Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Latest News! Monkey Pox killings In Anambra State

Many souls have been wiped away in Anambra state today, through a certain sickness called monkey Pox, Which led to the dismissal of all the schools in Anambra State, both Nursery, primary and Secondary schools, which as well includes Universities. 
  Latest News! Monkey Pox killings In Anambra State
All the parents have been advised to come and pick up their children from different destinations wherever they are located, even f they are at work, all are expected to take permission from their working place and go to their children's school and carry their children home.

It was announced that people were sent into different dimensions to clear the lives of innocent children in the name of immunization, and News are advising the parents and the teachers in the school to never allow the anyone to immunize their children even in the church as well.

Right now as you read this news, all the children in different schools are in their various homes, with their parents in Anambra State to be precise. So we plead with anyone reading this post to share with your friends, contacts, family and well-wishers all over the world, just to save lives. 

You have many souls in your church to save as well, you contact the high priest, reverend, pastor, reverend father, evangelist or any host of your church, just to save the lives of many souls. God bless You as you do so.

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