The Best Way to Chose a Marriage Partner

Many Men and women today are really making so many mistakes in life all about seeking for a way to Chose a Marriage Partner. At a point they will end up marrying whom they're emotionally carried away with, which has caused so much broken homes today. While some guys are already dying untimely, and also some women are been driven away as a reason for madness due to the stress they can't control. In order to Chose a Marriage Partner, you have to be engaged in the things of the Word of God.
Chose a Marriage Partner
Although no one is perfect in life the best thing to do today is to discover a great way to make things happen. Especially when they're still single. Moreover, In the sense that you are both in love with each other doesn't mean that God has spoken.

Today I want to break that barrier of making so many homes folds, which affects the lives of those children in future. Also, so many children are being frustrated because of what their parents did. So, I want everyone reading this post today to give this post a full focus and be determined to make his/her own forthcoming home the best of all in existence.

How To Make The Right Choice Of A Man/Woman You Want To Marry (Chose a Marriage Partner)

#1  Pray Before Entering Into any Relationship

A lot of souls are losing their right target in life because they're being carried away due to beauty at first sight. If you will want to be among those records on a way to Chose a Marriage Partner, you will simply know that the moment you focus on heavenly relationship you will make it. While some are been carried away with the money that the young lady or the man has at the first time

This is called nothing but the lust of flesh, and love of money. Although some will always deny it that they're not lusting for each other, the truth is hidden inside of them.

Today, every man/ woman who meets themselves for the first time, and maybe they think that they both match together, the best thing to do is to take each other's contact and then go home and pray and wait for confirmation before they continue on with anything at all.

#2  Don't Start A Calling You won't Continue

So many guys are already making this mistake especially when they meet a girl for the first time, they will keep calling her, almost every minutes and seconds off the day just to please them, at the end when they have pleased the lady, they will stop their calling. 

It's very imperfect and very discouraging especially when the young lady has given her heart to you and you end up making her feel like she doesn't worth anything to you anymore.

Although, some will say that it doesn't matter whether you call her anymore, but the truth is that it matters so much because you have started it already. The best thing to do is never start a calling you won't continue.

If you meet a girl or a guy for the first time, and you have interest in him/her, all you need to do is to figure out a way to do the calling. Call him/her in a matured way, not just in a childish manner.

Always never permit the calls you get from each other to make you lose your job because if you lose your job or anything you do to earn living, you will automatically lose that guy/lady instantly. Be Ware!!!

#3  Try To Learn And Know His/Her Temperament First

When a man knows the temperament of the woman he is in love with, then he can be able to withstand any kind of action or behaviour she puts on.

Every woman is as well expected to know his temperament before thinking of marriage. When he proposes to you the first day he met you and you accept his proposal without knowing anything about him, you will be amazed and disappointed in what you will see when the marriage begins.

Therefore, in order for you not to get that disappointment, all you need to do is to calm yourself down emotionally and know how to kick the relationship on time before you make a great mistake in life.

#4  Seek For Prayers From Spiritualists

There are several spiritualists who are God sent, so many of them that knows the secret of marriage, whom their marriages have lasted forever in good reputation. You have to seek for their attention, and you see the guidelines on how to make your marriage work out for you.

There are several men and women of God that Are very popular which their churches have impacted mainly in the marriages of lots of couples in the world today. You can contact Bishop David Oyedepo via the church private address for marriage counsel on

You can also contact A great Woman of God Evang. Dr Ebere Michaels Enekwizu for a glorious marriage life whom her own children and marriage have something to write home about. Contact her on her personal line on (+234)8181540773 or visit the ministry  Christian Believers' Ministry a.k.a Restoration Faith Mountain Uru Umudim Nnewi. And also Call (+234)8170520575 for directions.

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  1. These ways are so amazing. I've tried these things before, when my husband was still my boyfriend!

  2. This is a very interesting read! I am sure this method works well for some people.

  3. These are all great tips! I think taking it slow and getting to know one another before is a huge part!


  4. I really agree with you on the part about temper (both ways, finding out how a man you like or how a girl you like works through/behaves during anger/temper is important!
    I don't stand for games when it comes to emotions, if I think they're playing games/ acting childish I'll let them know nicely and if it persists I drop the Mic and walk away ; )

  5. Great post! I prayed for the right guy to come my way right before I met my now fiance. I think trusting God's timing is important too. :-)

  6. You Are Welcome Sarah, I Pray It Will Work Out for The Both Of You

  7. Eloise You Just have a great point. Keep it up With That

  8. April, I want You To Always Remember that Slow And steady wins the race

  9. Yea Marathon It works for some people, and is still working Out for some other people too.

  10. Wow! Journa I'm glad to hear that from you. I believe your marriage must be a remarkable one!

  11. While I do agree that learning the temperament of your potential significant other is really important, I feel like you have left many important aspects of finding the right person to marry. Interesting post, though. I don't agree with it, but nevertheless it is interesting.

  12. You aren't more specific in illustrating the part where you don't agree with. please be more specific Jakub!