Ladies: Reasons Why You Should Never "Woo" A Guy

Woo here means to invite (consequences, especially  bad) by one's own action; court
"Woo" in this context means walking up to a guy and asking him to be more than a friend to you.  Many ladies are really taking risks in the life of innocent guys, guys that have innocent hearts to be with, a lady will woo them by ruining their hearts. 
Ladies: Reasons Why You Should Never "Woo" A Guy
Ladies: Reasons Why You Should Never "Woo" A Guy: Some girls will sometimes ask a guy "Will you be my boyfriend?" undecided. Probably if the guy in question has been thinking of a way to ask them to be their girlfriend, and peradventure the girls now ask first,m then their hearts melt in to the arms of the lady that asks them to be their boyfriend, at the end of every show, they become best friends, they will become very close to each other, without the guy knowing that the girl was only trying to woo him.

I want to tell all ladies around the world the reason why you should not woo a guy, especially when the guy is not a kind of person that can woo a girl so easily as the girl really want to do in the life of a guy. Although there are many guys that woo girls anytime time they want without even thinking twice how heartbreaking the girl will feel, the truth of the matter is that one good turn deserves another.

Sometimes in life, there are some reasons why a girl should never woo a guy, the reason is that when a girl woo a girl it really takes o ly but the grace of God for the guy to recover from it so soon because guys are only strong in the flesh, and they can't withstand heart breaks when  a woman woo them. every woman is created to be as strong as, though not physically strong in the realm of the flesh, but women are really strong, both emotionally, and spiritually, they can handle lots of things that come around them, but in the sense of a wooing them.

Now, why shouldn't you do that? 

1. It's a man's world. Let HIM do the "chyking." 

If the guy is the one doing the chyking, he does pleasant things to her, makes non-standard acts causing positive emotions. Being original and creative. He tries as much as possible to Surprise the girl with actions, not just words. When the girl doesn't know what to expect from you, it keeps her in a certain emotional pressure, and therefore, excites and tempts. Most guys like to be one chyking, they will always want to be at the top.

2. His respect for you will decrease, even if it's just a LITTLE, trust me

When a woman asks a man to his boyfriend, the value of respect which the man should have for the woman will decrease because he was not the one that demanded to be your friend. Though he might have had feelings for you, before you ask him to your boyfriend, the respect must never be complete anymore.

3. There's a 99.9% chance he'll turn you down

A man can turn you down at any time he wants especially when he finds out that you are wooing him, He will turn you down, in a way you will feel so disgraced and embarrassed may be in the public.

4. If he doesn't turn you down, he won't take you seriously

Once he ever notices that you are wooing him, he will never take you seriously, even though he hasn't noticed you were wooing him, as long as you were the one that asked him into the relationship, he will never take you seriously, he will only understand that you are there for fun. Then that results in disrespecting you as a woman.

5. If he does turn you down, his friends will hear about it. Get ready to be labelled all sorts of names. smiley

he will give you many names that you will come out from, he will as well tell his friends nothing good about you, though he might be enjoying you on the bed, he takes it anytime you give it to him, but he will never value you, You will be labelled nothing but bed satisfied. 

6. His ego will feel bruised. He's a man. All men like to feel on top of every situation

He will always like to feel on top like I said on the first statement, no man wants to be under a woman, no matter how short, slim, poor, or ugly they are, they will always want to be on top.

7. There are tons of guys who'd ask you out. Must you do that to yourself?

Once you ask a man out, he will not only enjoy your body alone, he will tell other friends of his, so as for them to ruin your life, and the matter here is that, if you ever say no, they will never stop talking about you in a negative way, which will end up keeping bad records about your future or to any other responsible man they see around you.

8. If you send him signals and he doesn't pick up on the hints, HE'S NOT INTO YOU.

He is never in you because you asked him out, if he was the one that asked you out, he will always try as much a possible to get every signal both in the public and in private.

9. Ignore these feminists. You and a man don't share any equal rights

"Woo" him at your own risk. never reject it, because you started it from the beginning.
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  1. What a great post coming from a lady's perspective(the post sounds like that).

    lets try and compare the whole post with what vast majority of Nigerian guys believe.

    A wise man once said, "If you as a man wants to live long ,never marry a woman you love, marry a woman that loves you".

    1. Its not just a man's world. the world is for all. The chyking is always left for us the guys to do, while shakara is left for the ladies. But is this the right way or was it just an idea that has become a norm? not every man has that grace to follow a lady up even after making your intentions known. The same way our ladies feel about their pride is also the same way we men feel.

    Biko, guys, do the chyking, give her some time, Its expected of her to give you green light, if the green light isn't coming, it means she wants to turn you into a friendship beggar and if u play by that, you will continue to beg and be treated like an option till thy kingdom come.

    2. Decrease in respect is a 50/50 stuff. the same way it is for guys when they approach a lady is also the same way it is. It is either you win or you lose, either she says yes or she says no.

    3. My dear, I do not know how you arrived at that kind bloated percentage. I think its exaggerated. I believe the chances are even. Either he accepts the fact that you helped him do what he couldn't do or he acts like a moron who cant accept responsibility.

    4. No one takes you serious until you are serious yourself. We (guys) are aware that ladies do not take us serious at the initial stage because they have another guy whom they are waiting on to hit the button while the guy is just in for them to be a side chick.

    5. Hahahahahah. Why would a guy discuss something like that with his guys?why would he call you negative names?
    hmmmmm, probably because he is not matured, or just a transferred aggression. Its a known truth that every woman puts all men in the same category...Womanizer...
    but not all guys are not like that.

    6.Which ego is that? Nonsense ego. it does not matter how you people started, what matters is how you continued. guys always like to be in charge and they will always be.

    7. There are tons of guys who will ask you out, but why dont you say yes to them all? You know what you want, go for it.Many of those guys that will ask you out must have asked over 10 persons out the same day, probably keeping 5 girlfriends already, and willing to add you to his pool of fishes. You may have to do it because you are in a competition .lol

    8.Send the signal ....that's right, but when the signal is low, or it comes occasionally, how do you expect the man to go ahead. No man wants to be played. This issue of signal should be bilateral , but the problem is that our ladies push their luck so much that they tend to lose the serious guys and settle for players.

    NOTE: our Ladies should understand that guys are not fools,Be plain, truthful and open to him. for instance,if you do not want him to chat u up on facebook, just be plain and tell him you are not ready for it yet, likewise whatsapp, just tell him you are not ready for it yet, rather than lying to him that you are neither on facebook nor whatsapp because The smart ones will find out the truth within minutes and it will only take maturity to handle it and will invariably lead to more lies from the lady to cover up her mess.
    My thought...

  2. Well, with point to points of yours from my points in the posts, I think You are a guy, and you know what it means for a girl to never woo a guy. Thanks for visiting for more posts

  3. A wise man once said, "If you as a man wants to live long ,never marry a woman you love, marry a woman that loves you".

  4. Same wise Quote says that most women are created for love, that means a man should love a woman more than she do loves him, through him she was made of.