Who You Serve Determines Where You Are Going In Life

Who You Serve Determines Where You Are Going In Life. Service is simply a way of learning how to run your future tomorrow. When you serve the right Master,  your future will be right in the track of positivity.  Determination they say, is Success,  especially when you know where you are going. 
Who You Serve Determines Where You Are Going In Life
Everyone today simply believes that before you become a master,  you must be a servant it doesn't matter how many months or years you served,  what matters is whom you served. 

Serving God is one of the best benefits to your future,  the reasons are many because,  when you're serving God,  you will be exactly like Him. 

When a man is seen doing some things right,  people are interested to know who's father or mother is.  The reason is that the man is responsible for the outside world. 

Though there might be several ways he might not be doing correct but for the sake of the calculation of more right doings and records about H,  nobody is interested to know the other wrong ways he is not getting well. 

When the person you are serving today is one who is only interested in seeing the downfall of others,  you will automatically become the same way your master is, because you're following his footsteps. 

Unless you have decided on your own to take the right steps after your services to him, but no matter how much you try to follow the right steps, for the fact that you were not guided on that way,  you will sometimes fall in the ways of negativity.

Maybe by the grace of God, you will be strong on your positive decision if you have met with the right Source of the Most Highly Exalted God. 

Most times in life,  we are advising parents of nowadays to be careful and mindful of whom they send their children to,  all in the name of Home training, while some complaint of poverty. 

When you are the one that trained your Child from childhood till adolescent age,  there is always a difference in the life of that child to compare to a child that was sent out to another external body or personnel to train. 

The difference always speaks in the lives of those children. It takes only grace to see a child trained outside the home to behave well responsible. 

It also includes the Master who trained that child. The reason is that there are still some good people, good and responsible Masters outside there,  the question is: How do you know the Good Ones? 

The act of stewardship is notably practicing when the steward knows the right thing to do and not just knowing it,  it's all about knowing it and putting it into practice. 

The weight of negativity and crimes against humanity in Life today is becoming uncontrollable, although we all still believe that there are still some good and positive thoughts and prayers of people On. 

Finally,  we want to use this little opportunity to let everyone in the whole world know that,  if you want to be great in life serve the great God. Make your choice in the kind of life you wanna leave. 

Don't let anyone decide what you want for you.  Always remember that all that glitters is not gold. When there is a master to Serve there is a step to follow.

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  1. This is the greatest and best motivation so far. Who you serve determine where you are going is related to an axiom that says show me your friends, I will predict your future. Thanks for this dear.