Stop Asking Why - Start Acting Towards Your Why

Asking questions to yourself when you know that it doesn't have any way to add any value to your life is one of the mistakes most people do today. Some will sit down for a full year, asking God why? Asking Situations Why? And t the end of the year, they're still where they are. No changes have been made in their lives both physically, spiritually, academically, mentally and otherwise.
Stop Asking Why - Start Acting Towards Your Why
Enough is enough of asking blind questions. This is the best season for you to wake up and start acting in a positive way. If at all you wanna move forward in life and forget about the past challenges you had. 

Even if all your businesses have collapsed, at least you're still alive. As long as there is life, there is hope. All you need to do is to Stop asking blind questions and start Acting towards them. If you keep asking Why? there is no how the answer to such questions will come, rather, the best way is to act towards your belief and in a positive manner.

It doesn't matter all you have lost, You have to know what to do when it seems all hope is Gone. Though it's never gonna be easy again for you to rise up to start afresh or to start from where you stopped, all you need to do is to summon the courage to yourself and mean it again in life.

Sitting down and asking why! Why!! Why!!! will never solve any single challenge. Now, let me ask you a question: You kept asking Why You! to God or to yourself, or to a dead being, no my question is: If not You, Then Who? 

If the WHYs'  are gonna be enough, you are the only one to stop it. You are the one to end it, by acting towards those why you ask.

I have seen a young boy of 7years old that his parents were killed with knife by some  hefty men, that attacked their house to rob them, right in front of the boy, his parents gave all they have just for the robbers to spare their lives, they collected all they've got and still stabbed them to death. 

The boy cried and cried and cried, but it never solved any of the issues, he reported the issue to the FBI agents, it was never solved, the robbers were nowhere to be found.  After two years, the boy was only 9, he had to stop asking Why and start acting towards the why. 

He drew the face of the robbers that stabbed his parents and posted it round about the country, which he wrote this on their images: They are Cold beware, If found please kill. He stopped asking why and started acting when he was 11, he has already made some money through some petty jobs he does around the street, maybe by carrying the load for some people. 

HE used the little money he made and started learning ARTworks in a workshop nearby his father's house, after some years, he became professional. and today he is one of the richest men in his country, with securities around him, married with 3kids. 

This story has thought a lot of people how to move on with their Lives. Stop blaming anybody, and stop asking questions. It's high time you have to move on and make it in life, the reason is that time waits for no man. 

ADVICE: Always remember that when you start asking acting towards your WHYs' God will send you a helper.

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  1. This is a great post. Some really good advice

  2. Fully agree, don't ask! Act! Only you can change your life for the better

  3. Great advice!! The time for action is now...You will only become ready by doing not by asking... MakeYourOwnHome

  4. You are right! keep visiting for more inspirational posts