How do I know I'm At The Right Place?

Being at the right place at the right time is one of the things many people take for granted today, without knowing that its very crucial and important for you to know if you are at the right place at the right time.
Being in the right place is the original suit of life that we should be mindful of, irrespective of where we found ourselves.
How do I know I'm At The Right Place?
Ebimnageniusland is here to teach you the ways to know if you are at the right place at the right time. Have you asked yourself what it means to be at the right place? First of all u should know the meaning of RIGHT and the meaning of PLACE!
RIGHT: Right simply means justified or acceptable.
PLACE: Place simply means a particular position, point, or area in space; a location.

Now generally, RIGHT PLACE means acceptable Location. If you must know when you are in an acceptable location, you must get ready to know when you are in a a place where you are accepted. Being in the right place explains being in an acceptable position location or  position at a particular time. The big question you should ask yourself right now as you are reading this post is, Am I in the right Place? 

If you wanna know if you are in the right place, you must check this few points below:
How do people around here see me?
How do they welcome me?
How do they negotiate with me?
Do the people around me like me?
Will they kill me of they have the chance to?
Am I their enemy?

How comfortable Am I in this very place?
If they are 10numbers of people around there, how many of them are my friends?
How often do I drop a complain about everyone there? 
Am I gaining Joy working or doing anything with them?
Deep inside my heart, am I really enjoying my presence in that position I am?
How many persons can I trust at that point?

These are some signs to you, you should be mindful of these few signs, that tells you whether you are at the right place at the right time. Many people have lost their ways of doing things, all because they were listening to their friends instead of listening to their spirit.Some will say that they have never heard their spirit talking to them, the reason is because,  you have never paid a good attention to your spirit. Most time we do things even when our conscience is quarreling with us, we ignore it, and do that things we want to do, then at the end of it, you will regret what you did, because you refused to listen to yourself.

Being at the right place at the right time is the Number one step of life, but many people today ignores it, without knowing that it will hasten their ways of life to death unknowingly. 

Some signs to show you, you are at the right place:

*You must be sure that at that point in time, wherever you are, make sure that you are happy being there.
* You are not scared of being there.
* You must be willing and ready to tell people where you are without having doubts in your mind.
* You must notice that you are fully accepted in the sense that, People around you are happy to have you in their midst.
* You must find out if you are welcomed.
* You have to check yourself out and know how important you are mostly needed.
* Never forget that you should be respected by your junior colleagues.
* Above all, You are always happy to see a call coming from the side of a place you are.

All though it's not Everyone that will respect you, or make you fell comfortable, but at least maximum percent of the people should. Never keep it off your mind that some people will make you feel uncomfortable, but there is something that should make you feel comfortable, that thing is: the Joy of being there at that point in time.More over, The rejection you t from people should as well help you discover if you are at the right place. 

The most effective journey of life, is praying and asking God for direction. Open up to God and speak to Him alone in your private zone.

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  1. Many times in my life I've been asking my self this very question, How do I know am at the right place? And of a truth, ave not gotten a clear answer to myself, until right now that i read this post. Am satisfied by my mind and spirit.

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