How do I know That He/She is the one for me?

What are friends for?
Firstly, you need to know the meaning of a friend: In a dictionary definition: A friend is a person with whom one has a bond of mutual affection. But The Holy Bible: defines a friend at the lowest level, a friend is simply an associate or "the other fellow." (Judges 7:13 ; Rom 15:2 ; James 4:12) after reading this 3 chapters and verses of the Holy Bible, I draft out some words that will really inspire you to know if that girl or guy you are really in a relationship or married to, Do You Know If She Is The Right One? 
How do I know That He/She is the one for me?

How do I know He/She is the one for me?

Many have misunderstood the meaning of friends in life throughout many ancient years that has passed in those days.Permit me to tell you that if you have a friend today, and he/she doesn't help you in any aspect of life no matter how small he/she can do for you, I want to let you know that he/she is not your friend, but he/she is acting or pretending to be.

If you are a true friend to your friend, try as much as possible to always be there for your friend at all times, though it's not an easy task to bear someone's burden, but as long s you called the person your friend, the word friend supersedes every other thing, you must always be there for him/her.

Friends that cares for one another no matter the consequences, or what it will cost each other, are really the best of it all, why not start a new beginning today?

Few Qualities of A Good and true friend.

A great friend will always care for one another.
A true friend will love one another.
A great friend will be by one other's side.
A true friend will provide for one another.
A generous friend will feed one another of free and valuable information.
A true friend will always be honest with one another, no matter how hard it is, to tell the truth.

* True friends bears one' others crosses, though its never going to be easy for each other.
All these are the things you will see and observe in the life of the right one for you, the love of your life, the one you are dying for, the one you can't breathe without, don't hesitate to examine him/her, because if you don't, it might be too late for you to handle. This is only chance you you have to know how to know the right man/woman to marryBe your friend's keeper, love your friend just exactly the way you love yourself, if possible, love your friend more than you love yourself....

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  1. This is such an inspirational post I've ever read, I have a girlfriend that I wanna marry, but am afraid she might not be the right one, but this post have really given me a great guide. Thank u so much ebimnageniusland

  2. Well...what can I say. From this post I think she's the one for me

  3. Congratulations Samuel, You are very lucky to have her.