Reasons Why A Woman Should Be Independent

Every woman is created to be independent, but many women have made men their dependency in life and they have lost the spirit of independent in them, which has made them lose their respect in several homes. When a woman is independent she has her own respect as the owner of her business or a worker she might be. It's all the decision of the woman to make, if at she wants to be independent. Some has made up their mind that they have no other thing to do in life rather than getting married and bearing children.
Reasons Why A  Woman Should Be Independent
It's not wrong to marry and bear children, but when a woman is married without something capable at hand that she does, it's just a moment she sees that she has joined the group of housewives. 

And when she is a housewife, she will only be in the house to be a washing machine in the house, cleaning the whole compound, making sure everywhere is looking good, and at the end of the day, the man will come back and yo serve him any food he demands.

At a point, if you don't do it the way he desires, he will end up saying a word that hurts you more even more than the work you have been doing since the day began. 

Today, I am standing the gap for every lady who calls themselves housewives and some other young ladies who are still thinking of how to make themselves housewives in their husband's house.

This is the time for you to wake and stand on your feet so that your respect will remain there for you as a woman, especially respect from your husband and your children. Don't always forget that even the villagers will respect you too.

Now Let ebimnageniusland narrate some reasons why you Should Be Independent as a Woman. 

* You Will be a Leader In Your Home

Every woman is born to be a leader of the husband, but when you are fully dependent on that man, you will lose your leadership privilege. Every child is seeing her mom as a genius and if you don't prove that to your child, the child is seeing you as a failure. 

Therefore if as a woman you that you want to prove your leadership to your family as a whole, all you need to do is stand up and stand on your feet. Find something to do no matter how small. For a woman to be a leader there are several actions that need to be taken by her. see them here

* You Will Have Your Full Respect At Your Home
When the burden is less in a man, he will at least for some time listens to you when you have an idea on any issue that raises around the home. You will as well be in good mood as you desire. See how to make yourself be in a good mood.

There will be full respect for you. At least when there is something to provide in the home, and peradventure it was urgent and your husband isn't close or around the home, you will be able to solve the problem if you are independent of your husband.

* You Will Have A Full Say In Your House

When a woman is independent whether single or married, she has a full day in her life and the life of anyone around her, but when your people are the ones feeding you, they will always be the one to tell you what to do and what to say, which will end up making you being demoralized in life. 

As a woman you should be independent, so as for you to boost yourself in the midst of your mates. Although boosting is not the major aim of being independent but sometimes as a human, you will have to boost when the need arrives.

* You Can Eat What Your Body Needs

Taking what your body wants is one of the main reasons why a woman should be independent. when you wanna take any edible and you are consulting your brothers or husband to provide them for you, they will actually provide them for you. 

After some time, the next time you demand them, you will have to get them through a word of insult that might be unbearable for you, and it will take you to the realm of getting out of the house to seek for a job to do.

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