The Lifestyle You Choose, Determines The Replica Of Your Future

Your lifestyle matters a lot to you and some other people around you. 
Have you ever asked yourself the meaning of lifestyle? To a lay man's understanding, Lifestyle simply means the way in which a person lives. The way you live determines the way people live with you. 
The Lifestyle You Choose, Determines The Replica Of Your Future
Many people have lived their lives so low, to the extent of making themselves what they are not supposed to do all in the name that someone else told them to do that just to please them.

Have you ever thought of doing what Pleases God first? Have you ever thought of what matters in that thing you are about to do right now? Do you know if you are gonna die in it? HAIL NO! You don't.

Your lifestyle should be what people should learn from, many people have lost their way of living because they don't know what they want. They only do what others tell them to do. 

It's totally wrong. I have a short story to tell you about two friends who lived as best Friends without knowing that one of them is using the other, just to make himself feel good and wanted.

Both friends are really fond of themselves to the extent that they are willing to die for each other. One beautiful day, both friends travelled to a place where they were invited to a birthday ceremony, the other who was using the others head, told him to go and get some things for them to eat, when he left, he went to the celebrant and grab his phone number while the other one was busy still looking for what they will both eat on the occasion

By the time the other one would come back, he has gotten wants they will eat, while the other has gotten the contact he needed, which was yet unknown to the other that went to bring food. 

After their so-called celebration they both ate and drank and gave the celebrant his gifts then they left. When they arrived home, he contacted the birthday celebrant and told him we want to have a one on one conversation with him privately. 

They both fixed a date and met at a hotel where he was connected to a company outside the country that pays him over 500k every month, while the other friend of his was still in the village waiting for him, without knowing that he has moved his life to a better position he wanted.

Finally, mind your lifestyle and make things happen for yourself, love everyone around you but never trust anyone to take you to a level you wanted, take the real step by yourself and make things happen for you.

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