Thursday, October 26, 2017

6 Ways To Be Kind To People

We never can tell who we should be kind to, no matter how things are for you, you should at least be kind to some people out there, you might not know that being kind to some people out there really changes a lot in your life and in the life of a lot of people out there.
6 Ways To Be Kind To People
There are some common ways to be kind to people, namely. 
1. Send a text message: sending a text message to someone you care about really changes a lot of things in their lives.

2. Compliment someone of how they look: Giving compliment to someone telling them how they look is really a lot for someone out there to take in throughout the whole day, you never can tell how much that your compliment means to them, but trust me, it will keep ringing in their hearts, it will keep them smiling throughout the whole day, though you are not close to them, you won't know that you have made their day soft, just through a comment.

3. Call an Old friend: Calling an old friend of yours doesn't mean you are taking yourself down on their behalf, it simply means that you really care about them, you still have them in mind. It could be the reason why their heart comes back to life again, you could be the reason why they know that someone still cares about them.

4. Give out something: You can possibly give out an old cloth of yours, that's no longer your size but it still looks good to someone else out there. Giving arms to the poor as well, the poor people are not just the beggars on the street, there are some other poor people around your community, whom you know that they hardly feed themselves the way you do, they hardly change clothing's the way you do. You can give out something to them, and you will be the hero of their lives at that moment, which they will never forget in their lives no matter how old they become.

5. Invest in the life of someone: Investment is not only when you build a factory of over 5million worth or when you build a house of over 8million Worth.The greatest Investment one can make in life is investing in human lives. You can help train the kids around you in school, you invest in the lives of people by building a house for the homeless, if you have the money. You can invest in someone by buying a Biro used for writing for them. You just need to figure out what their need is, not what they want.

6. Smile: The smile you gave to someone out there can change their lives, put on a smiling face, smile to people while you greet them, you can be the reason why they smiled throughout that day. It can change the lives of a lot of people you don't know.Your smiles to some people out there can make their lives longer. Some people wake up in the morning and regret waking up because no one cares about them, no one notices their existence in life, no one thinks about them, but just a smile from you to them can change all those thoughts of theirs. It makes them believe that they still belong somewhere.
These are some common ways to be kind to people.