How To Make Her Feel Like The Only Woman In The World

Some will say that it's not necessary for her to know that she is the only woman in the world, of a truth, she deserves to know that she is the most beautiful woman you've ever met in your life. It makes her feel more relaxed and more attracted to you and you alone. Which will lead her to the extent of loving you, and you alone. You just need to make it happen as a man. Don't always believe that she is supposed to know, there is know how she will know until you tell her that.
How To Make Her Feel Like The Only Woman In The World

How To Make Her Feel Like The Only Woman In The World

* With your eyes

Look at her like she’s all you could ever hope for.

Look at her like your eyes are desert sand, and she is the ocean.

Look at her in awe. Look at her in disbelief. Look at her with hunger in your eyes.

Drink her up with your eyes and let her beauty seep into you.

* Give Her Your Time

Always remember to give her time to say anything she wants to say or she was saying.

Never Fail to ask her what she wanted to say before you interrupted, in case you must have interrupted.

convince her of your time that she is the most beautiful lady you've ever seen.

* Listen

One easy yet the priceless way in which to indicate to a girl that she means everything to you is by listening to her. 

Give her your undivided attention whenever you can. 

Show her that you find her interesting and engaging, whether she is talking about her lifetime goals or simply about the day she had at school or work. 

Avoid interrupting and rushing her. 

Make sure she knows that you find her more fascinating than anyone else on the planet.

Show her some classic romance. 

It's no secret that most girls love the tender side of romance. 

Be your girlfriend's Romeo and everything. 

Engage in chivalrous behaviors, such as opening the door and carrying heavy items for her. 

Send her love letters that pour out your most authentic emotions about her. 

Surprise her with flower bouquets when she's having a tough day in the office. 

Take her on last-minute weekend getaways in mountain log cabins. Go out of your way to give your girlfriend a sense of excitement and romance in her life.

* Buy Her Gifts

Every woman desires a gift from their loved ones, although some girls never ask or desire for any gift from their boyfriends, the truth is that they deserve it.

Buy her pretty gowns sometimes.

Buy chocolates for her

Buy any soft drink you know that she loves taking most times.

*Kiss Her Gently

Don't always be in a hurry to kiss your woman. 

Don't use your teeth on her lips while kissing her.

BE careful never to hurt her in the process of the kiss

* With your hands

Touch her like you’ve never touched a body before.

Touch her like you won’t be seeing her again for months.

Touch her as if her skin were made of silk.

Touch her from an internal place of awe.

Touch her gently. Grab her lustfully.

Touch her like you’re healing every one of her emotional demons with each caress.

Touch her like you are the luckiest person in the world.

* With Your Mouth

Tell her what you love about her.

Tell her how pretty and gorgeous her lips look.

Tell her how sweet she is on the bed.

Tell her the most splendid position you enjoyed that she has ever given you on bed. (if any) 

Tell her how much you love her to the extent you will never be able to sleep without her by your side.

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