Places To Meet A Guy/Girl At First Date

Dating is not a wrong thing to do, many preachers are preaching against dating, and I won't blame them for the teachings they give because a lot of lives have been taken for the sake of the English word dating.When one is dating some guy you don't know before, you've not seen, and you are just meeting him for the first time, there are several places you both are expected to meet each other.
Places To Meet A Guy/Girl At First Date
Let guys stop making the mistakes of bringing in a girl they don't know in a secret place, it simply means putting the life of the girl and the life of the guy at risk too. It's not only the life of a girl that is at risk. 

Today in the life we live today, Both men and women are risking their lives, and I have come to bring to an end the bad reputation giving to this Six letter words called dating. And I believe it's for the best of all, both male and female.

Now, Let ebimnageniusland list Some beautiful places to meet at first date with a friend, whether male or female, it involves, whether it's business or for pleasure.

Places To Meet A Guy/Girl At First Date

* A Book Shop

A bookshop it's better to meet someone you've not met for the first time, listen to me, I'm not talking about a petty bookshop, When I say bookshop, I mean A big Spain of a bookshop, where you see other people around. 

It's a quiet place and convenient too, which will be convenient for the both of you to have any kind of discussions you wanted, and also it's a place where you will go and, meet people too. Don't always meet them in a private place, make sure it's always in an open place.

* At The Park

listen very carefully while reading this post, A park is necessary to meet a guy or a lady you've not met before, and it's a free place. Nevertheless, it keeps you open in the sight of many people to avoid putting your life at risk. 

Though you might trust the gender you are coming to meet, also remember, that once you are gone, you are already gone and there are no two ways about it. So for the sake of avoiding all those worries, meet your friend or business partner in an open place, especially the park.

* Shop More

A popular place filled with people called shop could also be considered in the sense that where ever you are, there are cameras everywhere and there are securities who examines what's going on the ShopRite. 

If you must consider a shop rite, you must be ready not to spend much time on a first date, make it snappy, discuss whatever you wanna discuss, and make the time a moment you would love to have again. It's free, and it's for the benefit of you both. so be wise!

* Fun Places

It's a place where you go and feel more or less like a child again. It's a place that keeps you both active and alive especially when you see children with their parents playing around.

 It is expected of the both of you to get really prepared and make sure that the discussion doesn't take more than 20-45 minutes with each other so that you both won't become bored with each other. Especially when it's the first date.

ADVICE: While meeting a guy/girl on a first date, always never forget to meet in an open place, where you see other people around. It matters a lot, in order for you not to put your life at risk. Just be careful everyone!!!

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  1. I totally agree, always meet in public places, never let someone know where you live on the first date, it's insane these safety!! Thanks for sharing your article

  2. Yea, Our Privacy is very important on first date. You Are Welcome Michelle

  3. To avoid mistakes and embarrassments on the first date because of the excitement,
    it's much better to get to know the person, after expecting for a little with the dating. Or it can be a video chat, you see the person,
    consider his habits, and communicate according to and common chat rules source and proprieties.
    This method clearly shows how embarrassment disappears, there is confidence exist, and there is no more fear of making some ridiculous mistakes and appearing foolish from the side.
    After all, the first date is often the most unfortunate of all statistics, then why to waste time, if you can appreciate a person in true without even meeting with him in a cafe?

  4. Yes, Video chats can also be helpful before meeting each other, but always remember to meet each other in a place listed above in the post. Thanks Weaver.

  5. Wow, This is such a nice and open listed places to meet a girl.