How To Bring A Woman Close To You

Bringing a woman close to you is one of the major things every man desires, the reason is not that they can't control themselves, but it's just natural. That was why God created man, and beside him, He created a woman. Therefore, if any man wants to have a woman o be very close to him, to the extent that she will always want to be by your side, then it's very simple to figure out. 
How To Bring A Woman Close To You
Some guys have been dying to have a woman by their side, but at the end of everything he will end up losing the girl. You must have to know some secret ways to keep a woman close to you. There might be a pretty woman you have been admiring for so long, and the both of you have been greeting each other so well, but the mode of greeting is not enough for you, in the sense that you want to bring her closer to you, Follow the below Steps:

4 Ways To Bring A Woman Close To You

* The First step to take if you need a woman close to you is to be a caring man 

Every woman desires for a protector, A carer, and A provider. No woman needs a man that cannot defend her outside, even when she is on the wrong side on an issue out. So every man must devise a way to care for the woman when she is not yet close to you. You can care for her by giving her a call, ask her how her day went, ask her how she is feeling. She needs to hear those words from you.

* Be a helper to her even when she never demands your help

 You can help her in doing some chores like fetching water for her when you are available, helping her to get some of her house chores done. This can trigger a big thought of you in her mind when she is on her private thoughts of life. Though some ladies might still pretend that what you are doing is not gonna change their mind, but believe me, there will be a time she will want to do those things you help her do, she will remember you, or even give you a call on your cell phone.

* Make her laugh in the public

Whenever a woman laughs louder in public for your sake, or because of the joked you cracked to her in public, it's a big sign you are already there in her heart, but she might not tell you so that you won't take her for granted in some ways. You can even dance for her, though not in public, at least make her laugh for your sake. Never ever forget that smiling is different from laughing. If other comedians or riddlers make her smile, yours makes no difference until you make laugh louder.

* Provide some important things she needs for her 

Provision is one of the best ways most men have used to get a woman close to them. When you provide what a woman needs at that moment for her, you are the best person she can think of in her life at that moment of her life. Though she might have other friends, you the one that has given her what she needs from all other friends of hers. Providing for a woman you need to be close to you opens a closed door in the woman's heart that no other man has ever opened. That is why as a man you are, you must have to work harder to earn your livings and also to own the type of woman you desire.

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  1. Wow, this is great. I've not tried making her laugh in public. I just learnt this today. Thanks ebimnageniusland for this post. Am impressed.


  2. Bringing a woman close it's what every man desires but it's not just as simple as that because this has to do with two grown ups. Sometimes, in the process of bringing the person close, she will take u for a ride. Friendship is a mutual thing, if she isn't interested, she would never be,if you like do everything you wish, provide for her everything she needs, care for her as much as u can, nothing will change.
    That's Nigerians for you...

    women are the most complicated living beings I have ever seen. Many times, can lie without even blinking an eye.
    Some will even tell you they don't operate a facebook account, but to ur amazement, they do, . I still wonder why people cannot live a sincere without any element of hypocrisy.

    Thank you for sharing.... But it's theoretical in nature.

    I wish you can come up with a more practical post

  3. That's cool from you NASA. keep visiting for more inspiring post