Reduce Your Rate Of Make-up and See How Naturally Beautiful You Look

We never said that it's bad to make up, but we all know today in life that too much of everything is too bad. There are some people that cannot sleep without make-up on their faces, and they never knew the effects of those chemicals on their faces. Making up before going to bed, never adds any beauty to your face when you wake up, rather it shrinks your face and makes it look older than your age. You will never know until you read this post to the end.
Reduce  Your Rate Of Make-up and See How Naturally Beautiful You Look
There are several make-ups for fair ladies, and there is also a kind of make-up that fits ladies that wears glasses.  No matter how ugly you think your face looks, there is always a pretty part of you. many people have already given their faces to make-up to the extent they can't go anywhere no matter how close that place is without trying to make-up.

That is why we say that too much of everything is too bad. Every woman created by God is created with an epitome of beauty filled in her, although some fill so intimidated because they're not as pretty as they desire in their heart.

It doesn't matter, what matters most is that there is an atom of beauty in you. When you reduce the rate at which your makeup every day that is when you will see how pretty you look without makeup.

When we look around the world we dwell in it today we will see that even guys are already starting making up, without even thinking about what it's effect might be in them.

So many pretty looking ladies, who even look more pretty without make-up are bust wasting their time in make-up.Reduce all those rates of the application of any artificial on your pretty damn looking faces, and admire yourself and then you will figure out how you look at yourself.

I have discovered that the make-up artists like to design others and make them look good, and attractive on makeups, but when you look at their own faces, most of them don't apply all those applications. 

Have you ever asked yourself WHY? I guess you haven't. Now, let me give you an assignment to do for me, go to any of those makeup artists that you know and ask them the reason why he/she isn't used to making up herself? They will always have something to say.

Some will tell you that the time they have is just for making others look good. the truth can never come out of them because they don't wanna lose their customers. Wake up! make yourself what you want to look like, don't someone else direct you in a way you wouldn't wanna go.

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