7 Reasons Why You are Not Yet as Rich as You Desire

Being a successful man and become as rich as no one has never been in the world is every man's and woman's desire. No one wants to be listed as the poor man or woman, everyone wants to be known and respected by anyone around him or her. The desire is not a wrong one but there are so many things that make it feel wrong. A lot of things makes it feel wrong because there are so many things expected of you to do before you become what you wanna become and when you don't do those things expected of you, you are already making the feeling look very wrong and undesirable in the sight of God. 
7 Reasons Why You are Not Yet as Rich as You Desire
The reason is that Every successful move one makes have a Successful Payback, especially when you do them from your heart. God sees your heart and blesses you from His heart too. It doesn't matter your poor family background, what matters most is your heart of service.

Soon, we will tell you so many reasons why you are not yet as rich as you ought to have been by now. Some will say its not yet God's appointed time, while the others will say there is a spirit working against your Success but the truth must be uncovered.

Reasons Why You are Not Yet Successful

* You Are Not Yet Honest With Yourself

Being honest with yourself is the best thing a man could ever do for himself. When you know that you are not yet whom you claim to be, that is where your failure steps in. Be Honest with your self before you will be able, to be honest with other people outside. I have a short story to tell you before I continue. 

A man went to Bishop Oyedepo to be his spiritual father, and he asked him a simple question: What was the question? The question was, Bishop Oyedepo of Winners Chapel worldwide asked him, Have you come across the book of Zebudiah in the Bible? The man answered immediately and said yes Papa, I read it this morning before coming to meet you. 

That was where his failure started. Bishop Oyedepo told him to leave his office that he cannot be a father to a liar. The reason was that there was nothing like (the book of Zebudiah) in the Whole Holy Bible. That was how he missed a great opportunity to become great in life. 

And that is why everyone is advised to make sure you are being honest with yourself so that you will be able, to be honest with others out there in the world. Please take note of this; It's very important.

* Pride

Pride is just a four-letter word, but it has damaged a lot of destinies at stake. Yet, a lot of people are still being proud full of themselves. So many people will keep serving and be praying unto God to be their helper and be their provider too. And once God steps into their lives and blesses them, they will forget all the promises they make to God and start seeing God as their mate. It's very wrong and it can withdraw someone's Success and riches back.

When you humble yourself and make your money gently, you will be richer than you have ever thought of. What makes it happen is your humility, not your pride. So many people are swimming in the ocean of pride to the extent that they can never say (sorry) to their fellow being no matter what they've done to you. Even when they're the ones wrong, they will never accept their mistakes. That is what we call pride.

When you are to say I'm sorry and you think because you are a man, you are not supposed to say sorry, that it pride. Swallow your pride today and be humble, you will see yourself flying to a higher ground in life, both in riches, health, wealth and otherwise. Try it out!

* You Shared Your Future Plans With The Wrong People

Mind who you tell your next plan. Everyone in the world is destined to be great, and you must have to discover your greatness when you are truly guided and given a word of advice and some words or success that will take you higher. A lot of people have sold their plans for a greater future to someone they think they can trust so easily, but they never knew they were sharing it in the wrong hands.

Sometimes, if you have an idea about anything good you want to start up, you just have to go to your parents especially moms to seek advice. Some will say that their mothers are too old to give them the kind of advice that will help them succeed in that particular business but the truth still remains the truth, she has been the one there for you, throughout the times of your other businesses and she has been helping you scale through, now because that business is the one that will yield a lot of money, you don't want her to know. 

Then, you now went outside to seek for advice, you will fall into the hands of people that will help you be a total failure. So! Be careful!

* You Complained A Lot

Stop complaining and start Praying. Many people have not yet understood the difference between praying and complaining and that is why they kept complaining thinking that they are praying. When you are complaining, you are busy wasting your time because, nobody is interested in your complaints, not even the Angels talk more about God Himself. 

He is waiting for you to tell him the reason why you are in His presence and you kept complaining until he gets fade up with your complains and leaves, the whole you remain there.

When you are praying, it is a moment you tell God what you want straightforward, no need of remembering Him of your ugly pasts, because He is not interested in them. He is only interested in your heart desire. Especially when you come to Him with High Praise. Wake up from your nights of sleep and stop complaining, God is not interested!

* You Kept Wrong Companies

The kind of Friends you keep determines how far you want to go in life. When you have or keep the wrong friends they will direct you to wrong ways and things to do, which will automatically reduce your qualities no matter how great and fantastic you think your qualities are.

That is why you must have to unfriend and release some friends whom you know they don't help you out in some things of life to go away and out of your life entirely. Evil communications corrupt good manners. When you realize that the companies you keep are the wrong ones which you don't want to continue with it this moment, and this year, you just have to make up your and leave. 

For one to become great in life, your friends must be people that are great, not people who don't even know where try are going or even people who don't even have a future of where they really want to be in life. There are a lot of people in this world who were sent to be destiny destroyers, so don't let them catch you because when you let them do so, your destiny is totally finished. It will only take the grace of God to loosen it up again. Mind you, don't be a victim after now!

* You Spent Money Uselessly

The way you have spent money could be one of the reasons why you are still where you are today, and it could also be the reason why you are not prospering. When you are to make things happen for your family, you are busy spending money on things that don't matter. The best way of spending money is by investing money in something, no matter how small the investment might seem to be, you just have to invest money in it. 

Spending the money on your friends who don't value it, is the useless way of spending money. Some will take their friends to unknown places where they eat and drink recklessly which will at the end, squander their money to a non-encouraging engagement, and also make them be what they don't want to be. 

Therefore, everyone who has been part of this lifestyle is advised today to have turned back from such acts because they are useless and they are fruitless as well. If you want to be richer than you were last year, you must have to decide on the right things to do. Get it!

* You Deceived Others

Every deceitful human being must be deceived, if you like pretend like you are not one, as long as you deceive others to do the wrong things, you will surely come across someone who will deceive you of even higher than you have ever done to others. Just like the Bible says that every sin must never go unpunished, that's the same way the things you do to others comes back to you. Always remember that What Goes around, comes around.

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