Going On a First Date? - Here Are Best Foods to Order On a First Date

Some of the best food to order for on the first date is worth knowing because one needs to know the things to take so as not to ruin his/her first date. in case you wonder how you look on first while eating the food, all you need to do is to take something simple and safe so as for you not to risk of enjoying your best meal on the first date. Some will say that they don't need to pretend on the first date, in other words, to pretend on the first date is natural with most people because it helps to keep your first date memorable and non-forgettable with your partner.

Best Foods to Order On a First Date

Instead of taking something embarrassing on the first date, All you need to do is to follow the outline of these foods to eat or order for on your first date, something very simple precisely.

Some Foods To Order On a First Date


It Can be manageable taking pineapple, though it has much natural water that can drop on your cloth mistakenly if you are a kind of person that eats widely. The best thing to do is to slice the pineapple into a smallish size that will not embarrass you in the process of consumption on the first date.


Fish is very simple for consumption both on the first date and other days, therefore if you don't enjoy taking fish, never order for it, most times meat is not advisable because it exposes you to using a toothpick to pick off the articles of your teeth, so never think of ordering for meat. Though it depends on how cute you wanna make your first date look.

French fries

Taking french fries on the first date makes your date look s..xy on the bite of the fries. while he watches you bite them on your glowing beautiful teeth, it really looks more amazing than you ever imagine.


potatoes are naturally sweet, both in the cooking process or frying process, the intakes of potatoes on the first date make your date look so sweet and smiley too.

Chicken breast

Chicken breast is one of the very soft parts of a chicken which could be easier for consumers, therefore, instead of ordering for cow meat or other meats the best meat to consume on the first date is chicken breast, because of its softness.


Taking fruits is also one of the best foods to take on the first date, and the best way of taking it is slicing them in a specific charming and glowing plate in a very normal size, while you use a fork to eat them. Make sure you avoid eating with your bare hands on the first date.

Ice Cream

 Ice cream is the perfect food for a day date, especially when it's hot outside.  Watching her eat the ice cream is kind of sensual and romantic too, which is why ice cream is one of the best foods for a first date


Pizza is a baked pie of Italian origin consisting of a shallow breadlike crust covered with toppings such as seasoned tomato sauce, cheese, or sausage, it can be eaten together with an ice cream or yoghurt too.

Frozen yoghurt

Yoghurt is also preferable to take if you don't like taking ice cream, always remember to take it when it's cold and also when it has ice.



Taking her out for sushi is a classy choice.  It's sophisticated and very trendy, plus she'll see that you are an adventurous kind of guy who has a classy choice on eating. Believe me, ladies enjoy guys that know whats good in consumption. Sushi is just a  Japanese dish consisting of small cakes of cold rice with a topping esp of raw fish

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