The Best Thing To Do When It Seems All Hope Is Gone

In life today, a lot of people and souls you still see today walking around the street are already dead in the spirit. Although in records, they're still alive, in the eyes of the people they are are still strong and breathing, but right inside them, deep down inside them, there is nothing remaining inside of them, the reason is that all hope is lost.
The Best Thing To Do When It Seems  All Hope Is Gone
I am writing this post today for the sake of people like that, It's not just for the sake of social media sake or for the sake of driving traffic, but it's really  a word from my heart to people who are opportune to read a post like this today or any day you come across it at all. 

There is a word I would like to share with you today called WAKE UP!. Many of you today are still sleeping and dreaming in the ocean of death, and thinking that there is any way out that dream. 

The only way out of that dream of poverty is Waking up. you must have to learn how to stand on your feet, never let anyone intimidate you no matter how poor, you are. It all takes a bold spirit to overcome and take over again the lost hope.

Complaining and begging for food will never solve the problem. It will only worsen the situation. Which at the end, have nothing to add to your life. Moreover, I'm announcing to you today that, What I am today, I made it by myself.

I never let anyone point accusing finger on me, though am not too strong as a human but I have spiritual backups!, I pray and commit every situation in the hands of God. I had a great faith in my creator. I never let anything/challenges make me forget that my creator is somewhere waiting for me to stand on my feet and be bold before he could be able to help me.

I have also come to learn that, you must have to take a step of success, even though the greatest hope you have is all lost. All it takes for you to do when it seems all hope is lost is to give yourself some words of appreciation to yourself. Tell yourself you can do it, without the help of any man, but with the support of your creator.

Now, If I must telly ou the ruth today, There is no one on earth who will help you, just for helping sake. They'll like to help you and get something in return. No matter how poor you seem to look before them. 

Do you know the best thing to do when it seems all hope is lost? Continue Reading to see most important steps to take When all your hope is gone.

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