The Beauty of Life and Its Enjoyment

A beautiful is a life well spent on earth in a way that baffles the world and the people that dwells in it. it has been established in life and due to some terms and conditions of life being given, some people have unknowingly put their lives in a doctrine of their church just because they think that their doctrine can change their lives, which made them forget what was written in the Bible. 
The beauty of life and its enjoyment
However, The enjoyment of life is the most part of life I wanna talk about in this post, I have managed to realise that if you have a joyful life on earth in Christ Jesus, that people  will envy you and if probably you are married, people will envy your marriage while some other people will be jealous of you to the extent that the will go so far in a negative place to work against you and your marriage.

Moreover, there are many good businessmen and women in the world whom their essence of breakthrough is from The Maker Our Lord Jesus Christ, while there are some other good businessmen and women in the world that their business progression too comes from the shrine or occult power. The difference in the two categories of people mentioned above is that the blessings of God make rich and add no sorrow, while the magic of the devil who they so-called blessing too, comes in with Give and Take.

The beauty of life and its enjoyment is when you make your money in a holy and righteous way through your hard work without the blood sacrifice of any human being or animal, then the blessings that follow it comes directly from God. It will last forever in your generations, but if it came from the wrong hand, it will even varnish before you die, or after your death.

Woe unto men that does things on the wrong way forgetting the implications of what they have done or what they are about to do. I bless God for a lot of people and souls in the world who does things in the right way no matter the challenges they face, they still endure till the end, and at the end of it all, the latter end shall be greater than the former.

Let me advise you that is reading this post right now, if you have gone so far in your world of business or you are still starting but you have nothing to show, NEVER GIVE UP! Winners never quit and quitters never win. Afflictions may rise in the night ut joy comes I the morning, but it will take you a lot of endurance and patience.

Finally, when one is in Christ, His/her life is a beautiful life filled with enjoyment, which after he/she enjoys here on earth, you still have much to enjoy in heaven, which also your future generations to come will keep enjoying it till everlasting. A life well spent on earth is a life that will be well spent in heaven.

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