Foods To Never Eat On First Date

Many have made a simple mistake that may cause them to lose what they really need in life, though some think its nothing but it means a lot which you never knew. some say it doesn't matter, but it really matters to the person to you are going out on the first date with. Why it matters to the person you are going on the date is that you embarrass him/her.
Foods To Never Eat On First Date

Now let's list some set of foods you should never take on your first date.

* Soup and Swallow Foods

When you swallow foods with any soup like okra soup, egusi soup, and any soup at all,  the vegetables in the soup might end up being at the edge of your teeth, which you might not even know it is there, and if you ever try to smile to the one you are on the first date with, it looks so embarrassing to the person in the sense that you will look so local in the sight. 

Guess what? At the end of the toasting and smiling, she might say No to you unknown to you. o wake up!

* Anything Prepared With Raw Onions Should Not Be Taken

If you are a kind of person that likes taking onions raw, it should never be taken on your first date, because it gives a bad smell. After the intake of the onions, just in the next minute, you took it, you will hate the odour that comes out from your mouth which is really disgusting to the perceiving of your date. 

If at all you want to kiss her, the odour from your mouth which was caused by the onions you took, stops the kiss on the way,m immediately he/she perceives the odour from your mouth.

First dates are all about people getting to know each other. People are nervous enough and are already trying to put their best foot forward to either secure a second date or decide what the next step would be without having to worry about a food-related incident. 

I believe that when one is at the first date, you will like to be the perfect person for your date, irrespective of how odd you feel sometimes, but you will always like to be the one he/she will always choose, though it not really as simple as it sounds, you must have to do your best.

* Spaghetti

No matter how appetizing the spaghetti is, slurping and chewing while trying to get to know each other is a no-no. It’s either you trying to cut the spaghetti strands into smaller pieces or attempting to suck on the spaghetti.The best thing to do is to never prepare or demand spaghetti on your first date, to avoid from exposing your bad eating habit.

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  1. It's very inspiring to know what not to eat while on my first date with a girl... but what nd what will I order then that will not be embarrassing?

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