing about life is, if you are hot, be fully hot, if you are cold, be fully cold.