Defend Yourself Publicly-Don't let your personality Be Intimidated!!!

Self-defense matters much in the life of everyone in existence all over the world. When you are able to defend yourself in the midst of people, without letting yourself be intimidated, then you have a full courage about your personal life. many people around the world today are being intimidated maybe because of their height, or because they're poor. Many rich people especially the rich men intimidate their fellow men who have not made money, and they also forgot that they were once lime those people.
Defend Yourself Publicly-Don't let your personality Be Intimidated!!!
It takes a bold heart and a sound spirit to defend yourself to the public. Although it's all about knowing your right. When you know your right, you will stand on it.

We are throwing so many words of courage to everyone today who is reading this post today, whether you are a female or male, you are advised to stand defense every moment of your life, no matter where you are.

For the fact that a guy/girl is taller and richer than you does not give them any right to make you feel inferior whenever you are around them.

When you see yourself higher than anyone in life, you will see the manifestation coming to pass, just through faith.

When there is a target from any man, you will just have to work towards the target and see the achievements you in your life.

As from today, we are advising everyone whether you are poor or rich, whether tall or short, whether fair or dark, never you feel inferior around people whom you think that they are better than you in life, maybe due to their mode of dressing, you never can tell what they have after the dressing.

You might even be far better than them. Therefore, wake up from the slumber of inferiority, and feel on top so that you will get to where you want to be in life.

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  1. It's important to raise a voice behind the wrong. well thought and well written! I am amazed!

  2. womens are stronger they are equal to men....

  3. Yes, You are right, but the physically, men are stronger