Things You Should Never Do After Eating

This list of these duties is very dangerous to the health, both in the health of an adult or that of a youth, We should all be conscious of our health because the evidence of long life is sound health. When you live a long life in good health that is most enjoyable part of life, but when you are in the hospital, when your children cannot save their money for good, just because of the health of their father, or mother, it means that the long life you think you have is stress to the innocent children.
Things You Should Never Do After Eating
All over the world today, People usually lie down or sit comfortably in a chair, after taking dinner precisely, it's totally wrong, and its a big mistake you can never join them to do, After taking breakfast, you are expected, to go out for work, or school or any where at all, just for the digestion of the food. After taking dinner please don't lie down immediately and don't sit comfortably in a particular chair, this is how you get a pot belly. According to health experts, these habits are very dangerous and can put your health at risk, which might be unknown to you, until it results in another thing very serious.

Here are the Five things you should never do after eating

*  Smoking: If you are a smoker, You already how powerful and tempting the urge for a cigarette after meal can be, However, smoking immediately after taking a meal, is very bad and deadly to one's health, And if you must do it, if you have formed it as a habit to the extent you can't live without it. You must at least wait for 4hours after the meal, before raising the stick of cigarettes. Cigarette contains Nicotine and also a substance that binds to oxygen your body desperately needs for digestion, which makes your body absorb carcinogens. Smoking cigarette after taking a meal hs the same effects as smoking 7-10ciggerrettes at once, which increases your risk of bowel and lung cancer significantly as well.

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*  Consuming any type of fruits: Eating fruits should be done before taking any meal at all, whether breakfast, lunch or dinner, not afterward. Fruits particularly require special enzymes to be digested and the natural sugar in them need more time to absorb. Eating fruits after a meal can cause digestive problems and inconveniences to your health such as heartburn, indigestion, and burping.
    Moreover, eating fruits before a meal is very advisable to everyone both adult and children because it helps your body benefit from all the nutrients, fiber and sugar.

*  Sleeping: Lying down to sleep, or Taking a nap immediately after taking a meal is the favorite thing of thousands and millions of people all over the world in different countries,  but this habit is not healthy at all, It will heavily cause discomfort and bloating besides disrupting your sleeping patterns. According to the health experts, People who wait for longer, to go to bed after a meal and people who consume their dinner on time before 7:00pm have fewer chances of getting a stroke. This is why it's very important not to go to bed for at least, two hours after your meals.

*  Taking Your Bath/Showering: Showering after a meal is one of the worst and the deadly worst thing you should do, A hot shower will increase the blood flow to your limbs and reduces the blood flow to our stomach, which is negatively affecting your digestion.

*  Drinking Tea: Teas are very healthy, but they shouldn't be consumed after a meal. Drinking tea after a meal can interfere with the iron absorption in your body, as tea contains tannic acid which binds to iron and protein from our food. this ca result to 88% decrease in iron deficiency, which can lead to dizziness, anemia, fatigue, and weakness. We are very sure that you didn't know or think that these habits were very harmful when you do them, but science says otherwise. 

If you want to keep your body, healthy and strong till old age, you need to avoid them from now that you are informed. If you are not informed, you will be deformed. Thanks for your time.
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