How I Finally Got The Job After All My Searching Last Year-I Followed The Directions On 5 Reasons You Didn't Get The Job

I have been applying so many companies but they have never given me the job, I have all the charisma for the job, am super experienced in all angles for the job, but they kept rejecting me in every company that I applied, I have been wondering maybe God doesn't want me to work after my university days, I studied Java programming at my higher institution, and I have my masters degree and my PhD too.  After all the years spent in the university with the money involved too. I tried all I could to wipe my mom's tears of all she has done for me by training me in all these years, I kept being rejected. 
How I Finally Got The Job After All My Searching Last Year
The most surprising part of it was that my mother never lets me down, even as a graduate with all those certificates, she never gave up on me. She kept prying for me and kept encouraging me, I told God to wipe my tears throughout the year 2017 but all to no avail, I paid my tithes, I give offering in the services in the gatherings of the midst of the people of God, I did all the things  I need ed to do, Both living a righteous life and being there for my mom. After all these things, all my efforts fall back to my face.

I was totally discouraged at myself, especially when I see my mates and even my juniors in school go to work, how they dress corporately to work, to the extent that some of them are already, married, I regret ever going to school. Even at all those moments, I was fully discouraged at myself, my mom was always there for me. She was the only one who told me never to give up that Once it is time, I will be favored. 

I never knew I was the cause of my problems, I never knew, I was the one delaying myself of the approval of my application, the reason is that I was pride full of myself, I don't like asking people questions about the things I didn't know rather, I will google out until I make it. Though it was really stressful and I like to be a solution to my problems. 

Though there was never a bad step to take, I decided to make enquiries from my friends who have made it, some of them insulted me, while some of them were surprised because I have never asked them questions since they came to recognition of who I am. Asking them some questions on how they made it was really challenging but it was more heartbreaking to me when I realize that, they no longer have my time and the reason is that they have now had their jobs and family to think of. 

I regretted ever taking the step of laying myself down to ask them from the onset. I went back to my place of sorrow and bitter in my heart, The world was so fully turning around in shame and reproach for me, while I was becoming older every day. I went to some spiritualists to pray for me, after all, sets and done, nothing was happening. I gave up on everything, I stopped bothering my mom of feeding me every day, I told her am too old to be fed by my mom, am already at the age of feeding my mom, my wife and children and yet, I'm still here feeding my mom's pot.

All I could do was to go and start a handwork, but I have never been inclined with handworks, I have always wanted to be a technologist, a programming speciality precisely, When I realized that I could not make it handwork, I applied in some private companies, which I was accepted and appointed. as well as employed too, but the salary was so poor to the extent that it was only dependent on my transportations alone.

I remembered my mom's word, she always told me never to give up, that when the appointed time comes, that I will be favoured! I hold on to that words until one day, I ran into an old friend who has made it in life. I was so amazed to see the most unintelligent guy in my department be a hero and am just a guy working for transportation fair.

I asked him how it happened? he said it's just a simple process to take care of, and I will be a hero forever. I never understood, At first, I was thinking he was in rituals or anything evil at all but as times goes on, I investigated his riches and I believed in myself that I can make it again. He told me that he just got the job, two days ago, and the company that gave him the job are really taking care of all the expenses.

My head was so heavy, that I asked him to give me a link to his success. To my greatest surprise, he told me to visit on the internet, that I will see a post link posted thus: 5 Reasons You Didn't Get The Job, And Your Resume Was Tossed.  I was not happy when I was leaving from his presence and I didn't take those words seriously because I felt he doesn't wanna help me out. 

When I reached home, I remembered that I have trying out a lot of tricks on the internet but all to no avail, Another thought came into me, I also remembered that I was the same guy who doesn't like to ask questions, I have always like to be the one providing myself of any solution to any challenges of my life.

I encouraged myself and visited the link my old friend gave me. Wow! I was so perplexed, I never knew these steps can be followed, and I noticed that the reasons why I haven't gotten the job are the number reason for the post link I visited. While on the third reason of the post link, I was really a victim of it. 

The post lead me to think much, I forged some words on my application letter, using the tricks the 5 Reasons You Didn't Get The Job. I went to some of the same companies I've applied for and I was rejected, just within 30minutes of my application, I was totally employed and welcomed with a house, a car and my other expenditure. I was made the head of the programming department in my company.

Today finally, I'm living happily in my company provided a house with my loving mother, seeking for a woman to marry because I have finally arrived at the genius land.

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