Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Gives Out a brand new SUV To Gospel Singer AdaEhi

Ada Ehi is a gospel singer known all over the world, she has been singing and worshiping God with all her heart in a wonderful mode, with a determined glorious voice, which she had never permitted anything of any kind distracts her from serving God. Moreover, She has never stopped serving God, she never regretted being in the vineyard location in the presence of God. 
 Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Gives Out  a brand new SUV To Gospel Singer Ada Ehi
Surprisingly for Her, She was has been praying and asking God for a car, which her husband promised to buy her one, and as it may please God who does things the time and the way he want, He surprised ADA with a wonderful Gift which she kept praising God on it, and she said she will never stop praising God.

The Gospel singer by name Ada Ehi was entirely surprised when she received a brand new SUV from Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. She was fully overwhelmed with joy and happiness in her heart, with smiles filled her face, laughter filled her mouth that she couldn't know where to start thanking God for the wonderful gift from the servant of God.

Ada Ehi spotted the revelation on her Instagram, sharing a video of herself in the car, when she as well keep saying Thank You, Jesus! She wrote this on her Instagram:

" I have never bought a car for myself before!! Not because I cannot afford any, but my monies are committed to a whole lot of projects the Lord lays in my heart… I wasn’t even praying for one until lately, my husband said we should get another one for me and I just mentioned it to the lord and I forgot about it, in fact, the Lord reminded me of that simple prayer this week after he gave me this. We didn’t even make any concrete plan… hmmm* Amazing ** instead we plunged into another project  lol.

Here I am, sitting in a brand new September 2017 SUV!!! FREEEEEE!!! My God!!! I am beyond speechless…
I have been asking thLord, what exactly did I tell you or what did I do for you? Or how did I pray? That you would honor me and my household like this!!! In front of the whole world  Pls remind me lord so I can be doing, saying and praying that way every day 
I love Jesus!!! I love him for my entire existence!!! See what he has done!!! Kayyaaaaa!! Who says Jesus is not real???

Thank you Pastor Chris Oyakhilome D.Sc D.D for this car and May the Lord continue to honor you by himself in front of the whole world  Pls Join me in Appreciating and Celebrating Jesus Every Where!!! He is who He says He is. Hallelujah
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She went forward in advising people saying, "there is joy in serving God, It doesn't matter how quick or soon or lately he blesses you, what matters most is that your blessings must surely come. Therefore, get ready, use what you have to get what you want from God. I love you all.

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