A Nigeria woman who saw Hell before she becomes a Soldier Shares HerPhotos

A Nigerian young lady shares her photos and shares her experiences on how she suffered to become a soldier, It was never an easy way for me at Nigeria Army depot in Zaria to be precise. I saw some of my colleagues that we both started together pass away, some were killed by the flood, but the Lord preserved an protected me so deeply.
A Nigeria woman who saw Hell before she becomes a Soldier Shares Her Photos
A great and wonderful female soldier by name Blessed Amaka Onyiagha has given many a glimpse of what one passes through to become a military officer in Nigeria. She wondered why Nigeria is really so hard and deadly for one to become whom he or she wants to be.

Blessed hails from Anambra state is revealing the excruciating training sessions and tasking tasks she and many others were made to pass through at the Nigerian army depot in Zaria, Kaduna just to become a soldier.

It never mattered to me that I will due. And that was what kept me going, I was so determined right from the depth of my heart and I devoted all my strength, faith and hope to become a soldier one day. I stood by the encouragement I gave to myself and the courageous words given to me by my lovely mom, who has always been far praying for me.

I made a tough decision about life, and today am testifying before many people around the world how glorious a day like this has been in my life, and how greater it will be. OMG! This is really so stressful and strength taking, as much as breathtaking too, I saw a lot of my brothers in the camp, who died in the midst of training, some gave up that they want to continue but I stood by my feet and my mom's prayer to be patient and endurance till this great day.
A Nigeria woman who saw Hell before she becomes a Soldier Shares Her Photos
What a marvelous doings of the Almighty.I can never stop telling this stories to my future generations to come. I am still and will remain a Gallant Soldier. A proud one for that matter.

In my heart, I never gave up on God and I never gave up on my dreams. I vowed to myself and my God that if I must die, I will die to save lives and properties of people. I gave it all it will take for me to make it without any doubt from the Onset. Though it was never easy, Gosh!!!. But it was my choice and I made it.

The female gallant soldier shared her experience on social media saying: "I am a proud PERSONNEL, A proud one I must tell you. I never knew it be this tough when I noticed how tougher it becomes every day, I embraced it the way it and I never looked down on myself, I kept pushing and feeling the pains until today. I am so happy I have finally arrived.
To Others they Have University, We Have Training College.

To Others they Have Vice Chancellor, We Have Commandant.

To Others they Have Lecturers, We Have Instructors.

To Others, they Days Start by 0700hrs, but Ours by 0400hrs.

To Others, they Wake up 0600hrs, We Jump up 0300hrs.

To Others they Shake Hands, We Salute.

To Others they Wear Gucci, We Wear Carmo/Khaki.

To Others they Keep Their Hairs, We Cut Off Our Hairs.

To Others, they Wake Up, We Jump Up.

To Others they walk, We Double In Divisions.

To Others they Have Students, We Have Cadets/Recruits.

To Others they Have Dining Halls, We Have Mess.

To Others, they Go On Break, We Go On Pass.

To Others they Have Conference Hall, We Have Parade Ground.

To Others the Nigeria Flag Stays up For 24/7, To Us, We Have Colour And Sunset.

To Others they Have Graduation Party, We Have Passing Out Parade.

To Others, an Injury Is For One And One Only, Whilst To Us Injury For One Injury For All.

To Others they Get Short Term Light Drills Only In Their NYSC, Whilst Rigorous Drills Is Our Everyday Blood Tonic.

To Others they Are School Colleagues, We Are Brothers.

To Others they Have Civilian Blood, We Have MILITARY Blood.

To Others they Demand Respect, We Command Respect.

I deliberately took this job knowing I may never get rich in Life,
I've definitely missed out so many holidays, both church services and special occasions in order to protect lives of so many people who are being intimidated for any reason

I'm expected to work out miracles and do things other people are scared to do and even save lives people think cannot be saved.

It has been proven that my life expectancy is shorter than yours because of the stress I go through and the sickness I get exposed to, and yet there are no hero movies about us. What a pain!!!
A Nigeria woman who saw Hell before she becomes a Soldier Shares Her Photos
I must give my life every day for people I don't know, have never met before and even those who don't like me.

When my family is home suffering alone I'm out here in the cold, dangerous situations all in the name of protecting property and saving the life.
I am a warrior who gave the oath to die for my people! I will never regret it, and I'm not regretting it for any reason at all because it was my decision.

I will always thank, full to God for everything, the air I breathe every day, the song I sing every day is a soldiers song. 

My advice to some others who are still on the training ground is that they should never give up, they should stand on their feet and be protective and defensive, If I can do it and made it today, they too can make it, If I was able to pass through everything inside there as a woman and made it today, they can do more than I did, what matters most is determination. Be determined and you will achieve it. I Love You All, Bravo!!!

I'm Proud to be A Soldier. With a Proud look and A soldier heart. 

God Bless 16NA/75RI.

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