Things To Do If You are Lodged In a Noisy Hotel

I must tell you how unconducive it must be for you if peradventure you happened to lodge in a hotel and you must have paid for the particular room you wanna stay in. Maybe with your wife, or your girlfriend or even your family, but you never knew how your neighbours in the other room behave. It's so annoying if you really wanna have a good night rest that night, but because of these such neighbours, you don't even know where to stat. Let me ask you, What will you do? Will you go and knock on their door and tell them to stop the noise when you know that a hotel is not your comfortable house? Do You want them to insult you?
Things To Do If You are Lodged In a Noisy Hotel

What do I do if I lodged in a noisy hotel unknowingly?

* The First thing to do is to make a call to the front desk clerk or agent in that hotel, or if there is any land phone in that particular room just dial the number 1, they will answer and respond to your  report thereby calling the neighbors in the next room to reduce the noise, but if you realize that even after the call, they continued with their noise.

* The next step to take is to summon the security guys around the doors, if there are any at all, if none, there must be one or two outside the vicinity of the hotel, they can help you handle the matter, it's either rooms might be changed, or they might be asked to vacate from the hotel premises, while their money will be refunded back to them. These are professionals trained to deal with situations that involve trespassers or disrespectful guests

If after you must report your issue of disturbance the front desk, reported as well to the guards or security me, and you realised the noise continued, Please never hesitate to contact an FBI agent or CIA agent that you have in contact with because it might be criminal acts going on in that particular room, or theft, rape etc. Once they have been captured by an outside authority different from the authorities in that same hotel, Trust me they will be apprehended with no delay to your favour. Enjoy yourself in a cool and quiet room in that hotel.

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