Guys That Discuss Ladies Are Jobless- True/False?

Many guys today have left their responsibilities a man should bear on their shoulder for the ladies and women. In the end, they'll end up discussing ladies wherever they find themselves. The reason is that they don't have something tangible which they do. The reason why ladies are being discussed among men is that some ladies find it so difficult to do the right thing which they're are supposed to do.
Guys That Discuss Ladies Are Jobless- True/False?
When guys who are really serious with life and business, are busy running ups and downs in life seeking for who will buy the goods they're selling in their various business offices, when will they have time to be discussing ladies in a park.

When you see guys that have up-to 2hours free time and they use it to be discussing ladies who are busy fetching for their future, look around that kind of guys, they don't have anything doing. if at all they have something doing, check their lifestyle, they live the same lifestyles with the same ladies they discuss.

The reason why a man is created to be a man is for him to be the head and not letting the woman be the head of a family. Women today, don't even have time for those kinds and sorts of discussions because no matter how small the little money they make in their various offices are, they still know how to manage it with their homes.

Every woman is created for a purpose, and a man also is created for a purpose. That is why everyone reading this post today, whether you are a man or a woman, we are advising you to use your time to think about ideas.

Those times you use in discussing innocent ladies, use those times to think about ideas, and you will see your self not having time for pleasurable discussions that doesn' add any benefits to your pause. Every lady who castigates men should better remember that she will one day begot a son and also that child will one day grow and continue from where you stopped in those negative words and speeches you have been pronouncing.

Men should be careful, Stop discussing ladies, and start discussing ideas that will make you richer and higher than you already are.  

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