How To Make My Man Happy At All Times

Making a man happy is one of the most desirable things in the life of every ma. When a man is happy, he can do the undoable, he can provide what you think he doesn't have the money to do so. The purpose why a woman should make her man happy is for the woman to enjoy the benefits of love from the man he is close to. Before I tell you how to make your man happy, I want to let you know that you can do it. Some will say that they have tried all they can to make their man happy but all the no avail. The reason is, you have not done it the right way, or you have been doing the way you think should make him happy, but you never knew you were doing it the way that suits you, not him. 
Happy Man

How to make my man happy with me at all times

There are many ways to make your man happy, but I will give you some points that varies much in the life of every man.

* Give Him Food At The Right Time 

Preparing food for your man when its the right time is one of the crucial ways to make him happy secretly. Most men love eating to compare to any other activities you see them doing, like footballing, table tennis balling, volley balling, jimmying, and much much more games or activities. How are you sure that giving him food at the right time make him happy? Yes, he might not tell you vigorously that he is happy that you presented his food on time, especially when he is very hungry for work or business throughout the day, when he goes outside the home to his world of business of working place, he tells his friends and colleagues how you feed her like a baby before he even demands anything, the supplication is already on his table waiting. Provided the fact that he has provided the things for the cooking in the house.

* Play/send Some Love Songs To Him 

When your man is off to work and you send him a love song to his phone through his social media account and as well text him about the message you sent, in case if he is not connected online at the moment. He will quickly search for the message online, and if he hears the love song you sent to him, trust me! He will listen to the song until the end of the day while he gives the song a handsome smile on his face. You have made his day, just through a song. Try it out!

* Give Him Attention

 Every man needs attention from his woman, especially when they have troubles outside, or something is troubling their minds. He needs your attention, sometimes he might not tell you the challenges he faced outside, but it's your duty as the woman to ask him how his day went, then he can be able to communicate to you on how troubled his day was. When you give him that attention he needs from you, he will never stop telling you some secret things about his Carrier. The same way a wan needs attention, same is applicable to a man as well, which brings you to full enjoyment of your man when he is happy.

* Pray For Him 

When a woman gives his man food, songs, text messages and many much more other good things you can do to make him happy, when you don't pray for him, all those things you do are invalid, though he must have enjoyed them you must have to pray for him, his business, his career and his family as well. When a man is being backed up with prayers, his life will be full of wonders. Never forget to let him know that you are praying for him. If he knows you are backing him up with your prayers, when the manifestation of those prayers comes, he will share them with you.

Finally, I want to advise all woman to device a way to make your man happy, if you try these tricks and it didn't work, ask him what he likes best in his life, whether food, clothing, games or any things at all. It will be a lead to your way of making him happy at all times.

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  1. you can never make a man happy at all times my dear.. Men will will always want more.

    least you can do is to try..

    but I love your positivity though

  2. Well, Of A truth You are Right Ollive, But If men will always want more, a woman is as well expected to do more, no matter how hard it's gonna be. Though It's never gonna be easy.