How To Keep Good Friends

He best thing in life is when you have good friends, and you intend to keep them, especially when you realize that they have what you want in life, bt at a pint of life you will see that you have  a weak point og eeping good friends, the reason is not because yo are a terrible person,or because you decide to, It might be as a result of your personal weakness as a person, Or as a result of the way they talk to you, which you don't tolerate. You are not the first person in life to have such experience, You must have to believe first of all that you are not the only on that cannot keep good friends, then you have to work over it.
How To Keep Good Friends
Now Let us tell you how to keep good friends around you, though good friends are worth keeping for future help, but some people really see it as a way to get close some good people so as for them to change their lives, while some people see it as a way to terminate the good parts of some people's life. In other words, one should be careful ad vigilante to know who comes his/her way.

Therefore, If we must tell you how to keep good friends you must be willing to use it in a right way, and also you must stop terminating the lives of some good people you must have met, irrespective what they might have done to you, or what others might have done to, never pay evil with evil, but instead pay evil with good, ad le the conscience of the other keep flogging them.

Moreover, there is some kind of people in the world we dwell in today, people that don't like you just because they want to kill your destiny, don't permit them to do so, and don't join them to do so too. This is how to keep good friends. 

There are so many ways to save good friends, but let us talk about few right now which is really important and as well can make you a Star, and for you to know how to become a star, you will have to go through this contents over and over again.

* To keep good friends, you must be a good friend to others 

It's not easy for someone to be good, but you must try to develop the idea of being a good friend to someone else. Never forget that anything you demand from someone, even if it is the good attitude, someone else requires that from you too.

* Build A Strategy Of Accepting people mistakes 

Mistakes are peoples omission that must be accepted and tolerated if you must really reach to your land of expectation in the life of those people.

* Be Patient 

one of the most crucial ways to keep good friends around you is being patient with them, because once you understand that no one is perfect, then you can be able to know when and how to sort things out. 

* Stop Judging 

Many people today judge things easily, especially in a wrong way, thinking that it's the best way, but it's very wrong for such. Never judge anyone so that you will not be judged. Someone might wrong you in a way that you will never want to see him/her around you, but you never asked yourself the reason why the so-called person did something like that, all you need to do is to call/ him or her and hear his/her words of approach or reasons so to say.

* Be Loveable 

This simply means to; attractive, lodgeable and livable by people around you. If you are not loveable to anyone, no one can come close to you to be your forever good friend.

* Never forget to be Kind-hearted

When you are not kind hearted and looking for someone that is kind hearted to keep as your good friend, if he/she notices you are not kind, he/she will actually leave because he/she has done their parts of being who they are, so you just have to work on yourself. Although some set of kind-hearted people might not wanna leave you so easily just for them to know if they can make you change to something better, if it wasn't possible, then you can't be able to keep good friends forever.

* Be Honest 

Honesty is morality and confidence you build in yourself, you don't need anyone to teach you how to be honest as long as you are at the age of reasoning, all you need to do is to activate the spirit of honesty in you. Though it's not always easy, to be honest, you must try to be. Any relationship without honest conversation will die as young as they could never imagine irrespective of how much they both must have loved each other.

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