15 Singing Quotes

Many people love singing. but they don't know how to sing, that doesn't mean that they can't praise God with Songs. Though some use to say that they don't have a nice voice for singing. WEll. I have to tell you that it's a total way of deceiving yourself that you cannot sing. Anyways, we will give you some singing quotes that will enable you to believe and as well see what song can do in the life of many, including you that are reading this post right now.
15 Singing Quotes

Some Singing Quotes

* Making a song is my passion, my old flame and the secret of my power. track to me is like locating my inner self, my soul. It gives me a terrific pleasure to peer audiences enjoying with me. I've given my coronary heart to singing. after I sing, I will feel romance in the whole thing around me.

* When I sing, I fell the Holy ghost around me, and when I hear you sing, I  feel like I'm already in heaven with the angels and saints of heaven in glorification to the highest God.

* If singing is what I will do to make God HAppy, I vow to sing for Him every minute of my life as long as that will keep Him happy.

* Words make you think. Music makes you feel. A song makes you feel a thought.

* When a singer truly feels and experiences what the music is all about, the words will automatically ring true

* The moment you realize what song can do, then you can never stop singing.

* The moment I stopped singing, I start dying, and because I don't wanna die, I will never stop singing.

* I used to imagine what it means to be a singer, I never knew I was one of them until the day I sang for you in the church, the Holy ghost was hovering around like flames of fire.

* Singing brings joy to the heart, when there is a song in your heart to sing, there is a manifestation of joy.

* I feel good the moment I found out that you were in altar singing, but when I sing on my own in my room just for God, I feel better.

* A singer sings and feels the song they song, but a true singer makes the truth out of the song he sings and makes it real.

* When I'm filled less with the holy ghost, singing is the only key to unlocking the joy of being in the spirit with the song I sing.

* When I sing, I dance, when I dance I get gifts, and it motivates me to keep on singing.

* The main thing superior to anything singing is additionally singing.

* I don't wanna kick the bucket, that is the reason I will continue singing.

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  1. I love singing but sometimes I find it very difficult to balance my voice, I don't know why I experience this.

  2. When you find it difficult to balance your voice, what you need most is a coach, and also mind what you consume. there are several foods singers don't take a taste of it