How To Handle a Wicked Mother-In-Law

Mother inlaws are very enjoyable if you know how to welcome them into your home, especially if you are a woman newly married to your husband's house and you wanna make sure you feel at home. Some used to say that mother inlaws are not fun to be with, but the truth of the statement is that they are fun and good to be with only if you know to welcome them to your home. Many mothers-in-law are very good and excellent mothers as well. It's only that you have not found a way to welcome your mother-in-law. If you are among those that always quarrel with their mother-in-law, due to one thing or the other, all you need to do is devise a strategy that will make them love you, even more than their own son whim you are married to. Some will say it's not possible, but the truth is that it is possible if you make it possible.
How To Handle a Wicked Mother-In-Law
If we should teach you how to welcome your Mother-in-laws, then you must be ready and willing to follow the magic tricks we're about to list out for you, which works perfectly and has worked perfectly for me and my mother-in-law. 

When you have a mother-in-law who is so wicked and irritating to be with, there are also many ways to handle them to your submission. You just need to figure it out and follow some of our ways on how to welcome your mother-in-law too.

So many mother-in-laws are really troublesome even when they know that you are right, they will always want to make you feel bad, but the way you hand your mother-in-law, no matter how she makes you feel matters a lot. Sometimes, our mother-in-laws are not really wicked, they are just testing out our temperaments to know the kind of person that their sons married for them, and if you are not careful enough, you will fall into their traps. 

Which you will end up seeing her as a troublesome or wicked woman which she is not, then funny enough, she will become so uncomfortable whenever it comes to your case with her.

Now, let's teach you some tricks on how to handle your wicked mother-in-law, which will really be a bonus to you in your home and as well give you peace and love with you and your mother-in-law.

How To Handle My Mother-in-Law

* See Her As A Mother

when you see your mother-in-law as a mother but not as your mother, then you will know how to handle her. She is not your mother, that is one thing you should know, you don't expect her to be as perfect as your own mother, or to be social and jovial as your mother may be. All you just need to do is see her as a new mother you just know. When you take her a  mother, she will take you as a son/daughter.

* Be Respectful Of Her

To be respectful to her doesn't mean that you should displease yourself just to make her feel you are very respectful, The answer is NO!, all you need to do is to make her know that you very respectful especially to her, and never you say a sarcastic word to her no matter what the case may be.

* Joke With Her Sometimes

Cracking jokes with her doesn't mean that you are taking yourself so low, all it means is that you are just creating a way of having fun with her and making her happy as well. When you make her happy with some common jokes, she will be your best friend and you will be her best daughter/son-in-law.

* Become a Detective in the house

I don't mean you have to take up a job with the FBI or the SSS, of course, yes! get as much information as possible about your mother-in-law. Know her preferences, understand her thinking, comprehend what she likes (especially what will make her laugh no matter how angry she is) and those things that really make her go gaga with fury. 

Such CIA job should not be too much for you to do for a woman you will be stuck with for years. I said you should be a detective and not a! Your hubby/wife will surely help you with that because they have stayed with their mother from childbirth, you are just a visitor.

*  Never Try to Bee Too Forward

Don't be too forward with your mother-in-law, You should always know a way to figure her out, even when she is wrong, she will never admit being wrong. She is always right, and when you ever make a mistake of being too forward with her, that is where the problem begins with the both of you. Though most times, they will always want to let you know that they're always right, tell them they are right but judge them like you are judging a baby who is learning how to lie.

* Appreciate Her

Every mother-in-law likes appreciative son/daughter in law, therefore, for you to be able to handle her, you must be appreciative of whatever she gave to you, or whatever she did for you, even if it's just sweeping the compound, always remember to be appreciative, which is really the most common way to make her feel good about you. Sometimes, she will be asking herself what she has for you that you are appreciating her so much. which will thereby trigger a love for you from her.

* Draw The lines

Most times, drawing the lines gives a lot of positive results, In the sense, that when you have or you are having quarrels with your husband or wife, don't always allow her to be the one to bring you both together again, make sure that you take the lead, she doesn't even know you and your husband are not in good terms. You are married to her son/daughter, and not her. Let her know when she is crossing the boundaries. Do this compassionately and very softly.

* Never Engage in Argument With Her

Most times, they prefer cooked food to fried, then you prefer cooked egg to fried egg. Never argue with her, always agree especially when it comes to some things, not in all things that matter or includes your privacy with your spouse, all you need to do is to agree and go get a hint from your spouse on how to do things. 

It is better to lose an argument to your mother-in-law than for you to lose your mother-in-law to an argument. It's a foolish act. Work with your brain!

* Always See The Good Side Of Her

There are some good sides of your mother-in-law which are hidden under her, that you need to watch and see them if you are careful enough. You just have to see that there are some good sides that will make your marriage with her son/daughter last long, just the way her marriage lasted long with your father-in-law. She can be of help to you, Don't forget about that.

* Seek some Advice from Her Before doing Some things Outside The home

Most times we always see our mother-in-laws as old women that don't know anything anymore never forgets that many things you are seeing today in your marriage that she has passed through them. You just have to see her as an adviser just the way you see our mom as your own adviser.

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