How To Become A Star In Life

To be a star and a celebrity is what every being on earth want to be. It's really a thing of joy to see people celebrate you no matter your age. Everyone wants to be celebrated on earth whether male or female. Therefore, for one to Be a star in life, he/she must know what a star means. And also what it means to be a star. On a serious noting, to be a star is everyone's choice, but many do not want to do the right thing one must do to become a star. 
How To Become  A Star In Your Life
Now, we want to show you the easiest way to become a star in life, and also to be celebrated by people around you and outside the world.

Many have tried on different ways to become a star, but they end up becoming a stir of anger or failure. Most time we think that becoming a star is all about starting to hustle on time, the answer is a big NO. Many souls with such mentality have made a lot of mistakes in their lives which they can never recover from. If at all they will, it will take a lot of time than it has taken on the first stage.


The word HOW simply means a way, or in the dictionary is simply means what

way or manner and also by what means something must be done or was done and has to be done.


When one has the spirit of servanthood, it helps in many areas of one's life. Especially when one takes himself or herself down, then one will be lifted to the level of becoming a star one day.


A listening ear is an ear that pays attention to every right information that will take him/her to a higher level of becoming a star. Some will say that giving a listening ear is waste of time, but of a truth, when one has a listening ear, he/she will have a privilege with so many information. Though it might not really sound sweet in your ears you to give a listening ear to that, the reason is that in every nonsense, there must be a common sense.


When you pay attention whenever a word is coming to you, even if the word is not for you, it might be a word that will lead you to become a star in life. Sometimes, some people make some little mistakes which they never knew it has cost a lot in their future. For example, A man was about to make a journey from His home to outside the world, he heard a knock on his door, it was a visitor, an old friend of His. He never gave any attention to his friend. 

It was notified that the flight he'll enter to the vacation he was about to vacate has been in repair and management which was not yet ready for a journey. Passengers insisted that they must go with that particular flight to their destinations. After 20minutes that they left, it was heard and announced that all the people inside the plane were all dead. When he saw the announcement placement on the television he, knelt down in front of his friend and give him big thanks for saving his life at that point in time. Saying: If not for your delay, I would have been a dead person by now, I would have been among those that people will be talking about my non-existence. And after the activation of his next journey, he asked God to give him a sign not to leave on the journey. God directed him to Go, and that was how he became a star in life.


Humility has taken a lot of people so far, yet many are still seeing humility as an act of foolishness, humility is the quality or condition of being humble; modest opinion or estimate of one's own importance, rank etc. No matter your rank in life, what takes your higher to where you still hope for is humility. When one is humble, it helps you to enter into places with favor. 


For someone to become a star, you must at least mind your way of consumption, but internal, external and otherwise. When one has a target of aiming high in life you must list out may things necessary needed in life.  One needs to ask him/herself at least 5 question before something new. If you were able to ask yourself those questions and give yourself many tangible answers, then you can go ahead to spend. All you need to remember is that for one to become a star,  is to minimize the way you spend your incomes, so as to be able to save for the future.


When one is up to the age of reasoning, a lot of things are expected from you, precisely when you can be able to think positively, know what's right and wrong to do. Many things are expected of you. You must have a future plan for yourself, it has gone the days when your parents cater for you in every aspect, you have to develop a way to handle yourself, as a grown-up you think you are. 


Some say that it's not easy to keep good friends, of a truth for it not to be easy for one to keep good friends, it's  a result that you are not good to others. It is very easy for one to keep good friends, but the two thing you should ask yourself is: HOW TO KEEP GOOD FRIENDS and HOW GOOD AM I AS A FRIEND? When you are good to others around you all over the world then you will meet good people, and when you meet good people, then you will be able to keep.

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