Encourage Yourself - Don't Let Situation Weigh You Down

Everyone here on earth needs someone to encourage them, the more you encouraged you, the more you move forward. If there is no one to encourage you, you will always feel like there is one around you to make you feel like you belong somewhere, but the truth is this: if you need anyone to encourage you, you just firstly encourage yourself.
Encourage Yourself - Don't Let Situation Weigh You Down
When there is no one to encourage you, with the courage you have in yourself you can move forward in life. Many people around the planet have made several mistakes of taking away their lives thinking that the reason is that there is no one on earth to encourage them. 

If I must tell you something that will help you today, I must tell you to stand on your feet and stop waiting for encouragers, the reason is that those people you think that they will encourage you when any situation that is beyond your control comes around you, believe me, they are the people that will stand against you.

Today is a day for you to stand on your feet if you really know that you desire in life. It's all matter of time. The time is NOW. Stop waiting for encouragers because all you will keep seeing is discouragers. Sometimes when you've got an idea of how to solve a problem, instead of you to take the bold step, the spirit of fear comes into you as a discouragement, but if you work against that spirit, trust e, you will overcome it.

When you let that spirit weigh you down, you become a total failure. there was a time in my life when all hope is lost, I felt like my world has ended, until the day I slept in my room alone and stood on my feet never to allow anything to weigh me down, that was the day I started something I never thought, I could do. Today, I'm the messiah of my family, I'm the only one they can't do without in my family. 

This is a great testimony that should mean a lot to you. All you need to do today is to get up from that bed of failure and stop thinking of your past and start thinking of achievements, they will help you keep you motivated to some other things you have in mind to do. 

Though it's never gonna be easy, you have to keep trying until you succeed. You are not a failure until you fall and remain where you fall, but you are successful being if you fall and get up immediately. Although you might feel shy when you fall, that doesn't mean that you should remain there. It will be a total shame if you fall and remain where you fall. 

There is only but one thing in this world that tells you who you are, and that this is your shadow. If you wanna see how great you have been, ask your shadow, if your shadow looks small to you then your achievements are still small. If you look at your shadow and you see your shadow as the unbeatable, trust me, In all things you do, you are unbeatable.

When you discover how successful you will be when you are the one that encourages yourself, Tell me why you won't step up. Everyone in life wants to step up, but not all want to do the right thing to step up. If you think that you want to step up in life, you must be ready to do what is right, at the right time too.

Have you ever asked yourself why you are still a failure at your age? I guess you haven't. Ask yourself, what have you achieved for the past 20years? Your parents have achieved their aim by training you in school or even helping you learn one handwork or the other, then at the end, you kept telling them that you will surprise them when you make it in life.

When exactly are you gonna make it in life? Are you not tired of excuses? Stop giving excuses and start using those excuses as an opportunity for you to succeed. Are you not ashamed to see your mate make things happen for themselves? Don't say you cannot make, Always believe in yourself that you can make it.

No matter how hard it is in life, try to encourage yourself. With the courageous mind you have, you will be a successor and people will celebrate you. Try It. I know you can do it. No need to have a doubting spirit. Trust your shadow, and also trust your real self. Above all, Trust ebimangeniusland! We are genius... 

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  1. "Stop giving excuses and start using those excuses as an opportunity for you to succeed" Brilliant brilliant