Parents Should Stop Sending Children At the Age Of 6-14 To An ErrandWithout A Company

parents are risking the lives of their children thinking that they're doing the right thing, without knowing that they're making those children a threat to some evil eyes on the street.A lot of things are happening in the world today, and when we don't open our eyes on time to see them happening, we will end up not liking the situations through which that will result to.
Parents Should Stop Sending Children At the Age Of 6-14 To An Errand Without A Company
There are so many reasons why parents should stop sending those children to an errand alone because as young as they are, that is exactly when they're becoming very pretty and more attractive to the eyes of the youths.

That is more reasons why they can't control themselves when they see the beauty in those children, while most of them will not want those children to have a greater future in order for them to become something great in future.

All they'll do is to try to risk the lives of those children by taking away the greatest thing in them that will make them what they will become in future, which is also their pride as little children.

This warning is strictly for young girls of the above-mentioned age. if at all you will send your kids on an errand, let it be the male ones, or send them to someone older than them.

Or better still go to the errand by yourself and save the future of these pretty and God-fearing children.

many men you see today, especially the old men, of the age of 45 and above are raping little girls of the above-mentioned age, either by trying to confuse them with something edible which they knew that they can never say no to.

if at all it is very urgent that your kid at that age description needs to go out on an errand for you as a parent or guardian, make sure you instruct that child to never answer anyone who calls them for any reason.

In order words, you have to open up to the child and tell her what the world is filled with, at least to keep her alert primarily on that aspect too. It's very important. Although some parents say that their children are up to the age of helping them do some little work they do.

Yes, I am not opposing your reasons, but always make sure you give that child time to return back home if that time exhausts and you didn't see your child. Call her on phone, or go out to search for her, whether the destination is close or not.

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  1. Thanks for this write-up. I have learn the negative effect of sending under aged children to errand. This for this, keep it up

  2. You are always welcome steve, Our children are our future, therefore, we have to protect them