Some Common Things You Should Never Do In front Of Your Child OrChildren

Many parents today have made so many mistakes they never knew their children are watching them do it, Some parents will say that they're still kids they can't afford to remember all those things when they grew up, but the truth is that parents miss it and they get it all wrong, in the sense that those children are not really kids in memory, but according to their age they're very tender. Now, ebimnageniusland is here to open up some secrets of common things that parents should never do in front of their children so that they will not regret it when the children are out of their control.
Things You Should Never Do In front Of Your Child

Some common things you should not do in front of our child as a parent are

* Telling Little Lies

Most times we do things in front of our children and when our partner comes back and ask, you will say that it was the little baby that did that, maybe because you know  that the little kid cannot talk or cannot defend him/herself, then you will kick it against the little innocent child. 

It's wrong, even when you think that they're toddlers, that is when their memory is more active in storing wrongs and rights, so parents be careful on the way you lie to your partner in front of your child, If care is not taken, they will one day lie to your partner against you, which you will never be able to defend yourself from it too.

* Cursing people

Most children stores insulting and sarcastic words easily in their brain even more than that of a parent does. When a parent is cursing other people's partner or children right in front of their own children, the babies will learn it and use it outside to other children too, which is very embarrassing if bring said in the school. 

It doesn't show a good background from home, it mostly tells the teachers of the children how the parents of that child live in their home. Which as well has yielded a bad record to the parents of that child or children.

* Ignoring Your Child

Children like communication, they're born there for good and wonderful communications with their parents, and if a parent doesn't give their children the attention they require or desire from them, especially when they are little, It really can never go well with the child and the parent when they become grown-ups. 

The more you communicate with them from birth and respond to their cues, the better it is. Plus, your baby learns from the time she is little that she is valued and important. In turn, this builds her self-esteem. 

And when your child expresses a negative emotion, mocking or ignoring her minimises her feelings. Open conversations lead to more bonding. 

Every parent should bring their children lose to them and ask them questions on how their day went in the school, No matter how stressful your day was, never ignore your child, that might be the most important time the child needs you, never try to mess it up.

* Undressing In Front Of Your Child

Nowadays, parents don't value their body anymore, they think that since the child is their baby that they can do anything they wanna do in front of the child, which is a very wrong action that most parents have been taking and some parents are still taking the same actions till today, You must have to stop it. 

Whenever a parent wants, to undress himself/herself if your child is there right in your presence, you have every right to ask the child to leave, and never forget to tell the child the reason while he/she is leaving. It's very simple to be done, and when you start it on time, it will become part of the child. 

All you need to do is just tell the child, baby please go to your room let me change my clothes, then I'll call you back when am through. The child must obey you as a parent, provided that you started it on time, especially at their early age.

* Bathing With Your Child

Parents are meant to bath together, but their children are not meant to bath together with them to avoid so many strange acts of those kids. Children are very inquisitive and it leads to some negative actions their parent might not be aware of till it's too late. 

When a parent is bathing with a child, it leads the child to ask the parents some questions that are not relevant in the lives of those kids at that age. Most children will ask their father what a penis is while bathing with them and that parent will beat the child, scolding the child not ask such questions again that they're too tender to know what it's called. 

If you have avoided bathing with the child, he/she will never ask such question and he/she will never have the courage to ask someone else if you didn't tell the child. Parents, please take note of this!

* Show low self-esteem

It is normal to go through stages when you just don’t feel good enough. Hormones, fatigue and the general stress of life are all to blame. Your baby picks up your emotions and if you don’t feel great about yourself, your baby might mirror the same emotions about themselves. 

It is important to realize that we all have off days. There is no such thing as a perfect mom – but you are the perfect mom/dad for your child. When a child gets to know that in time, they will see you as the best in the whole world.

* Reduce Your Dedication  To The screen

When you dedicate your eyes too much to the screen of a television, your child as well follows your way no matter their age. 

The best thing to do is to be very active with house chores and house works when your child there, then he/she follows your footsteps. Never forget that parents are mostly the role models of their children till they group to the stage of making their choices.

* Commenting negatively on others

An offhand and insulting comment or a little sarcasm about a family member, neighbour or friend in front of your child may seem like nothing to you. But remember, they are little children. 

They do not have the emotional maturity to understand that you are just having an off day and are not serious. And they may repeat verbatim what you have said in front of that person which will really yield enmity between you and the person through your own child. Of course is never what you wanted.

* Insulting Your Partner

When most parents undermine their partners rightly in front of their kids, it doesn't speak good of the parents because those children are really learning those actions, which they will one day display to their father or mother outside your presence. Most parents are giving some actions that are uncalled for in the presence of their children. 

We all have those days when our partners frustrate us If we have anything to say to our partner, rather wait until your child is out of earshot to hear that, so as to keep your respect as a parent in front of that child. Also, avoid asking your child to keep secrets from your partner as this demonstrates that it is OK to lie and undermine. Plus, your child will learn to play one parent off the other. It's wrong.

* Don't watch Porn or seductive movies in front of your children

Most parents are still making such mistakes with their children today which has really been a burden to the teachers of those children in school. The reason is that after watching those kinds of movies, they go into the school and practice it with some other little innocent children which thereby leads to corruption and bad records to the parents of the child and to the child as well.

All these contents of this post are for the good of all parents which will help them build their homes to the perfect home they ever hoped and dreamed for. Parents, please take note. read and share with your fellow parents as well.

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