Reasons Why Men Should Not Beat Their Wives

A woman is being given to a man for many reasons. Some men have never wondered why a woman is given to them to take care of. When a woman is given unto a man to be her husband, the man is meant to protect the woman, defend the woman and not to turn her into a housemaid or a punch back. Most men are so foolish to the extent that they see their wives as the morning exercise. At the beginning of the day, they will use her as an exercise and at the end of the day, they will still punch her in the night for not providing the night meal. Of a truth, there are many reasons why every man who raises his hands on a woman, whether your wife or your sister. 
Reasons Why Men Should Not Beat Their Wives
A man is a man no matter your age when a parent advises the male child of what is right at the right time when they're still young not to touch their female older or younger sisters or friends. It helps a lot in the future. though this particular advice is for the future mothers, who are yet to give their male children a better guideline to follow in life which will automatically yield a positive lifetime and lifestyle in them.

A man is the first critter on earth created by God, and there was a reason why God made it that way If He had created a woman before a man, The things of the world might have been better than it is. Rather he made man the controller of all things, and if a man will call himself a controller and he can't control his temperament around his wife, then he is not yet man enough, he seems to simply be called a boy. 

Some women are really something else that a man cannot be able to control in their various houses but if the man ever thinks of devising a way to make it happen, they will end up being the best of best with each other, it's just all about time. It won't take you your life, it will only take your strength and time.

Now, Let us tell You much Reason Why A Man Should Not Beat Their Wives.

There are many reasons why a man should not beat their wives or even raise their hands on them for any reason but we will tell you guys some reasons we've experienced from some couples

* She IS Your Wife Not Your Mate

You must not beat your wife or any other woman you meet outside because your wife is your partner, your roommate, your spouse, your companion and your bride. Until you see her as your wife and as everything you will ever dream to have, no matter how short, tall, thin or fat that she looks, whether ugly or pretty, you will never increment your hands on her. 

She is meant to be corrected lightly and gently, in other words, she should be corrected smoothly, which shows her how loving the husband is ad will give her more consolation and confidence to gain more corrections even before you could notice the mistakes.

* She Is Meant To Be Pet Not Fatigued

Every woman needs her man to pet her, and the same thing a man needs from a woman, and if a man desires to be pet from her woman and you don't pet your woman, there is no how the both will be happy with each other because something is lacking somewhere right there in their midst. 

Pet your wife in different ways, make sure you call her sweet names, it will as well be a word of encouragement to her even unknown to you. It matters so much in every relationship, whether marriage relationship or single and preparing to be married.

If you being to pet your woman, the same way you will want her to pet you, you will be the best man she will always want to hear his voice every minute of her day, no matter how poor you might be, she doesn't really want to know whether she is the one that pays the house rent and spends all the necessary expense in the house, she will always make sure you are happy as long as you make her happy with your words.

* You Are To Be Appreciative, Not Discouraging

There are alot of words that lead a man to beat his wife especially wehen the woman has worked the whole ofte day busy with house work, even though you have heard a busy day too in the office, when you arrive home and you noticed that everywhere was kep clean and very tidy and also, you realized that she washed all your dirty clothes, all of them are totally clean, now, the little problem is the food is still on fire yet to be done, instead of you to call her and ask her the reason why the food is not yet ready, the next thing you do, is to start ouching her after all other goodies she has done to please you.

She is expecting you to appreciate her for the ones she has done and always remember that your appreciation must come with a petty words from your heart no matter how hungry you are, you must have to sacrifice a lot of things  just to keep yourself away from anger of acting in a negative way you would never want to act at all when you are in your normal senses. Therefore, we tell you today to be appreciative unto your wife, it will stop you from beating her sometimes.

Stop discouraging her from washing your clothes first before cooking because you never knew her plans and the way she wanted things to be. That is why every man should be appreciating their wives no matter how the woman looks if you really want the same from her, and also remember that one good turns deserve another.

* See Her As The Most Beautiful Creature On Earth

Some men go outside and see many pretty ladies in the world and they will wish that those women are their just because of their beauty, but they always get it wrong because those ones you see outside and they look pretty in you sight they are been polished by someone else. If you must stop beating your wife because you seem she is ugly to be your wife, then all it will take you is to spend money on her, and see if she won't look prettier than those ones you see outside.

So many men will use the anger that their wives don't look s pretty as the women they admire on the street and beat the hell out of their wives, which in return makes the woman more uglier every day. It's a wrong step to take and a wrong decision to make. See her as the most beautiful, spend money on her, buy her new clothes, soaps, cream and watch out to see what the result will be. 

* Provide The Family Needs

Every family has several needs, both for the sake of the children and for the wives too, It reduces the rate of insult you will get from your wife. She will provide you with all necessary respects that you deserve. The reason is that you are man enough, you are the man in the house, and anytime your voice is being heard, they will respect your voice because it is active voice with positive actions in the family.

Some will say that their wives should be the one providing the house needs while they will be the one moving up and down investigating the house. Now, let me ask: How on Earth do you expect to get the respect you desire from your wife and children when you are not doing your job as a man? Hell No! Wake up today dear readers and Be a man for real!

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