Happy Easter Text Messages

Sending text messages to our beloved one this Easter period is just as a remembrance to them that you still remember them at the period of the celebration of the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ who is the savior of the whole world.therefore, if you must follow our guidelines to drop Easter text messages to your friends, loved ones, family, relatives, work colleagues and many much more special people to you. You must always remind them at the end of the text that the savior has risen again. always say to them! Happy Easter.
Happy Easter Text  Messages

Easter Text  Messages

* The Lord has risen today is a great and wonderful record for the Christians, let's join hands and voices together to say happy Easter to you.

* Easter is a time of holiness not a time of carnality, you must have to be in the spirit to know when the saviour of the world locates you soonest. happy easter.

* I have already wondered how this Easter break will be for me, without you by my side, until I got a text from you that you are back. This eater will be the most enjoyable one I have ever experienced in my life. Happy Easter my dearie.

* All I need is a moment for you, just to see your face again and say a happy Easter to you even if it's just for 5 minutes. happy Easter my honey.

* Last year Easter you made me proud of you, and this year I expect nothing from you more surprises because you are full of surprises.

* At last, when I thought that there is no hope, that was when you came into my life and made me believe that there is hope once there is life. Since the time I met you, I have never regretted anything in my life. Happy Easter my beloved.

* Easter is here again, I am filled with laughter in my mouth and peace within my heart because I believe the resurrection of Jesus Christ which has brought many goodies to my personal life and my family.

* I have tried all I could to make you happy, And also be the reason why you are always happy, but at the I see that all I did is not enough, so all I can do now is just to keep trying because I think that my best is not yet enough. Happy Easter.

* I was rich when I met with you the last year during Easter period, and this year through you, I am richer. You are a good luck to my destiny. Thanks for coming into my life. happy Easter.

* On Easter Sunday is my birthday, I just want you to make it a day I'll never forget in my life, and I know you can do it. Happy Easter.

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